How to have sex for sex?

If you just broke up with your partner, or because of work there is no time for a serious relationship, or you met a person who managed to rekindle you from the inside, but leave you cold outside, then sex is what you need. 

Nowadays, such behavior is not only for men, many modern girls are also not shy without the obligation to satisfy their libido.

If you value good sex and don’t mind having fun, then everything is in your hands. However, be careful. It is not only about physical, sexual health and safety, but also about emotional, psychological health. You can’t treat each other badly just because you did not promise to remain faithful to your partner.

If you are going to have fun in this way, then adhere to these rules:

1. Do not blame yourself. If you are tormented by even the slightest sign of guilt, then sex without obligation is not for you. If you wake up depressed and you feel sick to look at yourself, immediately break off such a relationship. The meaning of sex for the sake of sex is that partners simply use each other until they get bored. He will not give you flowers, and she will not call to wish good night. If you are not ready for this, then such experiments are not for you. 

2. Prepare yourself psychologically. Casual sex gives you a feeling of confidence in your own sexuality, attractiveness, desire, but you will never be loved. If you have sex in the hope of awakening any feelings in your partner – stop fooling yourself. Sex is exclusively for pleasure. Never have sex just to establish yourself in your attractiveness.  

3. Drop all internal bans. Many women feel more relaxed with those men to whom they are indifferent. Doesn’t it matter what your casual partner thinks of you if you are planning on having sex. 

4. Do not talk about your adventures. All people are different, and for many, this behavior remains unacceptable. The usual envy is not excluded. In any case, there is a chance to get hold of ill-wishers. 

5. Do not hide your feelings from each other. Tell me plainly that you only want to have sex, not burdening yourself with relationships. If you feel growing affection, admit to this partner, perhaps he feels the same. If not , stop dating him. Even very good sex is not worth a broken heart.   

6. Be careful and gentle to each other. Compliments do not oblige you to anything, especially if what you say is true. Communication with a gentle and understanding person can make your relationship very special. 

7. Carefully choose your partners. If you love to have sex, but you can’t find a suitable partner, then better go home and masturbate. Always choose partners to your liking, so that you feel calm and comfortable with them. Do not choose partners for selfish reasons. Do not choose from among other people’s wives, husbands, girlfriends and friends, do not sleep with friends of friends and girlfriends of friends. But all this does not matter if you like soap operas and you like extreme sports. 

8. Never take chances. Protection and protection again! Ah, how much has been written about this, but does not reach, apparently. This item is especially relevant for girls, since not all men with the word “pregnancy” are able to remain men. Unfortunately, very often can still be found in maternity hospitals of single mothers and other victims of the idle conception. 

However, if you are a girl, never hope to bind a man to yourself, becoming pregnant from him. Not only will you lose a man, but you can spoil yourself the rest of your life.

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