Anal sex with hemorrhoids. Is it possible or not?

Thousands of people in Russia suffer from hemorrhoids. Is it possible to have anal sex with this disease? How will active movements in the anus affect the course of the disease? The opinion of doctors about the consequences of anal with rectal disease.

Hemorrhoids and its symptoms

Hemorrhoids, affects equally representatives of different sexes. Signs of anorectal disease are observed in half of the adult population. The development of pathology occurs gradually, the symptoms are easy to determine:

  • itching in the anus;
  • excretion of blood with feces;
  • bowel pain;
  • protrusion of hemorrhoidal nodes.

A person feels constant discomfort in the anal part. To solve the problem, consultation with a proctologist is required.

Myth and reality about the effect of anal sex on hemorrhoids

There is a myth that anal sex can be a panacea for trouble with hemorrhoids. The theory is based on the fact that frictions inside the rectum contribute to increased blood supply. Venous blood does not stagnate and there are no prerequisites for the formation of hemorrhoidal nodes. On the contrary, the clots that arose earlier under the influence of the analysis can dissolve and disappear. It’s a delusion.

Proctologists fundamentally disagree with these arguments and contrast them with a medical point of view. The anatomical structure of the rectum does not provide for a constant effect on it from the side of foreign bodies (phallus, objects, etc.).

In the mucous membrane there are no special secrets for the production of emollients, which reduce friction during intercourse. As a result, with prolonged hard contact of the penis with the inner surface of the rectum, microcracks appear on its walls . Bacteria get into them, thereby becoming generators of the inflammatory process. It only worsens the course of the disease. And a strong tension of the sphincter muscles worsens the condition. Penetration into the anus from the outside actuates the valve mechanism. The muscles automatically tighten, while the pressure in the blood vessels rises and they expand. The disease may then proceed to the next, more severe, stage.  


The consequences of anal sex with hemorrhoids

During movements in the anus, muscle weakening occurs. This happens with frequent anal contacts. The locking ring then performs worse with its physiological functions and the nodes formed inside easily bulge out.

Inflamed skin in the area of ​​the anus with exacerbation of the disease is more prone to injury . With anal fissures and tears almost always occur, which leads to an aggravation of the condition. And these skin lesions heal for a very long time, interfering with normal life. Crack infection can lead to serious complications . Treatment takes several weeks, carried out in a hospital. Sometimes you have to do surgery. Therefore, anal and forbidden with hemorrhoids. 

Precautionary measures

It is important to understand that anal sex can make things worse if you already have hemorrhoids. Therefore, if there is a disease, such experiments should be abandoned. But if there is no damage to the veins, then anal sex will not be their cause . Such caresses are not able to cause such a disease, other circumstances provoke it. If the first signs of hemorrhoids occur, you should immediately seek help from a doctor and go through a treatment cycle. Throughout the course of therapy, the patient is prescribed to refrain from stimulating the anus. Even the external caress of the anus is better to exclude. Medical practice claims that anal sex is unacceptable in the presence of nodular formations in the anus. Any attempt to penetrate worsens the situation, lengthening the healing process. 

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