10 sex gadgets that will help you return the passion in a relationship with a partner

When a couple lives together for a long time, there can be a cooling relationship in bed. Help return the passion including sex toys. Using them allows you to learn something new about yourself and your partner, experience new sensations and increase interest in bed games several times.

1. Mini Vibrator

Comfortable device for gentle caresses. Visually looks harmless, but it vibrates very powerfully. It is worth using for massage, for seduction, and then as an addition to sex. The vibrator will cause a pleasant response if you touch them neck, nipples, inner thigh, perineum. Weasels will be pleasant to both men and women. At the same time a small device will not cause jealousy, because it does not look like a phallus. The more modes of movement of a toy, the more interesting experiments with it.

2. Exciting lubricant

Lubrication is not a sex toy, but intimate makeup. But it is also designed to enhance sensations. This is a gentle cream or gel that is applied to the genitals before penetration. The composition causes a rush of blood to the site of application, it activates the nerve endings, and the sensations become very intense. All habitual movements seem more intense. The impact occurs on both partners, but there are creams that are made only for men or only for women.

3. Eye patch

It is necessary to blindfold one of the partners, and the proximity for him will be completely different. By blocking one feeling, you can trigger the activation of others. Sex with a bandage gives a lot of new experiences, and will also help build confidence in the pair. Wearing a bandage should be alternately to feel the presence of a partner in a different way, to begin to value him more. What experiments to try with a bandage? Remember the movie “9 ½ weeks”, there such an experience is perfectly beaten.

4. Handcuffs or binding kit

Binding while making love is a very popular fantasy, it is easy to embody it. The handcuffs will allow the person to be chained to the bed so that he cannot move. Of course, they will not completely deprive him of his movements, but he cannot freely manipulate with his hands. If the bed does not allow the use of handcuffs, buy special tapes for bondage, they stretch under the mattress, help to chain the person to the bed without spoiling the furniture.

Handcuffs can leave marks on the skin, which is why the most popular options are with a fur edge or bracers created from leather. The wider they are, the less likely there are marks on the wrists.

The price of handcuffs in the sex shop starts from 1000 rubles. In gun stores prices are several times higher.

The egg is created for women, it sinks into the vagina, but it is the pairs that play with it. A sex toy is turned on from a distance, and the remote can be trusted to a partner. It will change modes or unexpectedly turn on the vibration, causing an interesting response from the companion . Management today is possible even from a smartphone, which is very convenient. The device works quietly, the surrounding people do not know what is happening.

Vibroegg is also suitable for masturbation. But it is also a simulator for strengthening vaginal muscles. If you often walk with him, the pelvic floor muscles will be more elastic.

6. Massager

Very comfortable sex toy, which is useful in any family. Not only for sex, but also for relaxation. This is a real massager that stretches the muscles, relieves pain, is suitable for the back, neck, legs, etc. It also helps in bed if you start driving them through erogenous zones. Touching the clitoris or scrotum can give a lot of pleasant moments. Like any vibrator, the massager can be used during oral, anal and vaginal sex, but not injected, and massaged the body from above.

A huge plus of some massagers – work from the outlet. No need for batteries or charging. Mobility of devices is less, but you do not need to think about changing batteries.

7. Wave stimulator for the clitoris

This sex toy is designed only for women, but couples buy them so that she always has time to get an orgasm. Contactless stimulator guarantees an orgasm in 3-5 minutes of use. And even if initially there is no mood, it will still not be possible to avoid pleasure with such a device. You can use as an addition to vaginal sex, just need to adapt and attach to the clitoris so that the device does not move. There are dozens of similar models, but the most convenient are those that still know how to vibrate. Two different effects in one is the best solution, expanding the possibilities of application.

8. Butt plug

Interest in anal sex is growing, and for the process to be enjoyable, it needs proper preparation. Butt plug helps get used to the object in the anus, gives a new feeling of fullness. When she is in the body, all erotic movements seem more interesting. For example, in women, during use of the sleeve, the vagina is narrowed, and the sensations of penetration seem more intense. Orgasm for both partners comes faster. Cork size can be 1-1.5 cm in diameter, it is enough to experience a lot.

9. Dildo

A dildo can be a copy of a real body, but there are also unique models that are not like members. The whole device combines an oblong shape, an interesting relief on the surface. Length, width, color and flexibility can be different, everyone chooses for himself. It is possible to use a dildo for double penetration, for masturbation in front of a partner or even as a substitute for a man if he cannot satisfy a girl. The most popular models are equipped with a suction cup at the base, they can be fixed on any flat surface and used without the help of hands.

10. Erection ring with vibration

This design, which slows down a man, does not allow him to finish too quickly. The ring is worn at the time of maximum erection, it prevents blood outflow , prolonging sex for 10-15 minutes. At the same time, the vibrating element touches the woman’s clitoris, which increases her arousal and accelerates the onset of orgasm. With such a sex toy you can synchronize and learn simultaneous pleasure. By adjusting the power of vibration, you can control the duration or cause multiple orgasms in a girl.

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