All sex positions from “50 Shades of Gray”

It is unlikely that there is at least one person who has not heard of the erotic novel “50 Shades of Gray” by British writer E.L. James, written and published in 2011. For the hearts conquered by her literary talent, the American film studio Universal Studios has prepared a gift – a film adaptation of the book, which will be released in wide distribution just in time for Valentine’s Day.

We will not keep you waiting and will provide an opportunity to embody the desires of Christian Gray right now, namely, we will demonstrate and describe all the sex positions described in the book “50 shades of gray”.

1. Pose “Plucked Flower”

Raise your knees apart as high as possible – it was in this position that the main character Anastacia Steele was at the moment of losing her virginity. Allow your partner to enter you completely several times. Then he needs to change his position a little – leaning on his elbows, the partner covers you with his body and continues to move at an accelerated pace.

2. Pose “Indomitable Anastacia”

The partner penetrates you from behind at a very slow pace. After a couple of thrusts, he pauses and pulls away, waiting for you to ask him to continue. You can continue at a slightly accelerated pace.

3. Pose “Teasing Kiss”

You lie on the bed with your hands tied above your head. The partner kisses every inch of your body, then, with the help of slow teasing movements, begins to caress the clitoris with his tongue, gradually penetrating deeper. This is followed by a sharp and strong penetration.

4. Pose “Palace coup” 

After the foreplay, your partner turns you on your stomach and raises your pelvis up – your knees should rest on the bed. A couple of vigorous spanks followed by active penetration.

5. Pose “Attack of Mr. Gray”

You can make the foreplay more varied by exposing your chest and wrapping your arms around your partner’s neck. Play with his hair, letting him caress his nipples and neck.

6. Pose “Affectionate and gentle animal”

You are lying tied up on the bed, and your eyes are covered with a bandage. Your partner gently strokes the stack from the abdomen to the clitoris, stimulating your orgasm.

7. Pose “Tied forever”

You are lying on your stomach with your hands tied to the bedpost. Lift your buttocks and allow your partner to enter you from behind. Grab the stand firmly and start moving towards your partner.

8. Hasty Decision Pose

Not enough time? Ask your partner to raise your arms above your head and press them with your elbows. At this time, his legs fix yours. Penetration should be quick and sharp. Move at the same pace.

9. Pose “Chinese gymnastics”

Sex Positions From “50 Shades Of Gray”

Bend over and grab your ankles. Insert ben-wa balls into the vagina (or ask your partner), stand up and take a few steps. Lie on your partner’s lap (face down). Gently stroking your buttocks, your partner gradually moves to caressing (from the bottom of the buttocks towards the clitoris). The movement of the balls inside you in combination with his stroking will create an incredible effect!

10. Pose “Dominant”

Use a table as a support (office or kitchen – it’s up to you). Lie on your back, allowing your partner to move at an accelerated pace.

11. Pose “Double load”

Undress in front of your partner and, under his guidance, stroke yourself with your hands along the body, while his leg should slide gently between yours. Lower your partner’s hands to the clitoris and let them caress you (alternating fingers). Do the same with your hands. After that, turn your back to your partner – he gently enters you from behind, gently kissing your neck.

12. Pose “Water attraction”

Saddle up your partner while sitting in the bathroom. Move at a pace convenient for you, smoothly changing the direction of movement to vertical. Your partner lifts you up and speeds up your pace slightly.

13. Pose “Language Barrier”

Lie on your back, giving your partner the opportunity to oral sex. When you feel yourself approaching a climax, stop. After penetrating, grab his torso with your legs and move at a measured pace.

14. The book “Beats means loves”

You are lying tied up on the bed, and your eyes are covered with a bandage. You are wearing headphones. Arms and legs are firmly fixed. Having turned on pleasant music for you, your partner begins to gently tap the flogger on your chest. Then he kisses every inch of your body and starts oral sex. Before the climax, he unties your legs and raises your body so that your back describes an arc, resting only on your shoulders on the bed. Penetration should be slow, gradually moving to a faster pace.

Of course, you should not adhere to the “step-by-step instructions” when it comes to such an indisputably important issue as getting erotic pleasure. But we gave you the direction, then – decide for yourself. Just don’t forget to share your impressions!

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