Oral Sex: 4 Techniques for Speed

Let’s say you do not really like blowjob. And the husband, on the contrary, is very.

There is much more to admit. For example, both of you love blowjob, but morning. After half an hour to both of them, husband in the shower, you brush your teeth, children break into the bathroom – and you have a minimum of time to recharge your batteries and give pleasure to your loved one. 

Or the most common plot: you had normal genital marital sex. The husband, like a gentleman, missed the lady forward – and now you are happy and satisfied, but he is not yet. And you feel a little debt … 

For these cases, our permanent consultant Valeria Aginskaya offers exclusive high-speed blowjob techniques: literally three minutes – and everyone is happy!  

Shallow techniques

These two techniques are useful to those who have not mastered the “deep throat” and do not like when large objects block the airways. As you know, the most sensitive part of the male penis is the head. So senseless rhythmic immersion to great depths will not accelerate the onset of orgasm. But the virtuoso (gentle, but intense) processing of the most sensitive area will speed up.

In order not to make mistakes, re-read the instructions for “Purple Haze”, prepare a water-based lubricant … And rehearse the circular movements of the head – in the amplitude that is usually recommended on exercise therapy: tilting the head forward and to the sides can be quite deep, and here it is not necessary to throw back strongly.  

We also hope that you have heeded our advice and purchased a dildo for training. Until the technique is worked out to virtuosity, it is better to exercise on the least valuable family members (sorry for the pun). Get started! 

Running in a circle

Lubricate the protruding organ or your hands with grease. As we already know, manual lubrication-free techniques are cruel. And we will need hands, although “running in a circle” is considered oral manipulation.  

Grasp the wedding groove (directly under the head of the penis) with the ring of the index and thumb and rotate this ring. If there is enough lubrication, no one will be hurt. At the same time, grasp the entire head with your lips and suck it lightly, as in the Purple Haze. Now rotate your head in the same rhythm (but preferably in the opposite direction) in which the ring of fingers moves. You need to perform the technique at high speed – at maximum speed, at which you will not feel dizzy. Do not be afraid, this is not for long. 

Benefit Vacuum

Grasp the base of the penis with your hand (just for fixation), and the head with your lips. Create a vacuum. And now, with your tongue, begin to draw circles along the dome of the head – from the urethra to the corolla and vice versa.

Breathe calmly through your nose – this technique will not hurt your comfort. All movements – only with the tongue, no suction, no rotation of the head. With a minimum of energy costs on your part, male ejaculation occurs very quickly.

Deep dive

These high-speed techniques are based on the deep throat technique. Do you know that when objects get into the throat, that is, when swallowing, the airways are blocked? And you can’t do without oxygen for a long time, even out of great love. So it is not surprising that deep immersion in most women does not cause delight and awe. If this technique is not your hobby, you can not even read further. Interestingly, the classic “deep throat” is not considered a speed technique and does not give a quick effect – as a rule, several approaches are required so that you do not suffocate and the man is happy. With the variations that we are going to talk about, of course, also one call will not be enough, but three or four is quite enough.

Deeper still

After “swallowing” a member, turn your head left and right, while his head will rub against your soft palate – and this will create a very powerful erotic experience. The lead time is 10-15 seconds. Then, sliding your lips on the penis, rise, inhale through the nose – and vice versa.

Up down

Grasp the head with your lips and in screwing movements slide down to the base of the penis – if you managed to get your lips to the base, then the deep throat technique was also successful. Now for 10-20 seconds we make rhythmic short movements up and down. Only true lovers who regularly practice oral sex are capable of this. For beginners, rhythmic pressing on the root of the tongue will inevitably cause a gag reflex. Ejaculation takes place right in the throat.

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