Everything you wanted to know about masturbation, but were afraid to ask

Perhaps no aspect of human sexuality does not cause so many misconceptions and too early condemnation, like masturbation. But if for men masturbation is usually a natural process that does not cause discomfort and constraint, even if a man is not alone and has an active sex life, then women, if they masturbate in a relationship, would prefer not to tell their partner about anything, but ask the Internet public “is this normal?”

1. Masturbation is an unnatural and shameful activity for teenagers.

We will not share with you statistics on Russia, because, unfortunately, no one has yet conducted such surveys on the territory of 1/7 of the land. However, there is no doubt that the Russians probably do not differ from the rest of the world or the United States, where at the beginning of the XXI century it became clear that 92% of American women aged 18 to 30 did not see anything wrong with masturbation and do it with pleasure. About 30% of women aged 60 to 69 years from time to time masturbate. And more than half of women over the age of 70 who do not live with a regular partner, also do not deprive themselves of pleasure. Age is not so important if you love yourself.

2. If you do not masturbate, you are frigid

Even if the statistics convince you that everyone around you masturbate, but just feel free to talk about it, it does not give reason to think that 95% of men and 89% of women who masturbate are better, sexier and more liberated than those who are not are doing. They just prefer other ways to get an orgasm.

3. Masturbation can lead to infertility.

You can’t get pregnant from masturbation, but you can’t become barren from her either. Although there are a couple of cautions: in extremely rare cases, some men for medical reasons because of low sperm count, the doctor may recommend reducing the number of masturbation acts. And the second important point concerning both sexes: when masturbating with sex toys, it is necessary to keep them clean in order to avoid the transmission of various infectious diseases that can cause infertility.

4. Masturbation with sex toys is addictive.

The female body is able to respond to any stimulation with all its parts. And if a woman reaches an orgasm with a vibrator, it does not mean that sex toys are the only way to achieve it. It is rather a great addition to the intimate life, and not some constant attribute, to which there is addiction.

5. Masturbation can cause injury to the genitals.

Despite the fact that our genitalia have a large margin of safety, resistance to damage and are designed by nature to undergo the most complicated process of reproduction, you probably should not engage in masturbation with objects that are not intended for this. What you masturbate with must be clean (preferably sterile) and preferably not porous. So use your body and sex toys. Then the probability of injury will be minimized.

6. Masturbation is unsafe for health.

On the contrary. Masturbation helps relieve headaches and reduce pain during menstruation, normalizes blood pressure, improves sleep. Masturbation helps broaden your sexual sensations, increase your orgasm and make it longer and deeper. The orgasm helps to turn off the part of the brain that is associated with anxiety in women, because at the time of the climax, there is a release of oxytocin, which gives a feeling of relaxation, relaxation, peace and warmth. Want to relax – masturbate. Want to get rid of depression – also masturbate. After all, this is the safest way to throw endorphins into the blood. And, finally, one more argument: an orgasm against the background of the raging ICP suppresses appetite. So do not seize the stress, and masturbate.

7. Masturbation dulls and leads to mental disorders.

Recently, masturbation studies were conducted in Germany with the help of … MRI scans, which clearly demonstrated that during masturbation blood rushes to all parts of the brain. The same thing happens when solving logical problems and when training memory. The brain is better nourished by oxygen, which contributes to its better performance. And the only problem with the psyche due to masturbation is associated only with the oppressive feeling of guilt because of its own depravity and sinfulness, vaccinated by parents or others in childhood. Masturbation cannot bring any other mental or physical disorders.

8. Masturbation reduces the desire to have sex with a partner and harms relationships.

No one knows us better than ourselves! Including sex. No one else, only we ourselves know how to pamper ourselves, how to give ourselves maximum pleasure. But masturbation is not only an opportunity to know yourself, but also to understand how to improve your relationship with a partner. Masturbation is not a reason to think that something is wrong with your relationship. The sexual life of women who regularly masturbate is only better: they study themselves, their reactions, remember the best, knowing where to direct their partner’s actions, learn to reach orgasm faster.

Masturbation is the easiest and fastest way to get an orgasm. And nothing can interfere with this: your unshaven legs, unwashed head, crumpled T-shirt and favorite workouts will not interfere with this. You will not be afraid of getting pregnant or catching an in

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