Is it easy to work in striptease? The moral side of the issue

Excerpt from the article “The Concept of Morality” (Russian Electronic Library: “In different epochs, different peoples had many moral principles, beginning with the Ten Bible Commandments and ending with the“ Moral Code of the Builders of Communism. ”However, it should be noted that the concepts of“ morality ”and “Morality” is mainly associated with the observance of the seventh biblical commandment – do not commit adultery. Remember when someone wrote about someone in the characterization of “morally stable”, it meant: “I have not been seen in defamatory connections.”   

Non-observance of other commandments – do not kill, do not steal, do not give false testimony – is equated with crimes and entails not moral condemnation, but punishment of a criminal nature. The difference between a crime and a deviation from moral standards is very significant and lies in the fact that when committing a crime there is always an injured party – a legal entity or an individual. No injured – no crime. A person is free to do anything, but on the condition that he does not directly infringe on someone else’s interests. In particular, it is impossible to encroach on someone else’s property, health, life, freedom, dignity with impunity     

Personal observations. Nobody dreams of becoming a prostitute, but so many women would like to work a little in striptease in the secret of their heart . Absolute majority! They ask whether it is possible to “dance beautifully on stage, get money for it and go home” (this question has already been discussed in the section “Answers to questions”).     

They are even ready to work in a striptease for free, with only one condition … I am regularly asked questions: “ Is there a strip without stripping? I would like to dance a striptease, but I do not want to undress. I would work even without a salary. I just like to dance, but for myself it’s not interesting. ”   

The reason, I think, is that every woman needs to feel her sex appeal to the opposite sex. Especially in Russia, where there are not enough men, and of those that are, it is difficult to find neither a drinker nor a drug addict. But every girl who has captured men’s attention wants to remain a “decent” girl!

Why did I quote this word? Because according to my standards of morality, morality of a person is determined not by the ability or inability to strip in people, but by several other parameters. This is only a convention: paradoxically, working in such a glamorous environment as striptease taught me to pay more attention not to form, but to content.  

If you want, then they do not argue about moral standards, just as about tastes. Currently, in some African tribes, the female half of the population, on a par with the male, walks with bare breasts, and no one is ashamed of it because there such behavior fits into local norms of morality. 

And in Saudi Arabia, there are other moral standards: all women are obliged to wear abaya (black silk dress to the heels), but even in this form (more than decent by our Russian standards) they cannot go out into the streets without an escort of a man (husband or brother). In other words, if two girlfriends from Russia decide to go on a vacation to Saudi Arabia, they alone will not be able to go outside the hotel – they need a third (male relative), otherwise they will be considered indecent women. And in Saudi Arabia, being an indecent woman is not safe! 

But even a separate Russian society is strongly stratified according to its standards of morality . Take, for example, the society of grandmothers at the entrance discussing the jeans of modern youth (jeans are now sewn with such a low rise that you sit down – you can see the ass). And take the other extreme: a society of skinheads who dress very peculiarly, and killing a person of a different nationality is a feat for them .   

However, I have already deviated from the issue under discussion. Do not kill – this is not morality, this is another Bible commandment. 

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