15 best sex positions for outdoor sex

Let the sultry summer days are already in the past, but the weather still spoils us with warming, forcing us to think about new bright emotions! Fortunately, you can please yourself and finally go beyond the four walls with your loved one. Here are some ways to bring a little spice, playfulness and playfulness to your outdoor recreation with your beloved man.

1. Squat cowgirl

Ask your partner to lie on the ground (of course, on a blanket or, in extreme cases, on a silky grass cover, where there are no anthills), turn your back to him and sit on him, as in the “Riding” pose. You can use any nearby tree stump for support if needed. 

2. Sexy swing on a tree branch

Hang on a branch of a tree on your feet so that your head is at the level of your partner’s penis when he stands at full height, and oral sex pleasure on each other, like two bats.

3. Generous tree

Ideal for those who enjoy standing up sex. Have your partner press your back against a tree and wrap your legs around their waist as they begin to penetrate you. Do not forget about a cape or some kind of raincoat so as not to injure yourself with chips. 

4. Blair Witch

Sit with your soul mate in a dark tent and point the flashlight at different parts of your body. Your partner should follow his light, kissing and caressing whatever he points to. This foreplay can ignite your passion so much that your orgasm is brighter than a flashlight.

5. Riding on a tree stump

Your partner sits on a tree stump, and you sit on his lap facing him, wrapping your legs around his torso as he enters you. To complicate the position a little (and for him to gain access to the clitoris) lie on the man’s lap and place your feet on his shoulders .

6. Morning in the tent

In a small tent, you can’t really roam, but it is ideal for sex, especially in a position like ” Doggy- style”. This type of position is versatile and allows partners to have both slow and fast sex, both vaginally and anally . In this case, both partners can move.

7. Dessert for a picnic

Gathered for a picnic? You’ve probably brought a lot of goodies with you, but … what about the “sweetest” one for dessert? Experience the charm of unusual positions with an extraordinary angle of penetration. For example, the illustration would work if the man’s penis is strongly bent to the side.

8. Spider


Want some really sultry sex? Then try making love in this position. Its plus is deep penetration and non-standard entry. Under the girl’s weight, her body will completely fall on the penis, which will press on the front wall.


9. Magic wand

As you venture out of town, indulge in pristine nudity while relaxing in the costumes of Adam and Eve. Find a smooth tree without splinters and lean against it while having sex while standing.

Spread your legs wide for deep penetration, or close them tightly for close penetration., Put your hands on a tree, and your butt will thus be set up. Your partner stands behind you and penetrates you from behind. Not a word on whether it will help you conjure anything up, but it will nevertheless be very hot. 

10. Mysterious garden

Enter the dense thicket. Use dense foliage for privacy. Study each other’s bodies with your hands and lips, use your imagination – everything is allowed in the mysterious garden. Don’t go too far from the tree, now it’s your partner’s turn to lean on. Please your man with oral sex, demonstrating aerobatics of deep throat blowjob. 

11. Sleeping beauty

Those who love leisurely and sensual sex will love the “Spoon” style position in a sleeping bag. The warmth of the bodies, the soft comfort of the sleeping bag and the close contact will give you an unforgettable night. Great pose for men with small penis. Ask your partner to lift your leg – this will make the vaginal canal shorter and narrower.  

12. Back and forth

To be honest, a hammock is a tricky place to have sex. It is difficult to move in it, and besides, it is easy to roll over. But if you do not plan to use sweeping and sharp movements, then a hammock will definitely suit you. Both lie on your side and move slowly.

13. Jumper

Going to relax in nature, many take with them inflatable mattresses, on which you can sleep, sunbathe on the grass, and even swim. Lovers of postures with a dominant role of a woman will feel comfortable on an elastic, but pliable mattress.

14. Sex drive

Did you go to nature in a private car? Then you already have a mobile love bed. Fold back the driver’s seat, let the man settle down at a comfortable angle for both. Snuggle up to each other and feel the volcano of passions leading to orgasm.

15. Hitchhiker

Another spicy option for lovers of car sex. Many people prefer to sleep not in a tent, but in a spacious van: here it is warm, and light, and a radio, and you can lock yourself up for the night. Straight home on wheels. Here you can also have sex. True, the high step of the van is not the cleanest place for love joys. Wipe it down well or lay down a mat . 

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