Funny tackles on girls, top 100500

For most young people, funny tackles on women are not available. Because of timidity and fear of making a bad impression, language is taken away and a sense of humor disappears. How to get rid of uncertainty and find an original way to drive up to a stranger?

Ways to get a girl’s attention

Beautiful women love to portray proud impregnability with all their appearance. With every cell of the body – a pose, an arrogant look, they seem to say – “do not even try to approach.” It scares guys away.

They immediately begin to paint a picture of “shame” in their imagination and postpone decisive action. This is a huge mistake. After all, taking a risk and taking a step towards communication, there are only two options for the outcome of the situation: at best, victory; at worst, defeat in the form of rejection or neglect.

If steps are not taken at all, then the result is obviously the same – 100% defeat. So why lose 50% of the possible success and lose without starting a fight?

Everyone is eager to learn the secrets of famous womanizers and seducers who have never heard a refusal. However, it is unlikely that such womanizers exist at all – once everyone gets acquainted unsuccessfully and there is nothing tragic in this.

It is worth treating failures with humor. To solve the problem of timidity in dating, a direction called “pickup” appeared – an activity aimed at acquaintance or seduction.


By using the correct opener (anchor phrase) – the first phrase that a girl says at the time of the meeting – you can establish communication and dialogue with any woman. There are many ways to get attention. The main thing to remember is that any flirting starts with a smile.

A calm, self-confident man gives the girl a sense of reliability and security. Depending on the situation, different openers can be used :

  • A service is a request to provide some minor service. This may be a request to show a men’s clothing store or an interesting cafe. Sometimes they ask the phone to call a friend because theirs is dead. If the girl responds and helps, then she has already let her into her personal space and you can continue to get to know each other.
  • A compliment is a popular, ancient, but still working option. It is important that the compliment conveys to the stranger some new information about her, not related to her physical attractiveness. She should think to herself: “Oh, I’m so interesting,” and not conclude: “I’ve heard this 100,500 times already.”
  • Opinion. The desire to listen to a person’s opinion always has, shows that he is not indifferent and listen to him. Especially if they want to listen to an opinion about what the girl understands. When meeting, you should not directly ask a stranger about something. They act differently: they keep a short distance and pretend that they are arguing about something and the opinion of a third person is needed. If it happens in a store, they are interested in what thing looks better.
  • joke is an effective, but rather complicated opener . The joke should be interesting, funny, original, but without obscenity and vulgarity. The main task of a joke is not even to make you laugh, but to at least make you smile and cheer up. Ironic phrases aimed at the appearance or manners of a stranger are unlikely to contribute to this. It is better to joke on “left” topics without affecting appearance, it is easy to cross the line and offend by chance. A cool guy is a rarity, and if you manage to come up with something creative, then the guy is definitely cool, awesome and witty.


Pretty controversial opener . Not always suitable for dating. Here the age, the psychotype of the stranger, her character are important. If you overdo it, then you can look obsessive and climbing out of your business, even a boor.

Giving advice can demonstrate education, competence, life experience. In this case, the girl becomes a student, the man looks like a teacher, and the student always listens to his teacher, but this is in theory. In practice, obsessive “teachers” are sent away for a long time or written down as bores.

You can also use funny tricks here, for example: “you have something on your skirt, let’s fix it” or “unzip your jacket a little … they don’t wear it like that.” Although this is a very common opener , not everyone likes advisers and receive advice when they are not asked!

Young, self-confident girls themselves know what and how to do, they don’t need other people’s advice in terms of fashion, clothing, personal care, spending money! Advice can make a girl very angry, even though she won’t show it.

Such a technique is suitable only for a girl who is led, with complexes, who has few gentlemen.

However, if a man has a good sense of humor and innate tact, funny tricks in the form of advice are quite suitable. A young adviser will immediately feel the tension and dissatisfaction of a stranger, will translate everything into a joke.

Funny tricks in the form of a joke

Funny tackles for the purpose of dating are quite common. As a joke, you can use any funny phrases for conversation, quotes, anecdotes. For example, offer to ride “with the breeze on the escalator.”

To attract attention on the street, a situational tackle works well – it is the most natural. However, this approach requires resourcefulness and observation. It is necessary to notice something funny, interesting and comment on it.

You should not discuss the girl herself, but the situation around her: the weather, objects, other people. For example, if a girl has mirrored sunglasses, then you can ask them to use them as a mirror and comb her hair as an option.

You can use many other ways to draw attention to your own person. Including using jokes “below the belt” or even slightly offensive.

However, such funny tackles require experience, a suitable environment, knowledge of the girl’s character (perhaps she is someone’s relative or friend, hangs out in a common company). Moreover, they practically do not work as an opener somewhere on the street.

It is better to use them with a girl who is already a little familiar, when there is a feeling that the passion herself wants to communicate, is waiting for steps in this direction.

Original phrases for conversation

For dating on the street, there are 100,500 pieces of various phrases that act as a hook at the beginning of communication. It is important not to use a banal set of gray quotes, to be confident and cheerful. On the street, neutral topics work well, followed by a question.

For example, here is a top list of unusual tackles:

  • “It’s hot in here. Maybe it’s because of you?
  • “I don’t know my way around the city. Do you want to be my guide for a little bit?
  • “You have a great hat. Did you choose? Show me where? Can I buy one too? How do you think it will look on me?
  • “Oh, you are so beautiful … and here you can choose from: shoes, hair, tan and so on. Are they yours?
  • “You are so slim. Can you suggest a diet?
  • “Girl, you have something on your face. Wait for the counter question: what? Your answer: perhaps this is beauty?
  • “Sorry. Did you ask me something? Not? Well, then we can fix it. My name is…. And you?”;
  • “Girl, my phone is dead. It sounds funny, of course, but could you let me use yours – do you need to send SMS to a friend? If you were given a phone, write a message to your number, and indicate your name in the text;
  • “Excuse me, do you have a pen or pencil? I would like to record the day of our meeting. What is your name?”.

Actionable advice: if they drive up to a girl who is under 25 years old, then it’s better to turn to “you”. If the object of adoration is older or there are doubts about the age, then they turn to “you”.

They never drive up and stick with their jokes on the street to a woman hurrying somewhere, talking to someone. Perhaps she is very late, listens to complaints from management, solves working issues and she is not up to communicating with strangers. They also don’t climb if the stranger is in a clearly bad mood.

SMS messages

If a pleasant stranger’s phone appears, but there is no detailed information about her, then there are few options. Correspondence “blindly” is not very effective.

You can try to start a dialogue: “Hello! Do you also not part with your smartphone?

Can I keep you company? What is your name?

My name is…”; “I know your secret. Curious to know which one?

In the case of a positive answer, they write something like: “you are very cute, beautiful or attractive.”

But, as a rule, all these are idle stupid tackles.

Usually they are answered with indignation: “Where did you get my phone from? Who gave it to you?” Or elementary begin to ban.

A good option when there are common friends, interests or hobbies. Then they boldly write that the contact was given by so-and-so and you just want to get to know each other, discuss your favorite music – girls appreciate honesty.

flirt on the internet

With the development of technology, you can quickly start a relationship on the Internet, and not just on the street. Today, more and more young people are interested in the question of how to approach a girl on VK, Odnoklassniki or other social networks.

It is much easier to search for acquaintances on the Internet – there is more information here that you can catch on to: “Hi! You posted very beautiful photos on the Internet – only non-standard personalities can take such photos.

I’ll be glad to chat. Can you tell me where this or that photo was taken? “Hi! Judging by the profile, you are fond of: snowboarding and skiing. Have you been riding for a long time? “Hi! Do you love cats?

Me too. What breeds do you like best?

Social networks and the Internet are a great place for timid, shy men. It is here that you can remove the block that prevents you from communicating directly with people, throw dust in your eyes, hide your shortcomings and at the same time glue several strangers at once.

The main thing is to study the profile of the beauty well, find out her hobbies, favorite music, any information that will help to “hook”.


We found something interesting on VKontakte – go ahead and conquer hearts! You have unlimited improvisation time to come up with an original, funny message.

According to statistics, 40% of tackles on girls, no matter where on the street or on the Internet, end up with new acquaintances.

Half of successful acquaintances end in sex. But you need to remember that it is not so important what you say, but how you do it is important. Don’t be afraid to be funny, but don’t be a clown. Girls appreciate humor, confidence and optimism.

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