One night sex: what are the pros and cons?

No one can promise that one night sex will never happen to him. There are many reasons for it : loneliness, the search for diversity, comfort … Good or bad , everyone is free to judge for himself. But the obvious pros and cons of “short love” are evident.   

Pros of one-time sex

First of all, sex for one night is a new sensation. A momentary attraction, flirtation, some condemnation from the side of society, a thirst for a reckless act that does not entail obligations, an experiment – very much fuel the desire to enter into a short-term relationship with a stranger. It is possible that after this night you will never see each other again, which means you can allow yourself everything: to be different than usual, play different roles, try different poses and embody the most daring intimate fantasies. A regular partner will not always do this.   

The second advantage is no obligation. It is absolutely not necessary for a girl in front of her to cook dinner and console her partner if something goes wrong at work. While the man will be free from heart-to-heart talk and the need to be the “vest” of his girlfriend. Just mutual pleasure – and nothing more .   

If personal life does not add up, then physiological needs still remain. And sex for one night allows you to fully satisfy them: keep yourself in good shape, periodically raise your self-esteem and at the same time enjoy the absolute freedom that men especially value.

One night sex in no way limits freedom of action. This applies not only to the choice of a partner (after all, choosing a permanent guy or girl, we evaluate not only their sexuality, but also many other qualities that are good “for life”), posture, but also freedom of behavior, because no one will say after sexual intercourse, that there was a better opinion of you, always considered you a decent girl or was dumbfounded by your restlessness). 

But there is another side to the coin.

Cons of one-time sex

The first and obvious minus is the lack of confidence in the health of your partner, as well as all his previous partners. Sexually transmitted diseases – this is perhaps the worst consequence of sex for one night. After all, you will not ask a medical certificate from a random acquaintance, and in a fit of passion you will not always remember about protection. But in this case, the pleasure of random sex will be very doubtful, and the payment for it is disproportionately large.   

Unwanted pregnancy in women and unplanned fatherhood in men are a very long-term consequence of “one-time” sex. At a minimum, you will have to provide this “consequence” up to 18 years. And if you and yourself – a little more?  

One night sex can often be the cause of a decadent mood or even depression. He does not bring a full-fledged relationship, a feeling of being loving and loved. At the same time, there is a feeling of use, emptiness and disappointment in short-term comfort.  

A common psychological problem in many women is attachment to a man after sex, sometimes love. It is possible that after one single closeness she will no longer meet him, but inside there will remain a sense of search, understatement and, as psychologists say, the “effect of incomplete action”. And this feeling can prevent her from meeting her true love and a permanent man.  

One night sex can be both a goal and a consequence. Sometimes it develops into a stronger relationship, and sometimes, even having a perspective, breaks off and remains sex for one night.

What are the reasons for this? 

1. Dissatisfaction. It happens that a sudden passion in bed dies away. The partner is “not yours” in terms of sex, and you do not want to continue any further relationship with him. 

2. Men’s misfire. If a man is nervous or very overexcited directly before sexual intercourse, it is likely that when you get to the very sex, he will have a certain problem. After such a fiasco, most likely, neither he nor the woman will give a revenge. 

3. Before sex, partners were friends. And such a phenomenon is not uncommon. If two friends of the opposite sex do not have a personal life synchronously, they can find solace in each other’s arms in a common bed. Only sex between friends can be a momentary weakness, for the sake of which they will not want to break friendships that have developed over the years. After all, being a friend is much easier than being a partner.   

4. Sex has occurred under the influence of alcohol. Alcoholic drinks greatly liberate and at the same time cloud the mind. Therefore, having slept on the eve of each other, the next morning, none of the partners can simply remember this. And the relationship will end without ever starting.  

One-time sex is neither bad nor good. It has both positive and negative sides. But this is everyone’s personal choice. The only thing to remember: any sex should be protected .   

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