Homemade penis enlargement devices

Orthopedic penis enlargement devices have been used by men for more than a decade and have proven themselves on the positive side. The most widely used device is called Extender, which is translated from English as extender, filler. This fully reflects its purpose. It is characterized by simplicity of design and assembly, which allows men to use both a purchased (factory) and homemade extender . It’s pretty easy to make. The main thing is to have the necessary materials and basic knowledge regarding the mechanics of the intimate apparatus.  

Types and effect of extenders

The device functions on the principle of the growth of cavernous bodies. This occurs under the condition of regular tension of the tissues due to periodic unwinding of the axes in the direction of increasing length. The growth of new tissues does not stop, the cells divide under the constant influence of the distraction force.

The average growth rates according to user and manufacturer reviews are an increase in length by 2-5 centimeters over a period from 6 to 10 months. You should not wait for an instant result. It will take patience and regular use of the extender. Violation of this recommendation will lead to failure to achieve the desired effect.

Depending on the method of attachment, extenders are divided into several types. When planning to assemble a home version, you need to figure out how they differ from each other.

Vacuum extender

The grip is carried out by means of a special vacuum chamber. It covers the head of the penis by about 3-7 centimeters in circumference. It is considered the most reliable and secure. The risk of injury is practically reduced to zero, since there is no possibility of crushing.

Penis enlargement extender

Loop and strap extender

The fastening mechanics are almost the same, but the shape of the fasteners is different. In the first case, a loop is used, and in the second, a strap. The difference gives these species a significant difference.

The strap has a gauze lining, so the degree of pinching is minimal. The loop, on the contrary, can strongly squeeze the head, disrupting the blood supply to the genital organ, but remains the most common option.

How to make an extender with your own hands at home?

You can make any of the three types of apparatus listed. The most difficult to manufacture will be a vacuum one due to the fact that you have to make a camera. Otherwise, the process will not be significantly different.


A schematic diagram of the device is made independently. To make a drawing, it is enough to study the design from any well-known manufacturer. On the basis of photography, drawing, video, they sketch their own sketch. The length of the side posts is selected from the desired result. It can vary from 20 to 25 centimeters.

Required materials and tools

A homemade extender at home is assembled from the same parts as the factory one. Specific materials depend on which structure is being assembled:

  • The thrust ring, straps and loops are in direct contact with the skin and should not cause an allergic reaction. This imposes certain requirements on the material. The ring can be made of thick cardboard, hypoallergenic plastic / plastic without sharp corners. Its inner diameter should be 2-3 mm larger than the cross-sectional width of the penis. It is best to use a sterile bandage before use, which is changed each time.
  • Reiki (side rods) are selected so that they can fix the required length for a long time. These can be dies, rods, chrome spokes.
  • The vacuum chamber and the bulb must be sealed. If this condition is not met, then such a homemade product will not work.

The difference between the devices lies in the fastening element. If you decide to make a variety with a camera, you should give preference not to a plastic bottle, as written in some sources, but to purchase a special jar. These are sold in pharmacies. This guarantees the creation of an internal vacuum.

Step-by-step assembly instructions

Making a strap or loop device involves the following sequence of work:

  1. A workpiece with a diameter of 11 cm is cut out of a piece of plywood or other material with a thickness of no more than 10 mm. A hole with a circumference of at least 5.5 cm is made inside. Other sizes are due to the section of the penis.
  2. The length of the rods is 20-30 cm. They are completely screwed into the plywood, leaving a little on top. Places of entries are filled with glue.
  3. Twist on each “lamb”.
  4. Strips are cut out of a metal thin plate, in which holes are made.
  5. A clamp made of soft tubes or a strap is inserted into the holes, which can be used as medical wide tourniquets.
  6. Check the reliability of fixation.

The assembly of the vacuum variety differs only in that a jar with a pear is attached at the end. Not everyone has such a device in the house, but it is freely sold in city pharmacies. The radius ranges from 13 to 25 mm. Select it according to the size of the genital organ. The tightness of the retainer is ensured by a rubber sleeve. Its length must be at least 6 cm. It can be made from elastic surgical gloves.

The air will be pumped out thanks to a bag or a connector with a hose. You can use the tonometer element. The shut-off valve is unscrewed from it and inserted from the other end. This allows you to change the way it works. The pear will start pumping out, not pumping air. As you can see, you have to tinker more than with a strap and loop device.

To help understand the principle of assembling an extender with your own hands at home, a video will help, which clearly shows how the elements are connected, as well as what materials they are made of.

Extender for penis enlargement – tied under the knee

How and when to use?

The indication for using the device is the small size of the merit (10-12 cm). This length is not a “reference” length. A man decides for himself whether his genital organ suits him, whether he wants to have more. To increase the size of the phallus, you need to wear a hand-made or factory device for at least 4-6 hours a day. The design allows you to hide the extender under clothes. People around you will not notice anything.

Stretcher instructions for use:

  1. The circumference is put on a slightly erect penis. The ring should fit snugly against the pubic bone.
  2. The foreskin is pushed back, a camera, loop or strap is fixed on the head. It is necessary to make sure that the blood flow has not been disturbed (there is no excessive pressure, changes in the shade of the integument).
  3. Correct the length of the rods. A painful sensation should not arise in this case. The parameter is gradually increased, allowing the organ to get used to the degree of tension, that is, the phallus is trained.

Whenever possible, the penis is massaged hourly. This allows him to quickly adapt to stress. After the allotted amount of time, the device is removed, the flesh is kneaded using special intimate creams. The device is thoroughly disinfected each time, put into a clean package for storage.

Advantages and disadvantages of homemade designs

The advantages of a home stretcher include the following parameters:

  • the ability to test the stretcher without buying a device;
  • relative cheapness;
  • obtaining a design that fully corresponds to the parameters of the phallus.

There are actually very few pluses. There are more cons. These include the inconvenience of the product, since it is quite difficult to assemble a model on your own, which will perfectly twist, put on, take off, not press anywhere and not slide off.

Which extender is better – factory-made or home-made?

To answer this question, it is enough to compare the two types of models:

  1. Homemade products have much more weight than factory models. This leads to the need to adjust the rods each time for a long time so that they do not squeeze the head of the penis. Another point is that it is rather difficult to make a vacuum model. By the way, it usually turns out to be worse in efficiency than homemade ones with a loop and a strap.
  2. The cost, which was cited as an advantage, is a relative plus. Today there are Chinese models, the cost is 1-3 thousand rubles. It is no more expensive than a homemade extender. Nobody will sell half a meter of a hairpin or 20 centimeters of PCB. You will have to buy a lot more material that will be idle. This makes assembling the device with your own hands profitable only when you already have everything you need.
  3. The simplified design of a self-assembled device is not an advantage, but a disadvantage, since it will be inconvenient to handle. You have to spend a lot of time dressing and taking off, and taking into account the fact that it is periodically recommended to do self-massage, it is also less effective.

One conclusion can be made – the factory device is better. To try this method of penis enlargement, you can simply buy an inexpensive model

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