Who ticks the biological clock? About ethics of sexual relations

Although the expression “biological clock” has many fields of application, the sadistic of them is in the phrase “the clock is ticking, you won’t have time to give birth”. I’ll tell you a secret: this tick is often the result of the flurry of society, including gynecologists at its forefront.  

The inquisitorial term “old-born” still looms over those who have come to the turn of the quarter-century – despite the fact that scientists have discovered the Higgs boson and all that is impossible, being halfway to immortality, flying to other galaxies and effective anti-wrinkle remedies. 

As Whatever it was, the notorious biological clock ticking leads women to desperate gestures that each of us must have heard amazing stories of punctured condoms podpoennyh and therefore does not control themselves men lie on the safe days of the cycle and so on. 

The most scandalous story of this kind is about the famous tennis player Boris Becker and the Russian model Angela Popova. To those who do not follow the secular chronicle in the yellow press, I tell you: Angela met a dead drunk Becker in a bar and gave him an oral sex session followed by artificial insemination. I gave birth to a baby. And then, without further ado, she seized several million dollars from the rich Pinocchio as alimony. 

The case, of course, is egregious and more reminiscent of one of the hundred ways to honestly wean money.

But let’s go back to our sheep, that is, to women who decided that if they don’t give birth right this half-year, then on their gravestone it will be possible to knock “She lived her life in vain”, and armed with the slogan “The end justifies the means “, Rushed to pierce condoms, blackmail and solder their partners, or even just familiar men.

The question is, is it ethical to get pregnant secretly from a partner or against his will? From the all-knowing gossips, I heard advice: “Doesn’t want children? Get pregnant and don’t think! Then he will tell you more thanks! ”

I agree, everything happens in life – maybe it really will. Or maybe he won’t. And even if he does not dissolve in the night, and the alimony paid will be sufficient and regular, it will be difficult for a man who unwittingly becomes a father to get rid of the feeling that he was used. And not only to imprison an immortal soul in a body shell, but also to doom it to unplanned expenses. 

I do not mean that if a woman gave birth to a child from a man, even if he did not want it, he should not do anything – of course, he should. But condemning him to this by deception or blackmail is, at a minimum, incorrect and, as a maximum, unethical. Do you want, as they say, a child for yourself? Sperm banks – a wonderful invention of mankind, no worse than dishwashers or microwave ovens – will always help those who want to cope with an impossible task alone. Or – the most wonderful way out – to find a man who is ready to have children with you (we will not consider a particular option when a woman does not want a child, but to bind a man to herself through a child – this is a topic for another close study).       

So, the conclusion is that women who become pregnant by pressure or deception are wrong. Another question is that society imposes obligations on women to give birth by all means – and annoyingly ticking instead of a biological clock, and talking about the ephemeral “purpose of a woman”, and frightening up to oncology those who will not give birth.  

In this regard, there is a clear bias and double standards: for some reason, society treats men very loyally, not considering them obliged to have children as soon as possible (again , backing up with unsupported biological data that a man can have children at any age). For some reason, horror stories about how the quality of sperm decreases with age are extremely rare, and stories about problems with potency do not look as spectacular as signs of menopause. And besides , you rarely hear the statement that if you have a son or daughter at 60, then you may not live to be their full age. And lonely old age in the style of “nobody can serve a glass of water” for some reason men are not as scary as women.  

So, the woman is in a vice: on the one hand, “you are 27, and you are not so young already”, and on the other – “he is only 45, and he is still ahead.” It turns out that the lower classes want it, but the upper circles don’t need it – everything is all right with them, and if someone gets pregnant by deceit, they will also regret their unethical behavior.  

And here the question arises – is it ethical for a man to sleep with a woman if he does not want children from her?  

Does he use her time and strength for his selfish purposes? After all, as you know, the best way of protection is abstinence, and if a man is not ready for the fact that a woman can give birth to him (no matter how she became pregnant – but at least with the help of hypnosis!) – then why contact her?    

It is just as unethical as getting pregnant secretly, and then confronting the fact. So, dear men, there are many other wonderful ways to discharge, invented by mankind – from rubber dolls to good old masturbation.  

And then – no one bothers you to find a partner who is free from the burden of prejudice and does not seek to become pregnant and give birth. 

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