What are vaginal balls and how to use them

Almost all women believe that the man is always the cause of bad sex and dissatisfaction in bed. And let’s not be cunning, in most cases this is true. But if a girl does not have an orgasm, or does not feel anything at all with all sexual partners, the reason, of course, is in her. Just like a beautiful toned body, the genitals also need regular exercise. And the best way to radically change your sex life is with vaginal balls.

Vaginal balls and a special set of exercises were invented in order to keep the muscles of the vagina in good shape. Most women don’t even think about the fact that working out the genitals is as important as working out in the gym. The human body has a negative property over time to lose firmness and elasticity, and only regular exercise will help restore natural tone. Weak vaginal muscles are one of the key causes of poor sex and dissatisfaction in bed. Even the fantastic skill of a partner does not guarantee that a woman will have as good a time as a man.

In the modern world, more and more women do not pay attention to gynecological problems, a regular lack of orgasm, dissatisfaction in bed, and even a lack of sexual desire. In fact, you can easily get rid of all this, you just need to start paying due attention to your sex life and regularly perform a number of simple exercises.

There are a huge variety of vaginal balls, and you need to choose the right one before starting the exercises. The main selection criterion is your physiology and sensations.

How to choose vaginal balls

First, take a look at the picture and determine your physiological state.

1. If you have never exercised with vaginal balls before, rest assured that you have weak muscles. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is better to give preference to balls with a diameter of 3 centimeters and an offset center of gravity. This means that inside the silicone shell is a smaller, heavy ball, most often metal. During the exercise, he hits the walls of the silicone shell, thereby forcing different muscle groups in the vagina to strain.

2. If your goal is sexual satisfaction, it is better to pick up two small vibrating balls with a remote control. They can be safely used during intercourse. They will move throughout the vagina and stimulate areas where your man’s erect penis is missing.

3. For girls who have not yet learned the delights of motherhood, it is recommended to pick up ordinary ribbed balls with a diameter of 2.8-3.5 centimeters, tied together by a thread.

Types of vaginal balls


Lightweight silicone balls (ideal for beginners)

Latex vaginal balls

Plastic vaginal balls

Glass vaginal balls

Metal vaginal balls

Cyber ​​Leather Vaginal Balls

The form

In addition to the material from which the vaginal balls are made, they differ from each other in their shape:

round and smooth




vibrating eggs


The choice of vaginal balls is a matter of taste, so always pay attention to the look. But also don’t forget about the purpose for which you are buying sex toys. The size and material of the balls depends on it.

How to use vaginal balls

If you are a beginner, it is best to opt for lightweight silicone or latex vaginal balls. Before starting to use, carefully read the instructions and carefully prepare the toy, following all directions.

Then create a cozy and relaxing environment, relieve stress and leave all problems behind. The balls should be inserted into the vagina while standing. But if you are a beginner and still have weak pelvic floor muscles, you can do the exercises while lying on the bed for the first few weeks to avoid the discomfort from overuse.

After you have successfully inserted the ball into the vagina, you need to contract and relax the muscles in a specific sequence and at the right intervals between them. Over time, when you do not need to concentrate attention and energy on holding the balls, you can easily do household chores and do exercises at the same time.

Basic exercise scheme

Contract muscles for 2 seconds – relax for 10 seconds. Repeat the exercise 10 times in a row.

Since the characteristics of the body are individual, you can independently determine when it is time to increase the load. This can be a muscle contraction of 6 seconds and 6 seconds of relaxation. Monitor your feelings and adjust the timing of the exercise.

Some may need more time to tone the muscles of the vagina, but the result will be obvious!

Vaginal muscle tone is the main cause of female orgasm and satisfaction in bed. So stop blaming your sex partners for lack of skill and start doing the exercises as quickly as possible. You will see very quickly that size and setting are irrelevant to good sex.

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