Erection in men. Is it possible to tame the “dragon”?

Standing upright. That is how the term erection is translated from Latin. If you give a more scientific definition, an erection is the process of increasing the penis in volume and its hardening. This happens as a result of the flow of blood into the cavity of the cavernous bodies of the penis. 

How does an erection happen?

An erection can be caused by two mechanisms.

The first is reflex, when an erection occurs without any involvement of the brain, for example, by touching the penis (the lower part of the spinal cord is controlled). 

The second mechanism is psychogenic, so an erection arises as a result of erotic stimuli (as described in the article below).  

The process of excitation itself can be divided into two main stages. 

It all starts with the fact that with an erotic memory, viewing adult photos or videos, a special signal is sent to the brain. This signal enters the part of the brain that is responsible for sexual fantasies.

After that, the brain sends signals to the cavernous bodies of the penis, the arteries of the cavernous bodies begin to relax and fill with blood, the outflow of blood through the veins decreases. Due to the sharp influx of blood, the penis rapidly increases in size, and this is how an erection occurs.

Types of Male Arousal

Surely many noticed that sometimes an erection manifests itself at the wrong time and at the wrong time. And if a morning erection is considered the norm even for children, then the manifestation of libido in the middle of a working day or in a crowd of people seems strange to many. An erection can be divided into two types: spontaneous and adequate.

Spontaneous erection manifests itself in almost all ages. Many argue that this is a sign of good health of the male reproductive system. A spontaneous erection occurs, usually without the participation of consciousness:

  • after or during sleep;
  • if the bladder or rectum is full;
  • often a specific reason is not required at all.

Adequate erection occurs when a man reacts to any external “stimuli”. It can be:

  • auditory stimuli (partner speech, music, etc.);
  • sense of smell (smell of perfume, woman, etc.);
  • touch (touching a partner);
  • imagination (sexual fantasies);
  • visual irritants (girl on the beach, candid photos / videos).

To restrain an erection for a man is an almost impossible task (regardless of whether it is spontaneous or adequate). Fighting human nature is quite difficult. But causing an erection is easier, especially if the man is healthy and does not experience problems with the genitals. However, in the modern world, men are increasingly faced with problems associated with arousal. Why is this happening and how to deal with it? 

What will help to restore potency?

The cause of erectile dysfunction can be many factors. Unfortunately, a modern man spends most of his time at work, leads a sedentary lifestyle, and is subject to frequent stresses. And if you add here the use of alcohol and cigarettes, it is not surprising that all this together leads to problems with potency.

You can fix the problem temporarily, for example, using stimulants, but if you want to restore potency for more than one evening, then it is better to use drugs with a cumulative effect, the effect of which manifests itself after a course of administration.

One of these drugs is the Vuka Vuka plant complex, it is not harmful to health, and the effect can be estimated after the first month of use, and there is no risk of side effects. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the composition of the drug to make sure that it does not contain plants that you may be allergic to. 

  • really natural composition (confirmed by independent studies);
  • mild effect without side effects;
  • restores natural potency due to cumulative effect.

It is especially worth noting that Vuka Vuka is designed specifically for exchange rate courses with a long-term result. Therefore, do not be surprised if, after a couple of days after taking the drug, you do not notice visible improvements. In this case, it is better to have a little patience, but the result will surprise you in earnest!

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