3 simple workouts to enhance your sexual sensibility

The development of feelings directly affects our ability to quickly arouse and enjoy communication with a sexual partner. These are human senses such as sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Today we are going to talk about simple yet effective sensitivity training.

We receive the lion’s share of information about the world around us thanks to the most key sense organ – the eyes. As vision “pulls the blanket over itself,” the rest of the senses are dulled. You have probably heard that visually impaired people have heightened hearing, smell, touch and taste. Our training will be aimed at developing these very feelings, since they play an important role in the ability to get excited and enjoy intimacy.

1. Ear training

To strengthen any feeling, it is necessary to limit the flow of information from other senses. For this we use deprivation. Play erotic aspirated music or an erotic movie. Turn off the lights in the room or close your eyes (you can blindfold). Listen. Focus on the sounds, distinguishing their nuances. What do you notice? Rapid breathing – a person’s arousal increases. A drawn-out female moan, similar to a quiet howl – the approach of orgasm. While having sex, also listen carefully, paying attention to your breathing, to the breathing of your partner. Also practice your hearing outside the bedroom. Closing your eyes, listen to the sounds of the world around you on the street, in nature.

2. Training of taste and smell

Let’s play tastings ? Taste and scent are closely related, complementing each other, so we will train them at the same time. Prepare food plates and glasses of drinks ahead of time. Tastes and odors should be both pungent and mild. Wear ear plugs or soundproof headphones. Take a bite of one dish, close your eyes. Smell and then slowly taste the dish. You can use aphrodisiacs: honey, chocolate, strawberries, wine. You can train taste and smell during any meal, even if there is no way to use auditory deprivation. Just close your eyes while eating, savoring it and savoring the flavors.

3. Training of touch

This workout will consist of two stages aimed at developing tactile sensations. The first stage focuses on analyzing the touches that a partner can make. The second stage will be an analysis of our own touch: to ourselves or to a partner.

1) Touching yourself without hands

The ability to read tactile information is extremely important for achieving a vivid orgasm. Prepare different items: different sizes, different hardness. Feathers, thick threads, silk scarves, hair combs, ice cubes, a small fan (to simulate breathing), and so on can be used. Turn off the lights, make yourself comfortable in bed, turn off all audio devices. Run different objects over your skin, listening carefully to your feelings. Movement should be different: circular, point, linear, slow, smooth … What kind of touch do you enjoy? Which ones are ticklish and which ones are annoying? During this workout, it is advisable to touch yourself less often with your own hands, since this way the brain will simultaneously receive sensations that are experienced by the hands. We need to learn to experience pure feelings, like contact with another person. We only touch ourselves with objects – not with our hands. There are many training variations. For example, you can close your eyes while standing in the shower and listen for the body’s reaction to the touch of jets of water.

2) Touching with hands

But the second stage of training will be aimed at touching yourself and your partner. If not, then touch any objects. This time, we touch everything with our hands: both the inside and the back of the fingers and palms. Run your hands over the silk fabric of the scarf, touch your clothes. We close our eyes. During physical contact with a sexual partner, stroke his body. Focus on the sensations in the palms. Run your nails over the skin of your hands, abdomen, thighs. Analyze your feelings. You can also touch other parts of the body. For example, slowly caressing the lips of a loved one. Don’t limit yourself. Thanks to such training, I was surprised to learn that I have mega-sensitive skin … nose!

The two main goals of the above workouts are:

1) enhance the ability of the senses to read the information received;
2) identify sounds, tastes, smells and touches that cause the most pleasure.

As you can see, these elementary training of sensitivity does not require any special physical preparation, nor time or money. Despite their simplicity, such activities can dramatically change the quality of our feelings during intimacy.

If you have a partner, you can ask him to participate in your workouts. If there is no partner or he is not interested in it, do not despair. Sexual sensibility can also be honed on your own.

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