Sensation! Watching anime will help diversify your intimate life

Raise your hands for those who have never watched porn in their lives. Hey! Don’t be shy, I don’t see your ru-u-uk! In the modern world, light erotica has become a common thing, unrealistic volumes of traffic go into the insatiable maw of adult sites. It is getting harder and harder to get really interesting items out of gigabytes of videos. Today you will be introduced to the great and terrible hentai.

I studied at a technical university and lived in a hostel where 80 percent of the population were men. Do not think anything vulgar, but we had a tradition of gathering in large companies and watching filthy videos with a beer and a cocktail. Naturally, there were no comments, it was considered a special chic to use highly specialized terms: “sleeve”, “tensile strength” and so on. The gatherings were noisy, fun, and there was not even a hint of intimacy. The situation was like watching comedies. Indeed, screenwriters often go too far (oh, how ambiguous it turned out) and very much deviate from reality in their creative research. Soon, the standard topics of an intelligent society got bored and much tougher things were used.

Japan has become a supplier of amazing material. The best directors of the horror genre could envy the shots from some videos. Once one of the comrades in the training workshop burst into the room shouting: “Look what I found!” This is how hentai appeared in my humble life. This is a very specific type of animation, in the traditional sense, implying the presence of heterosexual scenes of varying degrees of frankness. Anime allowed to significantly replenish the baggage of knowledge and beneficially influenced the further experience of communication with the opposite sex.

Hentai as a teaching material: the benefits

Not a single physiology

The problem with watching regular porn is over-focusing the viewer’s attention on the physical aspects. Girls subconsciously compare their bodies and behavior during intercourse with the actions of actresses, and guys begin to believe that a 30-centimeter reproductive organ will be the key to success on the intimate front. How long can you say that this is not so ?!

Variety of sex life

Cartoons are perceived as a fairy tale, an artist’s fantasy and nothing more. However, nothing prevents to translate some of the animator’s ideas into reality. Absolutely all areas of sexual activity can be found in hentai. Very gently, practically without trauma to the delicate girl’s psyche, we are introduced to oral sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation and other things that allow us to add variety to the standard set of poses and manipulations.


You can’t ignore the abundance of scenes and a pretty good script. Anime, unlike most 18+ videos, has a fascinating storyline. What do we see in standard porn? The plumber came, asked about the pipes, and then the hostess could not resist. And that’s it! I’m not saying that directors should shoot a full-fledged two-hour action movie with shootings and spatial reasoning of the protagonist, but you also need to have a conscience. Girls get turned on in the first place from anticipation, this is what hentai gives them.

Representatives of professions that involve a tough dress code become typical heroines. This category includes maids, schoolgirls, nurses. It happened that I would stick to the monitor for half a day, and then I would dress up in costumes and arrange an erotic cosplay for my boyfriend. At the same time, there were no associations with the long-legged beauty seen on the screen with the 4th size of silicone buffers. I realized my fantasies about having sex with a complete stranger, in the role of which was played by my beloved, and it was also not without a game of submission.

Must-see hentai genres


Like any art form, anime has its own classification depending on the target audience. The softest is considered erotica for women – Radikomi. Here you will find sensual foreplay, sweet kisses and beautiful male bodies. This genre is more suitable for timid young girls than for girls who have learned the delights of sex.

Yaoi and yuri

The most popular categories are yaoi and yuri, which tell us about same-sex male and female love. Historically, society is loyal to lesbian couples and negatively perceives gays. This issue requires a separate discussion. From childhood, young men are told that they need to groom and cherish their masculinity, so an offer to watch for the sake of interest in gay porn is usually perceived by guys with hostility. Yaoi does not cause such problems; in most cases, the boyfriend will not spit and ask to turn off the video. He will not lose his dignity and satisfy your female curiosity.


I’ll make a reservation right away that the description of genres designed for amateurs will go further. Recently I conducted a poll among girls I know, trying to find out from them what “tentacles” are. The data obtained allow us to conclude that the majority have little idea of ​​the meaning of this word. I will not torment you in anticipation. Tentacles are sexual intercourse with an osmin-like creature, during which tentacles act as phallic organs. Sounds pretty disgusting, doesn’t it? But in reality, everything is not so bad, but even piquant. If I saw such an action live, then I, perhaps, vomited, but in the anime the picture is perceived differently.

Shootakon and Lolicon

Most of the controversy arises regarding the shotakon and lolicon – early sexual relations with boys and girls, respectively. Pedophilia is definitely bad, but in many countries the age of consent is 13-14, so it is difficult to judge the moral side of the genre. My personal opinion is that hentai is better than videos with minors.

It is not possible to list all varieties within one article. I tried to bring you up to date, and if you wish, you can continue to comprehend the mysteries of the intimate side of Japanese animation. You will learn many interesting tactical moves, and your man will certainly want to introduce a spicy element of practice into the theory.

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