Love warms: 7 ideas for hot sex

In such weather, sometimes it seems that the best sex is a cup of cocoa. In an extreme case, you can rub your frozen noses before bedtime, and not far from there until the summer. And if you have already managed to feel like an Eskimo, ready to postpone romance until warm times, then we know seven tricks that will make you change your mind.

1. Do not take off your clothes

While you warm up, you freeze – this is the main minus of autumn sex. Of course, we do not urge you to climb under the covers in a knitted hat and sheepskin coat (unless you are trying to play the role-playing game “Santa Claus is trying to melt the ice heart of the Snow Maiden”). But a soft sweater worn on a naked body, and half-lowered pants allow you to simulate spontaneity and unbridled passion. And sex is such a thing … Just start imitating – and you will believe! 

2. Or at least not take off your socks

When you are 20, you still believe that socks are the main evil of the world that kills love. But by 30 you should have read the studies of British scientists, confirming that the likelihood of an orgasm increases when the woman’s legs are warm. We do not know who orders and sponsors such studies, but we admire the courage and imagination of these people!

3. Love each other on electric sheets

As an option – to get under the electric blanket. It will become even warmer if you use poses in which you are pressed as much as possible by the bodies: the usual doggy style does not allow you to warm up. And now – be afraid! Suddenly, from the importance of activity, will any electrode rub off and a short circuit occur? The combination of sex and fear makes feelings more acute.

4. Use hot drinks for other purposes.  

Mulled wine with ginger and cinnamon warms from the inside and, by the way, if you do not overdose, it increases the flow of blood to the necessary organs. But we offer a remedy for external use: put freshly brewed tea next to the bed and, having oral sex, hold the drink in your mouth before swallowing so that you can caress your partner with hot lips.

5. Use warming lubricants 

Too lazy to mess with tea or decided to switch from oral sex to traditional? Warming lubricants will help you feel the warmth from the vicinity. Sometimes they say “exciting” on them, but you are not excited from them. It’s warmer from them. Massage oils are also warming. Massage candles – even more so. It will be warm, even a little hot.  

6. Lock in the bathroom 

And we mean not only sex in a hot shower or on a warm floor (although this too). Offer your partner a less trivial option – indulge in passion on a tumble dryer. It is warm and also vibrates pleasantly. It seems that we just discovered a way by which any man would be willing to respond to the call: “Honey, can you help me figure out the laundry?”

7. Bake a cake

A chilly fall evening can be devoted to culinary experiments. In couples where a man shares household concerns with a woman, there is more sex, and a degree of tenderness is higher. When you turn on the oven, degrees Celsius in the kitchen at the same time increase, and taking off each other’s clothes becomes much more pleasant. A biscuit dough and whipped cream can be applied directly to the body …

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