Quitting smoking due to the influence of the habit on potency

One of the reasons for the decrease in potency, experts call the wrong way of life and bad habits. Does smoking affect potency in men? How disastrous are the consequences? Is it possible to restore normal sexual function by giving up this habit? The answers to these questions are of interest to every smoker.   

Impact of tobacco components on potency

Most smokers believe that cigarettes are only tobacco. But, in addition to nicotine and tar, they contain carcinogenic substances. No filters help protect against harmful effects. They trap only 30-40 percent of harmful compounds, and the rest easily enters the body. Each substance is characterized by its own influence.


It is a light drug. Causes relaxation, euphoria, mood elevation. Responsible for the smoker’s desire to take a new cigarette. Changes the functionality of the blood flow, respiratory and urinary systems, and causes hormonal imbalance. Destructive for sperm. Reduces the patency of the fallopian tubes.

Cadmium and Lead

Heavy metals paralyze kidney function, wash out calcium from blood vessels and bones. This makes them fragile. Excessive fragility of blood vessels leads to poor circulation in the prostate and phallus. This leads to erectile dysfunction, rapidly reducing a man’s chances of a successful procreation.


An integral part of tobacco smoke. The main target of methane is the reproductive system, heart muscle. Its effect can provoke impotence.


The main toxin found in cigarettes. It provokes the development of oncological diseases, as it blocks immune cells, causing a decrease in the body’s protective functions. A man becomes incapable of intimacy due to deteriorating health.

Attention! It is believed by many that smoking is most harmful to the lungs. This is not entirely true. The first to suffer are the circulatory system and the heart.

Cigarette smoke contains about 7 thousand chemical compounds. About three hundred substances are toxic poisons, therefore the harmful effects of the above components are further aggravated by side components.

Poisoning occurs gradually. In some, symptoms appear after a few months, while in others after 1-2 years. It all depends on the experience and intensity of smoking. First, a person begins to suffer from severe apathy, tension, fatigue, and then there are problems with potency.

How does smoking cessation affect potency?

Quitting a bad habit is much more difficult than it seems. Nicotine is addictive with all the ensuing consequences. There is even such an opinion that without cigarettes erection and craving for the opposite sex disappear. This is the main reason why many are interested in the question of how smoking cessation affects potency. The answer is yes.

Where did the other opinion come from? Any addiction is generated by a feeling of euphoria. It is given to the smoker by nicotine. At first, the body, accustomed to receiving a certain “dose” of this substance, literally rebel. Without a substance that gives comfort and joy, a man becomes depressed, apathetic and even aggressive at times. This kind of “withdrawal”, of course, cannot be conducive to any intimacy.

Such a state can become an excuse for those who start smoking again, arguing that cigarettes again give the desire to have sex. Don’t be fooled by such thoughts. The condition will improve only for a while, but will not change the outcome of the onset of early erectile dysfunction and problems with conception.

Quitting nicotine leads to positive changes in the body:

  • Blood circulation is normalized already in the first week, but superficially. What does it mean? Oxygen saturation of organs, including the small pelvis, in the required amount to restore full function occurs within several months.
  • When enough oxygen begins to flow with the blood, the liver, the body’s protective functions, and brain cells are restored. This allows us to say that the addiction is almost completely gone.
  • In parallel, the natural craving for the opposite sex returns. In addition, the quality of the seminal fluid, which becomes able to fertilize the egg, is significantly improved.

Potency begins to improve only when a person gives up the bad habit completely. Smoking even one cigarette a week negates all efforts. The positive effect can be achieved by removing all carcinogenic substances from the male body. If at least some volume continues to flow, nothing will change.

Cigarette Composition

Various techniques help to give up a bad habit. These are numerous breathing practices, moderate physical exertion, when toxins are eliminated along with sweat. It is also important to change the diet in favor of a healthy one. It is worth giving up too fatty foods, fast food. It is recommended to drink at least three liters of clean drinking water per day.

How long does it take to recover?

Some representatives of the stronger half proudly declare that they have quit smoking and their potency has improved, their intimate life has improved in a very short period of time. This is due to the fact that the consequences of quitting smoking directly depend on the length of time of addiction to nicotine. You should not compare your achievements with another man, because the situations are different.

From improvement to full restoration of potency takes place:

  • 2-4 months – smokers with less than 5 years of experience;
  • six months – when smoking for more than 10 years;
  • up to two years – smokers with an experience of 20 years.

Victor Andreev

Smoking for more than 30 years makes the potency in men not subject to complete recovery. Improvement is observed approximately in the third year after quitting the bad habit. Usually, such a long experience of “friendship” with nicotine leads to problems with the heart and prostate gland, so one should say goodbye to a bad habit at least for the sake of absence of health problems.

Impact of alternative smoking methods

Quitting smoking is difficult. Knowing how negatively it can affect intimate life, many men begin to look for a more benign alternative. For many, such a replacement is electronic cigarettes, hookah. Some representatives of the strong half occasionally indulge in smoking cannabis, which leads to the question of how harmful it is for potency.

Smoking weed

Intoxicating substances can negatively affect reproductive function and erection, expressed in the following manifestations:

  • the toxic substances of marijuana disrupt the psyche and nervous activity, as well as sexual arousal;
  • cannabis reduces the concentration of the male hormone – testosterone, which can lead to infertility or the birth of unhealthy offspring;
  • hashish reduces motility and sperm count;
  • the function of the testicle fades away, which causes a decrease in the production of sex hormones and sperm.

Arousal after smoking weed is a temporary phenomenon. It goes away with regular cannabis use.


This way of smoking can be more dangerous than even regular cigarettes. The amount of smoke and the concentration of harmful substances are much higher. The body of not only the smoker is exposed to danger, but also the people sitting next to it.


If other smoking agents do not have an immediate effect on potency, hookah is characterized by just such an effect. After it, a man may immediately misfire, since blood circulation is impaired.


The advantage of vaping is the absence of the likelihood of burning mucous membranes and harmful resins. This does not exclude a negative effect on the male power of nicotine, which in varying amounts contains a variety of smoking liquids. Oxygen starvation and impaired blood supply occurs even when using a vape.

Another important point is the belief in the safety of electronic cigarettes. This leads to the fact that the man begins to smoke more. The negative impact on the pelvic organs becomes even stronger, so erectile dysfunction disorder and infertility can occur much earlier.

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