Intramammary sex

The present age, for no one is a secret, is distinguished by the freedom of morals and aspirations for pleasures. Carnal pleasure has ceased to be a secret, and a sacrament too. Freedom of information opened up what was previously inaccessible, or was knowledge for the elite. Well, or for those who are ready to take risks and experiment in love.

Variety of intimate life

To have sex, or maybe still love, is everyone decides for himself. But how to make this process as exciting and giving pleasure as possible, you can learn about this from additional sources. You have tried everything. Classic sex is no longer interesting.

The oral has lost its edge. The thought stuck in my head: “Give me something like this …”. Intramammary sex. How do you like this option. Don’t know yet? Do you want to be enlightened? Let there be the oldest encyclopedia of sex – Kamasutra, no? We have freedom of speech and information accessibility.

Let’s figure out what we’re talking about. The sound, frankly, is intriguing. Word formation is as follows: intra + mamma . Literally – inside the mammary gland. Let’s simplify, and we get – inside the chest. Represented? And now the official terminology. Or not quite official. The process, of course, is not within, but between. Sexual intercourse occurs without contact with the woman’s vagina. Sliding movements of the male member are made on the female breast.

New forgotten old

Thus, it turns out that intramammary sex is an act performed without penetration of the male genital organ, when it moves between the closed female mammary glands. The same Kama Sutra knows such fun as Narvasadata .

The book has some recommendations on why you should have this kind of sex. For example, one of them explains that if necessary, avoiding pregnancy is the most suitable consolation. The seminal fluid that spilled onto the woman’s chest during the first act could cause undesirable consequences. Others are safe. It is worth noting that in many countries this sexual tradition has names.

So, they walk around the world:

  • sex cuban;
  • Spanish;
  • Dutch;
  • Russian;
  • paizuri , the Japanese called the game.

No one specifically invented a specific name. While most of the acceptable terms have already been used, amateurs have come up with such a complicated name for their entertainment. The medical side is the absolute safety of this method.

As you understand, there is no entry, which means that an unwanted pregnancy is impossible, guaranteed protection from venereal troubles (though in sex, the right protection, rather, in choosing a reliable partner). At the same time, both get pleasure. The fact is that in girls, the breasts are very responsive to any stimulation, there are many nerve endings that are easily excited from less erotic exposure.

Big fish and small

If your partner is the owner of the chic forms of the beauties of the Renaissance, then it will not be difficult to implement ideas. Tons of possibilities and positions. At the same time, in addition, you don’t even need to create a cozy bed on women’s charms with your hands. Everything will happen by itself in natural beauty.

Young ladies with small, neat shapes can afford this fun, but with the use of a different technique and, of course, with the help of pens. Small breasts, I must say, are also not a hindrance to such games.

In girls, the smaller size is compensated by the maximum sensitivity of the nerve endings. After all, this is one of the most erogenous places on the female body. With a smaller size, all sensitive points are as close to the skin as possible.

Therefore, such an occupation will bring equivalent physical pleasure to both partners.

All ways are good

There is nothing forbidden in this kind of sexual entertainment, and hands and lips will become assistants in the maximum variety of sensations received. At the moment of excitement, any gentle touch can only increase the depth of perception:

  1. At the peak of active sex, you can use the handles. They don’t have to mess around. You can either squeeze your chest for maximum contact with the male member and create a tighter internal space, or additionally stimulate the organ with touches.
  2. If your partner favors oral sex, then why not bring some extra vivid sensations to your game. When moving towards the face, the girl can wrap her lips around the head of the penis. One kind of this action will give a man pleasure, not to mention how much pleasure a woman’s soft lips can do.

The secret secreted by the penis during friction will not be enough for a comfortable act. The delicate skin of the female breast may also be affected.

Therefore, for the most gentle and pleasant action, use intimate lubricants. If caress is complemented by playing with lips, then the lubricant should be special – for oral sex. Although you can try to add a gastronomic touch to the entertainment.

To do this, use, for example, cream. Although the modern intimate industry has stepped so far in this matter that it is even somehow indecent to use something other than a special lubricant . It is possible with aroma, and if you wish, with an exciting effect.

The presence of an additional component will improve the sliding of the penis between female breasts. The process will feel closer to classic vaginal sex, but at the same time it will acquire its piquant sharpness.

Who’s in charge

In intramammary sex, the role of a man can be both active and passive:

  1. The passive act gives the action to the woman. She takes a pose astride a partner. Her breasts are touching her penis. With the help of her hands, she clamps the penis with her breasts and begins stimulation. A slightly modified version is also possible, when a man sits with his legs apart, and a woman settles down between his knees and starts friction herself.
  2. The active type implies male dominance. The partner lies on her back and shifts her breasts, between which the man performs sliding friction. A variant of this pose can be performed while standing. She is on her knees, he is standing, placing the penis in the gap between the female breasts.

With an active type of entertainment, mutual understanding is important at some points. Sexual intercourse, one way or another, ends with ejaculation. In this case, on the partner’s face or neck. So that the pleasure is not spoiled by the girl’s negative reaction to this process, it is better to coordinate everything before the start of caresses.

Precious caress

If there are no objections, then as a result the partners will see the so-called “pearl necklace”. Lovers of fun awarded this romantic name to the seminal fluid that spilled over the female neck and chest. Indeed, white shiny drops of seed can be compared with pearls, especially being at the peak of excitement, when everything seems beautiful and impossibly gentle.

Among psychologists and sexologists, it is believed that such an intimate fantasy primarily attracts men. The reason lies in some fetishism. The propensity of the stronger sex to the female breast is sung in the most ancient treatises.

Soft, warm, tender flesh causes awe in a man. Hence the desire for the closest possible contact with this part of the female body. However, not all girls are able to enjoy the game. First of all, this is the male part of pleasure.

After all, the most erogenous zones of the female breast are still nipples and areolas. The remaining surface, at best, will respond neutrally to affection, and may also experience discomfort. But still there remains a percentage of lucky women who will experience the same delight from the process as their partner.

If you are ready for experiments, then perhaps you should try this entertainment. A new intimate game will diversify your sexual leisure. But most importantly, the next step into the unknown, together with your half, gives you a chance to get to know each other better, to penetrate the secrets, both physical and spiritual. After all, trying something new, you also understand the extent to which you are able to trust each other.

No sexual fantasy can come true if you don’t feel confident in your partner. Making love in any manifestation is still a joint process, and only mutual desire will help to achieve the highest pleasure.

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