Rheonome prostate for men

Miostimulants are used in various fields. The devices act on muscles and tissues by means of electrical impulses, which are used for weight loss, treatment, excitement. They differ in structure and mechanism of action, but some are “adjacent”, for example, electrosex for a man’s penis can be carried out by means of an electrostimulator equipped with two electrodes used in prostate therapy.  

The principle of the prostate electrostimulator

The physiotherapy procedure is carried out by influencing the genital organ. Its influence extends to absolutely the entire gland. The result is the normalization of the following processes:

  • lymph flow;
  • blood flow;
  • metabolism.

Muscle contraction occurs at the moment a pulsed current passes through the tissue into the cell membranes. This leads to the accumulation of charged (of the same name) ions. The current frequency from 1 to 5 Hz causes muscle contractions that are completely similar to their own (voluntary).

Treatment of prostatitis with electricity

Attention! It is necessary to clearly understand the difference between devices used in medical practice and at home for sexual pleasure. Specialists use specialized devices that are designed to treat inflammation of the prostate gland.

Benefits of electrostimulation

Each hardware technique has its own merits. Electrical stimulation is no exception. Such an impact leads to the following positive changes:

  • reduction of pain syndrome in diseases of the prostate gland;
  • the disappearance of a burning sensation and itching during urination;
  • improved absorption of medicinal and nutritional compounds;
  • increased potency and quality of erection;
  • the patient’s well-being as a whole is significantly improved.

Alternating current activates muscle, glandular, nerve tissues, having a positive effect on all systems. This allows you to cope with swelling and congestive pathogens in the prostate gland. Erectile function is restored.

What are the methods of electrical stimulation?

Therapy using a dual electrode device is performed in three different ways:

  • transrectal ;
  • external;
  • transurethral .

The effectiveness of the procedure directly depends on the type of technique used in the procedure. The least pronounced result is characteristic of the external variety. It is carried out for prophylactic, not therapeutic purposes. It is also used for electrosex , fans of such pleasure. The passage of an impulse through the penis leads to muscle contraction, that is, it triggers a mechanism similar to that in orgasm.

The other two types are prescribed for infertility, chronic pelvic pain, early ejaculation, prostatitis. The procedure is prescribed only after examination, diagnostic examination.

Maximum caution requires the transurethral method. It is carried out only at home. Inexperience or low qualification of the specialist performing the procedure can lead to damage to the mucous membrane. Despite this, it is this type of prostate stimulation that helps to normalize the work of both the bladder and the gland.

How do I use a stimulant?

The pacemakers used at home and in doctors’ offices are different. The first ones can be purchased not only in a pharmacy, but also in a sex shop. Many people prefer the latter option, since the device can even be ordered with delivery.

Specialists, depending on the state of health, allow you to massage the prostate at home. You need to know that devices are non-invasive and invasive. The latter are injected directly into the rectum. Before the procedure, be sure to do an enema, emptying the intestines, and fill the bladder, drinking 1-2 liters of water.

You will not be able to massage the prostate yourself. It is conducted by a second person who must thoroughly wash his hands in advance and put on latex gloves. In addition, a condom and petroleum jelly must be prepared. Otherwise, the procedure will be painful and may lead to injury.

A man needs to lie on his back or on his side. Legs in a bent position. To facilitate the introduction of the stimulant, a condom is put on and smeared with petroleum jelly. This is easy to do, since the device is shaped like a penis, which facilitates easy insertion. The convex part of the device must point upwards. When the stimulation is over, the electric or vibration stimulator emits a signal.

If a hand held device is used, the movements should be progressive and slow. The device is completely immersed and removed. Simplicity is influenced on a forward and backward basis. Additionally, pressing and stroking movements are used. The time of manipulations is recorded independently.

After completion of the procedure, the stimulator is thoroughly disinfected, placed in a package or plastic bag. It must be remembered that there should be no unpleasant or painful sensations during the massage. If this is present, then the procedure was done incorrectly and you need to correct the mistakes made.

The male non-invasive pacemaker is used to prevent the risk of developing prostatitis. It does not require insertion into the anus and can be used absolutely everywhere. The main thing is to sit on it so that it falls on the perineum, and then for 10 minutes they carry out translational movements of the pelvis.

Contraindications to the procedure

The prostate pacemaker for men cannot be considered a completely safe device. Its use is contraindicated in some conditions. If the patient initially complains of an uncomfortable feeling in the groin area, the doctor prescribes a thorough examination. This allows you to establish the admissibility of the procedure.

The use of a prostate stimulator is contraindicated for:

  • acute prostatitis;
  • exacerbation of pyelonephritis, cystitis;
  • abscess of the prostate gland;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • inflammation of the rectum;
  • neoplasms in the prostate.

A specialist can prescribe a procedure for an acute course of the disease, but this is solely at the discretion of the doctor. You cannot make such a decision on your own. This is fraught with negative consequences and worsening of the condition.

Which device is better?

Non-invasive devices are hand-held, electrostimulating and vibration-massaging with timers, batteries, accumulators. The best and recommended specialists are:

  • worth 3,500 rubles;
  • Physiotherapy device “MAVIT ULP-01” – 10 600 rubles; 
  • ” Renegade “, ” Vibrating Massager ” in the range from 3,000 to 4,000 rubles;   
  • ” Nexus Revo Slim “, ” Billy Deep Blue ” for 11,000 and 17,000 rubles, respectively.   

These devices, according to the manufacturers, help not only deal with the prostate, but also improve the quality of sex. Sexual intercourse becomes longer, brighter and more high-quality.

DIY electrostimulator for men

To make a stimulator with your own hands, you must take into account that the device has the following dimensions:

  • length up to 10 cm;
  • diameter is not more than 5 cm;

The hardest part is to make the shape. It should be such that it acts on the G-point. The use of plaster or clay allows to achieve the necessary curvature. A roller is made of the material, which is slightly bent and rounded at the tip. It is allowed to dry. To make it vibrate, use a motor from an old electric shaver.

The use of hard materials is not recommended. They do not allow the device to be shaped to the desired shape. In addition, a strong feeling of discomfort and pain can be created upon insertion. The same applies to strict adherence to dimensions.

For the prevention of the prostate, an even simpler solution can be dispensed with. It is enough to take a rubber or tennis ball. It is placed while sitting and make circular movements in one direction and then the other. Such a device does not need to be supplied with a motor.

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