Features of decreased libido in men

Libido is sexual attraction, fantasies of intimacy. If there is a process of decreasing libido in a man , then he is experiencing serious problems in his personal life. An increased desire for sex is also not good. It provokes problems of an intimate nature and does not allow starting permanent relationships, leads to chaotic relationships with all the ensuing negative consequences. This is most often typical for young guys and goes away with age, but often only professional intervention can pacify the “ardor”.  

Factors affecting libido levels

To move on to the issue of sexual hyperactivity in representatives of the strong half of humanity, you need to know what can suppress male power.


The virtual absence of attraction to the opposite sex can be triggered by some ailments. The greatest harm to the male body is caused by inflammation of the pelvic organs. This is especially true for prostate and genitourinary infections.

Male libido is directly related to normal functioning and the state of the cardiovascular system. High blood pressure, poor vascular permeability lead to an increase in cholesterol levels and a decrease in craving for the opposite sex.

Psychological and neurological diseases are of great importance. Low libido in men is observed with Alzheimer’s, epileptic seizures, Parkinson’s syndrome.

Hormonal balance

Male libido

A decrease in potency among representatives of the strong half of humanity is directly due to a decrease in the male hormone – testosterone. When this is observed for a long time, the function of the pelvic organs is impaired. Lack of treatment can lead to complete impotence.

Hormonal imbalances can lead to the replacement of testosterone with estrogen, a female hormone. Traction to the opposite sex is almost completely absent. This is a pretty serious offense. There is a need for a therapy prescribed by a specialist.


Some drugs inhibit erectile function. When deciding to take this or that medication, you should read the instructions in advance and ask your doctor if it has a similar side effect. By the way, it is not always indicated in side effects, since it is not taken into account for the treatment of a particular ailment. Studies have shown how a group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors inhibits libido.

These are antidepressants, which include “Sertraline”, “Citalopram”, “Paroxetine”. If it becomes necessary to take them, then you should consult with a specialist who is aware of the latest data on the effect of a particular drug on potency. Antihistamines and beta-blockers negatively affect sex drive.


A man’s inappropriate lifestyle contributes to the suppression of libido. It involves rest, food, profession features and other components of daily exercise.

The following groups of members of the opposite sex are at greatest risk:

  • Vegetarians. Plant protein cannot replace animal protein needed for testosterone production.
  • Fans of low-fat foods. Lipid deficiency leads to a decrease in the male hormone.
  • Low in fiber. Together with plant fibers, bile and estrogens are excreted from the stomach. Without fiber-rich food, a person suffers from an abundance of constipation, and female hormones re-enter the body.

Libido is also threatened by those who abuse beer, alcohol, soy foods, and also smoke. Gradually low testosterone and high estrogen levels minimize attraction to the opposite sex.

Man’s lifestyle

What are the ways to reduce libido in men and why is it needed?

A healthy representative of the stronger sex, who does not take any of the medicines listed above, leads an active lifestyle, who eats well, leads a full sex life. The situation becomes abnormal when the libido is excessively increased. This leads to uncontrollable bouts of erection, negative consequences for relationships and families.

Attention! Do not confuse libido and potency. A man may be all right with the latter, but because of an excessive and unrestrained desire for intimacy as such, and not with a specific woman, his personal / family life will not improve and after a while he will begin to fail his health. 


As described above, there are medications available to suppress libido. They allow you to cope with such a sensitive male problem.

Preparations for male libido

Antihypertensive drugs

Taking pills for high blood pressure can reduce sexual activity. The most common are:

  • Clonidine;
  • Methyldopa;
  • Nifedipine;
  • Pindolol.

They reduce the volume of blood flowing to the genitals. Insufficient blood supply leads to a significant depression of libido.

Drugs that affect hormonal balance

Hormonal drugs can also reduce male libido. They require careful reception exclusively under the supervision of a specialist and agreement with a partner. This is especially true for those planning to conceive.

It is not recommended to drink such medicines on your own. They must be prescribed by the attending physician. These include “Famotodin”, “Digostin”, “Diclofenac”. To avoid any problems, all recommendations and dosages should be followed exactly.

Benzodiazepines (tranquilizers)

Psychotropic drugs have a classic effect. They have the following effect:

  • correct the function of nerve centers in the brain;
  • reduce feelings of fear and anxiety;
  • reduce the number of involuntary muscle contractions.

Not all experts recommend taking tranquilizers, as they do not have the most unambiguous effect. Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, in some the potency will increase, while in others, on the contrary, it will decrease.

The most popular drugs in this group are those that contain benzodiazepine. Among these drugs, Chlorazepat, Tofisopam, Alprazolam are especially popular.

Normotyms (thymoisoleptics)

These drugs are used to reduce the degree of sexual desire in the treatment of mental disorders. The active ingredients are anticonvulsants and lithium salts. Against the background of taking normotimics, irascibility, irritability will decrease, bouts of anger and aggression will go away.

They will help a man with increased sexual excitability to establish self-control. Such influence allows the stronger sex to refrain from rash actions. In solving such a delicate problem, representatives of the strong half of humanity are recommended to drink Sedalit, Valopixim, Carbamazepine.

Bromine preparations

Sedatives with a hypnotic effect can help reduce excess libido. The most popular are potassium bromide and bromocamphor. They are used to reduce just about any hyperactivity. Not suitable for long-term use, as they lead to the accumulation of bromine in the body and cause poisoning.

Folk remedies

There are simple and safe ways to suppress excessive arousal without containing a chemical component. These are numerous sedative herbs:

  • Melissa and mint help to cope with insomnia, suppress the synthesis of the male hormone, relax, and eliminate excess sexual energy.
  • Motherwort, which helps to eliminate excessive excitement and normalizes the emotional background.
  • Hops, which is a mild hypnotic containing plant phytoestrogens that reduce potency.
  • Valerian relieves anxiety, giving a deep and full sleep.
  • St. John’s wort, which is a natural antidepressant that relieves obsessive thoughts of intimacy.
  • Licorice, which activates the transition of free testosterone to estrogen.

It is not recommended to take these funds for people suffering from individual intolerance to one or another medicinal herb.

Sexual desire declines itself

Victoria Andreeva


With age or for unknown reasons, libido may decrease. If it was too high, it bounces back. Often, even in men who were quite hypersexual, it decreases so much that erectile dysfunction develops.

The main causes of possible diseases

Many factors can reduce male libido, but the main ones include the following:

  • Acute and chronic diseases of the digestive and cardiovascular systems, pathology of the lungs and kidneys. These ailments negatively affect erectile function. In recent years, andrologists have noted that psychological adverse factors have a much more negative effect on men’s health. Depression and bad mood are especially hard hit for men’s health. Physical and mental stress, intrapersonal conflict, family problems have no less harmful effect.
  • Taking antidepressants, hormones, antipsychotics and some other drugs can lead to a sharp decrease in sex drive. Cancellation or replacement of the medication brings libido back to normal. Hormonal and endocrine disorders, leading to a decrease in testosterone synthesis, often provoke a complete lack of libido.
  • Prolonged abstinence from intimate contact aggravates the above factors and leads to a loss of attraction to the opposite sex. It is dangerous in that it leads to misfires during coitus.
  • Disruption of the endocrine gland leads to the fact that the level of testosterone produced by the testes drops sharply. This is reflected in ejaculation and erection.

Violation of proper nutrition, a sedentary lifestyle can significantly suppress an erection against the background of the listed problems with male health.

How disease can affect sex drive


The extreme manifestation of a decrease in libido is a complete aversion to intimacy. The clinical picture is expressed in the following symptoms:

  • changing the timbre of the voice to high;
  • lack of male-type hair;
  • subcutaneous fat deposited on the thighs and buttocks – in places characteristic of the female structure;
  • platonic sympathy without any sexual desire.

A representative of the strong half exhibits unusual behavior. It can be traced especially clearly among those who do not find support from the second half. This provokes serious problems and prolonged depression.

Obsessive thoughts about your own inferiority lead to the disruption of many systems. This provokes additional negative impact and exacerbates the problem many times, up to absolute impotence.

Diagnostic methods

When the first symptoms of a decrease in sex drive appear in a man, you should immediately go to a sexologist. Medical practice shows that it is the psychological state in such a situation that is the basis for successful treatment. Better to go with a girlfriend or wife.

Visits to a sexologist alone cannot solve the problem without a complete hormonal examination. Be sure to determine the level of testosterone, globulin, prolactin. A decrease in libido is said when the male hormone is less than 11 and free testosterone is less than 0.255 nmol / l.

Important! It is always necessary to inform the specialist about all drugs that are being taken at the moment. The instructions for many drugs do not indicate that it can reduce libido. 

Treatment features

To increase libido, depressing factors are eliminated:

  • normalize nutrition;
  • begin to engage in physical activity;
  • take hormonal drugs;
  • eat aphrodisiacs;
  • replace or completely abandon certain medications.
  • have sex regularly.

Recovery is almost impossible without the last point. Experts advise using a variety of stimulation techniques, including masturbation. If there is an aversion to coitus, a course of psychological assistance is first taken.

Prevention measures

Low libido is a common problem. She can literally be taken by surprise even when a man has not previously experienced any problems with potency. To prevent this from happening, you must carefully monitor your health, medications taken, lifestyle and not forget about the diversity in your intimate life.

This is not about changing partners frequently. This, by the way, is fraught with serious problems with libido and does not allow starting a normal relationship. On the other hand, couples living together for a long time may simply lose interest in each other due to the lack of diversity. Do not be afraid of small experiments and talk about your desires to your girlfriend / spouse.

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