The best sex positions for pregnant women: how to keep yourself and your baby safe

If both the baby and his mother are doing well during pregnancy, you should not give up sex completely.

If you need sex during pregnancy, then it is good for the health of your unborn baby. After all, he will feel needed and loved while still in the womb, simply because his mother will have good emotions.

It is a different matter if sex during pregnancy is impossible for health reasons, when there is any threat of miscarriage or premature birth. It is better to give up sex altogether if your doctor has prescribed sexual rest for you.

There is an opinion that immediately before the birth itself, sex during pregnancy helps to relax and prepare the body a little for the most responsible process. But first, it is imperative to check with a doctor whether sex is contraindicated for a pregnant woman. Let’s talk in more detail about the best sex positions for pregnant women to choose …

Sex prohibitions during pregnancy

It is better to avoid active sexual intercourse during early pregnancy, since it is at this time that the risk of miscarriage becomes quite high. At any time, aggressive and rough sex is not an option for a pregnant woman. Comfortable sex positions during pregnancy should be as comfortable and gentle as possible for both partners.

After four months, it is best to avoid supine sex positions for pregnant women. It is also not worth doing this for a long time while lying on the right side, because, thus, the pressure on the woman on her internal organs increases.

All positions for having sex with pregnant women, where at least some pressure is exerted on the stomach, remain under the ban – this can become quite dangerous. And it is better to completely exclude the pose “man on top”.

For a family expecting a child, during sex, various types of alcohol and aphrodisiacs should be under special prohibition, because these substances can dull the ability to keep the situation under control.

During pregnancy during sex, it is also undesirable to use aroma oils, aroma candles and lubricants.

During pregnancy, the frequency and regularity of sex should be “controlled” only by a woman, having previously discussed with her doctor the best sex positions for pregnant women. And do not neglect a condom if there is a risk of infection.

Side pose for pregnant women

Safe sex positions during pregnancy do exist, and one of them is the lateral position. It is she who allows the future dad and mom to have sex especially tenderly.

Side position during pregnancy

First of all, for both partners, with this position, the maximum bodily contact is obtained. And, secondly, it allows a man to gently hug and caress his woman.

Such comfortable sex positions during pregnancy give minimal pressure on a rounded tummy, which will not prevent a woman from fully enjoying intimate caresses.

When you are a little tired of the “side position”, there are other safe sex positions during pregnancy, which will also allow you to experience all the delights of intimate life. The woman lies on her back with both legs thrown over the man’s thigh.

This pose is good in that a man and a woman can turn to face each other, while the pregnant tummy is safe and nothing is squeezing it. 

Back pose during pregnancy

The best sex positions for pregnant women are the back positions. Quite convenient, because penetrating a woman, a man does not exert any pressure on his stomach.

But there are some nuances here. In this position, the movements should be very careful, the position from the back gives the most deep penetration.

If a woman begins to feel even the slightest painful sensations, intimate caresses must be stopped immediately in order to avoid more serious complications.

Such positions for having sex with pregnant women should be under close male attention in order to follow the female sensations.

Cowgirl position for pregnant

Some of the best sex positions for pregnant women include the cowgirl position. This is a fairly comfortable position and fully justifies itself. Sitting position during pregnancy

The woman does not lie on the man, but sits comfortably, which puts minimal pressure on the tummy. But this position is only suitable for a physically prepared woman.

A sitting position is good for pregnant women. First of all, the fact that a man and a woman have the opportunity to enjoy mutual kisses and caresses. And if the tummy has grown already big, the woman sits down to the man with her back so as not to press on her baby.

Classic pose during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the classic or missionary position is appropriate.

But it will need to be slightly corrected. In order not to put pressure on a woman’s stomach, a man needs to lean on his hands and knees. This position is suitable during the first two trimesters of pregnancy, until the expectant mother has a very large tummy.

In any case, listen carefully to your feelings and do not neglect the extra opportunity to consult a doctor, because the life of your baby is in your hands!

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