9 signs of a truly harmonious relationship, which is very difficult to spoil

If you want to understand how strong your relationship with a partner is and whether there really are no secrets and offenses between you, then use our tips

Are you still laughing at his jokes

Lovers, who after 10 or even 20 years can still laugh at each other, deserve respect. You can, without saying a word, continue any thought at the same time, finish a sentence or make fun of your shortcomings. It sounds funny to you. According to psychologists, the relationship ends exactly at the moment when you cease to inspire the jokes of your chosen one, or rather, when you stop smiling and start to get annoyed over trifles. And what used to be nice to you, starts to ruffle you.

You calmly let go of each other to meet with friends or corporate parties.

Strong couples are not jealous and not offended when someone decides to spend time with his friends or attend a party where all his colleagues will gather without their passions. And if you also do not see anything bad in that your chosen one will disperse a little, do not arrange for him to question him, where and with whom he is going and not to interrupt the phone, trying to find out when he will return, then you are on the right track. You just believe that your other half appreciates your relationship and will never put them in jeopardy. However, like you.

You regularly confess each other love and date

Not as important as how long you have been together, but if you still tell your soulmate about your feelings or arrange romantic surprises and real dates (without children, friends and relatives), then you can only envy. If you still have no opportunity to invite your chosen one somewhere, try to organize a dinner at home, just do not forget about the candles, beautiful outfit and suitable music. Turn off the phones and devote this evening to each other. Believe me, you will definitely like it!

It does not occur to you to check your chosen phone / computer

You do not flinch whenever your chosen one receives an SMS message on the phone, on social networks and on Skype. And the active correspondence of the faithful in the messengers also do not bother you. He also would not have thought to ask you for a report on the minutes who called or wrote you. You trust each other and do not consider it necessary to arrange checks. This is all commendable, but experts nevertheless recommend not to cross the fine line between “trust” and “absolutely all the same”. In the second case, it also does not matter to you who writes what to your faithful, but, alas, for a completely different reason.

Every day you thank each other (no matter for what)

You never get tired of saying thanks to each other (for love, for relationships, for caring, for fulfilling desires and much more). You make it clear to a person that he is truly dear to you, and everything that he does is important to you. Then, according to experts, the second half simply does not have the thought that he is not appreciated or disliked. On the contrary, a person will feel his importance and will try to become even better than he is now.

You are not bored with sex with each other

Another important component of harmonious relationships is sex. If, even after years spent together, you still find each other sexual, know how to surprise and please your partner in bed, then it means that you have found your man who suits you in all respects. And if this is true, then there will be no betrayal in your pair. And why, if the partners are absolutely satisfied with everything in an intimate way?

You do not quarrel, and decide everything by negotiation

Instead of getting ripped off on each other, hitting plates or making public dismantling, you learned how to solve all issues through negotiations and, most importantly, you can listen to your partner and defend his interests as well. It is a pledge of strong partnership based on mutual respect and support of each other.And if your feelings are still “sparkling” and no, no, but you allow yourself to fall for your elect, then just imagine what will happen if at one fine moment a person gives up his nerves and he decides that he will have enough of these quarrels and skirmishes? Submitted? And now try to calmly convey your thoughts and be sure that your partner will hear you.

Do you know how to support or reassure partner

The ability to support a person in difficult times, to find the right words, even just hug is worth a lot, unfortunately, not all couples can master this art. Some, for example, consider it their duty to “finish off” a partner when it is not so easy for him, or to put him in an unattractive light before others, and then be puzzled why he is offended by the devout.

You do not need to pretend, you can be yourself

Truly harmonious are those relationships in which you do not need to pretend to be someone else, you can be yourself and do those things that you like. Let’s say you enjoy the yarn and knitting needles and are ready to knit complex patterns on a jumper all day long. But your faithful thinks this occupation is too old-fashioned and laughs you every time he sees a knitting set in your hands. Or, on the contrary, your partner gets pleasure from floriculture, but you absolutely do not like his image of a gardener – with a spatula, earth and a flower pot under his arm. Will you be happy in this case? Hardly. Experts say that it is not necessary to share the hobbies of another, but it is necessary to treat them with respect and not to make a person ashamed of what brings him joy.

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