Enjoying an intimate life. How to increase libido?

Today, there is a lot of intimacy and eroticism in the media. Sex is so actively imposed on us that some people protest, refusing to make love. Everything about sex has already been said and shown – there are no secrets. However, difficulties in the sexual sphere of relations have not disappeared. Who knows what needs to be done when there is no “desire”? 

Let’s talk about the understated “libido.” This is a sexual attraction, the joys of life. Intimacy is not only reproduction, it has a good effect on our well-being, relieves stressful situations and strengthens relationships. 

Coldness in bed is caused by a hormonal failure of the body, a painful condition, stress, physical and moral depression, conflict situations with a partner. The doctor will help establish the cause. If the specialist does not find the above reasons, then the whole thing is in the head, in which there is no more room for erotic fantasies.

Sexologists will help you deal with this situation. There are such methods:

  • Learning to relax to free your head. You are not leaving working moments and is harassed by an alarming state? Naturally, with such thoughts you will not get pleasure in bed. Hang on the door of the bedroom the inscription: “It is forbidden to enter outside thoughts!” Use meditation to relieve tension. You can purchase an album in which you will paint mandalas. This will transfer unnecessary alarms to the album sheet. Choose a color scheme for thoughts and emotions. Imagine how chaos in your head turns into a lighted room, created for love joys. Now you can go to bed with peace of mind. 
  • We prefer the colors of passion and blood. Color indicates our mood, creates it. It is known that the red-orange color scheme improves blood flow, stimulates the central nervous system. This gamma mobilizes processes in the body, causes an aggressive state and agitation. If your desire has cooled, heat it with the colors of passion. But no need to glue the wallpaper. Long exposure to these colors can cause irritability and tire you. 
  • Remember your best intimate moments more often. It is very bad if you recall the intimacy only when you need to go to perform marital duties. The best option is to maintain an “optimum temperature” throughout the day. You can put on sexy underwear or even do without it. You can write a spicy message to your beloved. Try to remember the time when your passions went wild. 
  • Play games. Try to get used to the role you have chosen. Stay seductive this night with your Casanova. Low self-esteem, lack of complexion, everyday life will dull desire. But changing the scenery and letting your fantasies go for a walk will be easy. You can arrange a romantic date outside the house, change into some costumes … 
  • Erotic dances. Turn on the music and dance! Dance is an art. He can seduce. Movements help us change internally. Tension goes away in the dance, self-esteem rises. The melody stimulates the center of pleasure in the head. 
  • Get inspired by art. Take care of painting. Paint a picture with erotic scenes. You can visit the thematic exhibition. There will be something to see. You can arrange a photo shoot at home. 

Everyone knows that appetite comes with eating. This is a very relevant statement in intimate life. You only need to make some efforts, and the flame of your passion will rekindle.

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