Girls on Top: 15 Riding Poses

Want to make sex spicy? Then experiment, try changing roles and complement your intimate life with new positions. Many representatives of the strong half of humanity happily welcome female domination in bed. No wonder the “Rider” pose is so popular. In addition, this is one of the positions in which women most often experience orgasm. We have selected 15 interesting variations of this pleasant pose. 

1. Butterfly

Pay attention to the position of the partners’ bodies. The woman does not just sit on top, but presses her legs to the man’s body, bending her knees. By tightening and relaxing your hips (by slightly bringing and spreading them to the sides), you can increase sexual pleasure. In addition, this position is ideal for the pompour technique . 

2. Reverse cowgirl

Although sex experts unanimously argue that this option is one of the most common positions, I have to disagree with them. My surveys of friends and girlfriends showed that many did not even try to have sex in this position. Someone did not even think of this position, someone just scared not to keep balance. I can assure you Reverse Rider is pretty resilient. The pose will undoubtedly add spice to your intimate life. It is especially good if the guy has a small penis. Do you want even more vivid sensations? Try using female vibrators during sex . An interesting solution would be to choose a clitoral massager with a vacuum function.  


3. Squatting reverse rider

In one of the reviews, this pose had an outlandish name – “Italian candlestick” . Well, Italians are known throughout the world as ardent lovers. Why not experiment with this position? I warn you, the first time “insert a candle into a candlestick” will not work. Yet this option is interesting due to the unusual angle of penetration. 

4. Reverse Downward Bend Rider

A pleasant and sensual pose will work especially well with a slow pace and fluid movement. A man can enjoy the exciting sight, admiring the legs and buttocks of his girlfriend.

5. Rider sitting

Did you know that many peoples (including the Slavs after the adoption of Christianity) severely condemned poses in the style of “Horsewoman” ? Since in Christianity a woman must submit to a man, her dominance in sex was equated with sin. How good that I am an atheist! If you, too, do not tolerate taboo in bed with your loved one, by all means try this pose for lovers. Everything is beautiful in her: deep penetration, eye contact, intertwining bodies in each other’s arms …  

6. Crab

An interesting variation of “Rider” will give you a bright and unforgettable orgasm. In this position, you can move both slowly and quickly. A huge plus in additional friction that affects the labia and the clitoris. In the “Crab” position you can simultaneously experience both clitoral and vaginal orgasms. This is unbearably pleasant!    

7.Sitting Asian Rider

In the classic version of “Asian Rider” , the man is lying. However, it is rather inconvenient for girls to move on their own at first, so it is better to ask your partner to sit down so that, if necessary, he can support you. The peculiarity of the pose is that the partner moves up and down, leaning on the feet, in fact, squatting. 

8. Rider with a forward bend

A truly sultry sex position for anyone looking for a vibrant and powerful orgasm. Due to the fact that the partner leans forward, nestling slightly against the partner, her genitals are actively rubbing against his body. There are quite tangible frictions in the clitoral area, which will enhance the clitoral orgasm, accelerating its onset.

9. Flying carpet

To be honest, I made a mistake with this position, but it’s a pity, because according to the assurances of experienced, it gives an unforgettable experience. Apparently, the guy and I are not physically strong enough, since it is not so easy to keep the weight on your hands while he holds your legs. But you still have to manage to move somehow! It is weak for me to show aerobatics in this position. And you?

10. Asian rider

If you didn’t manage to sit in the “Carpet-plane” pose , I advise you to go to this option. The position is unusually stable, which is good news. Of course, the weight of the partner must be taken into account. We have already mentioned a variation of this pose above, but in this variation, the man (as expected) lies flat on his back. Ask your partner to bend your knees so that you can rest your palms on their hips. It is better to rise slowly, keeping the weight with an emphasis on the feet and palms.  

11. Rubber ball (Bouncy)

The position got its name in honor of the so-called superball – a small rubber ball that bounces for a long time. I must admit that this pose is simply amazing! It is convenient for both partners, and sex can be both fast and slow. Additional benefits: The unusual angle of penetration and body friction enhance sexual pleasure.

12. Lady’s saddle

The peculiarity of a lady’s saddle for horseback riding is that the woman sits sideways with both legs to one side. The appearance of such a saddle was associated with the ban on wearing trousers, and it was simply impossible to sit in an ordinary saddle in long skirts. A lady’s saddle was considered extremely dangerous, as female riders often fell out of it. Sadly, the falls ended in serious injuries and even death. Fortunately, there is no such danger in sex. If you are tired of the usual penis penetration in classic face-to-face or reverse positions, try sitting sideways. By the way, this is a good option if the man’s penis is strongly bent to the side, causing painful sensations when the bodies are parallel. A perpendicular pose will solve this problem.

13. The Little Mermaid

I found just such an interesting pose. You know, it’s very annoying to admit that you can’t cope with something. This is already the second position on our list, in which I had a chance to suffer a complete fiasco. The pose got its name by analogy with the tail of a mermaid. In theory, you need to sit on the man’s penis, then strain your torso, wrap your arms around your legs and maintain balance, swaying slightly on your partner, who holds your girlfriend by the lower back to avoid falling. If you manage to complete such an acrobatic sketch, I will give you a mental medal for courage, strength and dexterity.

14. Reverse iron

In the classic “Ironing” pose , the partner lies facedown on his stomach, and the man lies on top, as if stroking his girlfriend with his body during sex. In the same variant, the woman dominates. The pose turned out to be quite stable and pleasant. No difficulties arise. A man can also participate actively by moving his hands.  

15. Lap dance with your back to your partner

If you have not yet pleased your beloved men with a private lap dance, urgently correct the situation. This dance will be a great prelude and a delightful gift. During a lap dance, a man can experience a strong orgasm, just like a woman, only through friction. You don’t even need to take off your clothes. A striking example of erotic movements are scenes from the cult tape “Show Girls ” . If one dance is not enough for you, make love using the same movements. To enhance pleasure, the partner can stimulate herself with clitoral vibrators. Explore new horizons of your sensuality and remember that life is too short for dull sex. Love you and unforgettable orgasms!  

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