School of erotica. Who is she – A woman with a capital letter?

Granted to women by the gods.
So destructive power over the best men!
And the wives are weak, immortal gazes gaze,
Over the strong, alas, and the brave reign!
Cornell Pierre

Men love to have sex and love women who love sex. This is an axiom. One of my students, at a training session, cynically divided all women into three categories – pots, stews, and Women with a capital letter. It is about Women with a capital letter that will be discussed. About Real Women.  

A real Woman will not roll up jealousy scenes and crouch in front of a man; she will not pace in a dirty robe and curlers around the house. She will not cut her man for every mistake and discuss the intimate details of yesterday’s sex with her friends. But what will she do? 

Sex ends in bed, but it begins in the head. A woman knows what her man wants. She tries, feels or guesses. And today’s fashionable verb “fuck” can be attributed only to those couples who do not know how to make love. It is love. With all its inherent attributes.  

Even geishas knew a wonderful means of love spell – copying the gestures of their men, mirroring. Now all successful businessmen use this technique. These are truly the same laws of the psychology of relations – in business and in love. When copying gestures and speech speed at a subconscious level, a person is recognized as his own. You feel better about your partner and, as a result, meet his expectations.    

A woman with a capital letter will never allow herself to chase her man, annoy him with calls to work or stupid SMS-kami. This will certainly put him in an uncomfortable position. At the same time, a real Woman skillfully leads a love game. Sincere and beautiful. The main thing in a relationship with a Man is to give everything you have: tenderness, care, passion, without thinking about yourself. And then get the bills triple. That is exactly what happens. It is these Women that men never forget. 

A real Woman will never pester with the question: “When will we see each other again?” When will you call me? ”Or even after the first night spent:“ When will we get married? ”A woman is always a mystery in its essence, and what mystery can be intrusive? A man should always feel like a master. And it is the Woman who can give him such an opportunity. It is the Woman who makes the man a Man or a man. 

Men do not like to be forced to make choices. They start to rush about and usually make illogical decisions. Is it necessary to check their feelings for strength, if these forces can be used to create strong relationships in pairs?  

“She bewitched him.” Heard more than once. Yes, she did not bewitch, but managed to fall in love with him in her originality, managed to reveal his masculine dignity, his masculine potential. From such women do not leave. Masterpieces write about such and glorify for centuries.

The people have such a belief that men do not like smart ones. They do not like not those women who are smarter than them, but those who poke their noses at their own weakness and inability. A truly intelligent Woman will never show a man her mind. Will never show his superiority in anything. She will be able to create her garden of Love, where her chosen one will be king and shah. Such Women always choose lucky and strong Men. So why do they need female moralizing? Let it stay with his parents.  

Every Woman knows that a Man is more than anything afraid of being used. He is often obsessed with the thought that every woman wants to get him on their networks, rob him and “let him go naked to Africa.” True, not every man admits this. Because mercantilism in a relationship can ruin everything. Since you are weaving nets, weaving them so that the Man himself offers an overseas trip and a chinchilla coat. And most importantly, to be sure that this is his decision. 

A real Woman is absolutely sure that she is the one and only, she never complexes about a few extra pounds or centimeters. And he knows very well that the main thing is not breast size, but the lack of complexes. A man does not run from skinny or fat, but from notorious, insecure, and trapped. He perfectly understands that with such women full-fledged sex will not work. 

You can sing an ode to a woman endlessly. And each of you, my friends, will find something for yourself and will be able to continue this list. We know exactly what our Man needs!

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