Do men know how to love?

“What is being done in the world? What has this done to people? The tournaments were canceled, the tournaments were canceled, As if there was no courage, no love in the world! ” 

Princess’s song from the wonderful fairy tale “Do not leave”

Oh, unforgettable chivalric times! How many fairy tales and legends are associated with the romantic adventures of valiant warriors, battles for beautiful ladies. Alas, the times of knightly tournaments have long gone into oblivion. Are men able to love now as they did then? Love truly, gently and madly, beautifully and impossible? Can they have such feelings for the fair half of humanity?  

Recently, more and more often, instead of the words “I love you,” you hear “I want you.” Good recognition! Came, wanted, laid. And then new searches are not yet “laid out”. Are all men acting according to one scenario: meeting, love at first sight, passion and its quenching, and then disappearance? Having learned the words of one role, they say the same thing to all their “bunnies”, “seals”, “babies” . I think this scenario is familiar to many girls.  

On the first day of the meeting, the delighted eyes of a man look at us, on the second – full lust, and on the third – absent, without interest, regardless of whether he achieved his goal or not. For more, they do not have enough days or money. According to representatives of this type of men, it is easier and cheaper to maintain a car than a girl. What then remains for the girl to do?  

Maybe now we switched roles? And the girls should seek men and treat them like a sultan: coffee in bed, three dishes for lunch and a pie, more meat for dinner, and then another belly dance and Scheherazade’s bedtime story? If you dance badly or if indigestion of the Adored and Pleased happens, he will go to another concubine, more capable. Of course, I exaggerate a little, but all this is found in reality. 

Very many, fearing loneliness and the “old maiden” stigma, play the role of both concubines and geisha at the same time. Are we girls so intertwined with everyday life that we agree to endure it during the period of love? Even when the presence of Romance and the Knightly spirit should prevail over the natural instincts and the game of hormones.

Where did the serenades disappear under the windows of loved ones? Really everyone who could sing went into show business? And the rest of the men – from those to whom the bear has stepped on the ear? Where is their courage and struggle for the lover’s only glance? Or are you so tired of the difficulties of life that you decided to simplify your task at least in the love field? Indeed, it’s really easier to say “I want you” and, depending on the answer, proceed further according to a simplified scenario. For the sake of saving valuable time.  

What Well, man, if you do not know how to love truly, you do not have time to buketno-candy period, and you prefer to call their partners diminutive household name, so as not to confuse the real thing, then think about it, when your passion will call you ” bunny “or” cat ” – did n’t she forget your name, or maybe she’s afraid to mix it up …   

PS Based on this state of things, we can conclude: male romantics with a knightly education, who know how to love, are a rare instance today, an endangered species that needs to be entered in the Red Book.  

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