Strip plastic for beginners: what to expect, what to hope for?

“These wriggle beautifully in guipure swimsuits!” I thought, closing the video on YouTube with a sigh. The girls on the pylon – popularly “on the pole” – are for men, maybe just sexy, but I immediately noticed that the figures of the dancers are taut and strong, like the Greek goddesses, the twines are confident in their ideality, the movements are graceful, like with gulls in heaven   

And I wanted it too like that. That we need aerobics and shaping is just a meaningless jerking of the feet, or the case is Dance.  

How to sign up and where

The main corporate advice is to enroll in that dance school where you can be invited to a lesson as soon as possible! Because there is no more fleeting thing than motivation. I was lucky – in the Internet wilds and in the nooks of my city I found a studio where I was ordered to come the next morning!  

Note: of course, you already noticed the inconsistency, that I immediately dreamed about acrobatics on the pylon, but did I go to strip plastic? So, this school manager immediately directed me on the right path. For starters, I advised to build muscle on the hands, experience in the form of plasticity and tolerable stretching. Naturally, a guipure swimsuit and strip sandals simply do not fit into such a tight OFP schedule, so shorts and Czechs are our option. 

First occupation

Five minutes, the flight is normal. A pretty girl-trainer inspires her vigor to perform simple swings with arms and legs.

Yeah, and now squats – well, we know that. And now, in the squat, stand on your toes and rotate the booty … Well, okay, bearable. How-how did you do that? Yeah, this up here. Wait, I can’t immediately bend to my socks, without moral preparation!  

And then there was a stretching of the legs to a state of “cottoniness”, a press to black dots on the ceiling and some body waves, already similar to a dance. But in the light of all physical torment, I will not tell you exactly about the waves!

At the end of the lesson, everyone who could still crawl, hobbled to the coach and began to ask when they would let us on the pylon. Of course, already somewhere in the depths of the tormented body, we understood that the pylon was both high and far for us … The trainer’s answer was implacable: we will train the body for at least three months, we’ll see! 

Note . Dont be upset! Of course, I was saddened, but on the other hand , the movement itself is useful for a woman who has been sitting up too long. 

Week one

The familiar warm-up in the third lesson brings joy to the meeting. And you can already see the beginnings of the same strip plastic between stretching the twine and cutting on the rug, codenamed “swing the press”.

We make waves! We take the chest, try both at once, raise them and lower them (not with your hands!), Draw a circle with them parallel to the mirror. And now dive with your chest forward, then put your chest on your chin and “fall off” with all this back. Oh yes, we have flint below the waist – nothing moves! So it’s time to connect your hands – this, however, is the problem: either the chest, or the hands, drawing beautiful pirouettes … It turns out, girls, how we sexually can rotate our elbows and shake our breasts! Separately.   

Note : do not despair that body parts do not want to consistently bend along given trajectories. In order for information to be deposited at the command post – the head, you will need two or three lessons! 

First month

Strong female hands are an indispensable thing not only in the household, but also in strip plastic! “And do not wrinkle your nose, ” I assure myself, trying to do push-ups from the floor several times. “Well, who cried there, what does he want for the pylon?” The strict trainer says instructively and unobtrusively touches my soft barrel with a leg in Czech. After the tenth heroic jerk, I fit between the Czech trainer’s shoes on the rug, and in my head there is a refrain: “Yoo in ze army wow, wow …   

Note : of course, there are such wonderful women who can do push-ups 50 times and jumping twine is not a problem. But usually one has a good stretch, and the other has a strong abs, the third just rests on the rug. Work calmly on your weak spot, do not torment yourself with complexes, have fun! 

Second month

Our dear sincere coach became ill, we were sent to a nearby room to replace. And there is its own atmosphere: they say, let’s dance right away – more sex, here’s the pylon for you, take it more confidently and spin! But we are not spoiled by such treatment, we are afraid, we don’t know what place to take that pylon and which way to turn. I liked, of course, that the dance turned out, it is interesting to participate in it. But immediately in the mirrors reflected what we are all … beginners. And how the faded palette of our dance moves unevenly falls on the dance pattern. 

Note : it turned out that the lesson, built on the GP, gives incomparably more work to the body than the erotic waving of legs on the rug. So the best combination of classes is 60–70% of the exercises, the rest is dance plastic.  

The third month and to be continued!

Now, I still saw enough of the coach and, in a fit of envy, I jerked my foot over my ear! The leg was lucky – by that time she was accustomed to the 180-degree position on the other leg. But something stretched in the shoulder joint and in the next few weeks refused to work as it should. Then the leg joined the arm when I carefully showed my husband what pirouettes we were doing with these legs. This time something clicked sensitively and joylessly. So now I’m a shot sparrow with battle wounds! 

Despite the technical troubles in the tissues and muscles, for two months we gained experience in enticing waving with hands and smooth movements of the body in space. And on Valentine’s Day, I was able to present my husband a wave-like dance of a graceful heron. Well, so far, but to be continued!

Note : a gentle warm-up and doing it in the best way is better than suffering from stretched limbs. Well, and most importantly – just enjoy your body and pride in the fact that it can. 

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