The phrases that turn him on in bed

How to encourage a partner to have sex? Languid looks and gentle touches are the main weapon. In addition, in each pair there are special words that “lead from a half turn.” There are words that he wants to hear from his beloved, every woman should know about them.

Hint playfully

Everything is very individual and depends on many factors: married or just dating, living separately or with parents, whether there are children, etc. If the couple is not alone, then explicit phrases are not entirely appropriate. At the same time, even the most common phrases for two have only one meaning – there will be sex: “children are with their grandmother today,” “parents will go to the theater on Saturday,” “mine in the country,” “I have your favorite tea.” Use code phrases that only two of you understand.

Ask frankly

The question suggests an answer. So you need to use this simple rule. Whisper a man’s ear in the midst of a working day: “Do you want me?”, “Fuck me?”, “Let me lick the testicles?” – and he will almost immediately be ready to make love. Discourage the question of sex, which he is waiting for: “Do you want me in the ass?”, “Lick your anus?”, “Take me by force?” And the answer is not long in coming. Obscene questions in uncomfortable places sound very exciting.


The man must be sure that the partner is ready for sex. Therefore, talk about desires boldly. “My pussy is very wet, touch it,” “fuck me in the mouth,” “I’m your bitch, have me whatever you want” —verified calls for vulgar actions. Or gently explain what kind of sex you are ready for: “kiss my nipples gently,” “I want to be tough,” “rape me.” Words are easy to guide, set the stage for sexual pleasures.

Order hard

If a man prefers to be passive – dominate. Be madam! Contact your partner in a special way: “creature”, “scum”, “bastard”. Tell me nicely – “lick like a dog”, “suck nipples”, “masturbate with me.” Non-standard drives to the liking of a considerable number of men. But it is very important to understand the boundaries, not to insult with such words, because they can offend someone.

Play beautifully

Accompany the role-playing games with the words your partner wants to hear: “Tie me up,” “put your panties in your mouth,” “tear my ass” – pronounce without a shadow of shame. “Let me suck”, “fuck me”, “cum on me”, “finish off my face”, “swallow your death” – vulgar words for rough sex. They will be appropriate for frank roles.

If you are a schoolgirl costume, then the phrase “I have never done so before” will also be exciting. Even “Will it not hurt me?” – It can cause a steady desire.

Praise often

Do not miss the opportunity to compliment your man at any stage of sex. “You are the best”, “how beautiful you are”, “I love you” – romantic and sweet. “I love your huge dick”, “your elastic ass drives me crazy,” “your hands are my weakness” – detailed and exciting. Add fire – “how hard and hot it is,” “do whatever you want with me,” “how you turn me on!”

Intrigue skillfully

It’s so easy to surprise a man. After all, the masculine beginning is tied to sex. When going to the movies, tell him, “Oh, I forgot to wear panties” and enjoy the attention to yourself. Go with him to the pharmacy for aspirin and tell the pharmacist “5 packs of condoms, please,” and watch his reaction. Driving past the river where once there was sex, remind – “I love when you’re behind” and everything will be.

Study your partner and be sure to find the key words to his body. Don’t limit yourself to simple “ooh” and “ah.” Imagine, try, surprise. And let only kisses or a deep blowjob become the reason for the absence of hot words.

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