Is there any benefit in a state of sexual arousal?

Is sex good for health and beauty? Yes, yes and yes again! This statement, more than once proved by scientists, psychologists, physicians and cosmetologists, continues to be heatedly discussed on the wide open spaces of the Internet, on sex forums and forums devoted to beauty and health, in many scientific and not very articles, and simply in companies of like-minded and in the circle of close friends.

To begin, let’s give a clear definition of the concept of “sex”. So what does Wikipedia say to this:

Sex (lat. Sexus – gender) – in the broad sense, the activity of an individual, aimed at realizing the instinct of reproduction, procreation. In a narrow sense, the totality of a person’s mental and physiological reactions, experiences and actions associated with the desire to manifest and satisfy sexual desire. The use of the word “sex” in the meaning of coitus was first recorded in 1929.  

Agree, this definition is not particularly inspiring, and romance here does not “smell”. Nor does it smell like feelings of excitement and pleasure, not to mention the usefulness of sex for health and beauty. Of course, except for the benefits of “procreation” and “satisfaction of sexual desire.”  

But we all know, more than once we experienced in practice, more than once we proved the opposite, that sex is a very pleasant thing that allows you to express your feelings for a partner, yourself to receive a legitimate share of pleasure, discharge the accumulated sexual energy, exercise physically, finally experience a new pose from the “Kama Sutra”, and just kicks.  

In addition, during this exciting process in the body of its direct participants, a turbulent biochemical reaction begins. As a result, cortisone is released – the second most important glucocorticoid hormone that stimulates the metabolism and provides a person with a sense of unlimited happiness. 

Add to the above a powerful surge of adrenaline – the main hormone of the brain substance of the adrenal glands, which makes all human organs work with absolute efficiency. So get a very pleasant experience with elements of considerable benefit to human health. 

But that is not all! Thanks to sex and sexual arousal:

1) just an incredible (in terms of losing weight!) Amount of calories is lost;
2) blood circulation is enhanced;
3) decreases the glucose content in the liver;
4) all energy reserves are activated;
5) the level of cholesterol in the blood is reduced;
6) blood pressure is normalized;
7) develops immunity against influenza;
8) blood is enriched with oxygen;
9) the bronchi relax;
10) prophylaxis of heart attack;
11) brain function is stimulated;
12) the scent is aggravated;
13) caries is treated !!! (I give readers the opportunity to independently decide which of the partners);
14) booty sways in women;
15) back pains are eliminated;
16) hormones are balanced and activated;
17) shine is given to the hair and nail growth is activated;
18) the face is cleansed of acne;
19) wrinkles are smoothed out;
20) depression and tension are relieved;
21) aggressiveness is reduced;
22) increases the speed of the reaction;
23) prostatitis and cystitis are treated;
24) mood improves;
25) life is extended!

In fact, the list goes on and on. After all, doctors are not tired of proving the benefits of sex and in almost every issue of the news they put forward a new theory substantiating this fact, confirmed by numerous studies, polls, figures and facts from life. 

I’m sure that many readers are already starting to fidget on a chair, nervously tapping their fingers on the countertop and wonder why they are wasting time reading an article rather than doing the “thing” ?! Here it is worth noting that it is not so much sexual intercourse that is useful, but rather the state of arousal. Therefore, it is not even very important to have a partner with whom you can indulge in “healing” and “improving complexion.” It is important to find an object of adoration that evokes your emotions. 

No, don’t think, I’m not calling you to abstinence and long-term being in a state of sexual arousal (this will just bring some discomfort). Just try to prolong this intriguing and erotic feeling, because sometimes the expectation of a “holiday” is many times greater than the “triumph” itself.

And how exactly you will enjoy and benefit is up to you: alone or with an “assistant”, in the “lotus” or “missionary” position, once a week or every 3 hours, in bed or on the kitchen table …  

The choice is yours, gentlemen! Health to you, youth and beauty!

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