Menstrual cup, tampons for sex and other intimate devices for women, which many are afraid to try

Despite the fact that many media for women daily talk about new products that, for example, can be used during menstruation, the vast majority are sure that mankind has not moved beyond gaskets and tampons. After all, these tools are constantly advertised on TV and in magazines; they are in mass sale in any store. The promotion of sex toys looks a little more optimistic, as women with great curiosity are ready to explore something new.

Menstrual cups

How to look outwardly like a small cup cap several centimeters in diameter. The slightly curved shape is designed to fit your body, making the bowl very comfortable. The best material from which high-quality menstrual cups are made is 100% medical silicone. The base is lightly textured for easy grip and secure placement, and a conical silicone tip facilitates insertion. Despite its small size, the bowl can accommodate 4-6 times more than a swab or pad. The bowl does not absorb, but collects menstrual blood, preventing it from contacting the mucous membrane and the walls of the vagina. You can wear it from 6 to 12 hours, depending on the intensity of the discharge. 

That raises questions Questions about the use of bowls – however, like many other devices – there are quite a lot, especially in the Russian market, because of all the hygiene products that women use during the menstrual period, the most unknown are bowls. In Russia, they learned about them not so long ago. The most common fears that users have: is it comfortable? will the whole cup fit? wouldn’t she pop out on her own at an unnecessary moment? will blood spill? Is it possible to use the bowl of a virgin? 

In fact, Before you insert it, look at how to fold it correctly to make sure that you have learned all the folding methods. After the cup is inserted into the body, a vacuum appears inside, so there is no way to lose the cup. A well-trained pelvic floor helps to hold the cup. Most likely, when setting and removing the bowl, you can see a little blood. If you insert and remove the bowl in the toilet or in the shower – this will not cause any inconvenience. With bowls you can have sex, but except for vaginal penetrating. All other methods, including finger and oral sex, are available. If for some reason it is important to keep hymen, then you should not use bowls. 

Menstruation tampons

What it looks This tampon looks like a disk with an elastic membrane made of hypoallergenic material. In addition to the hygienic function that protects against leakage, it allows women to have sex during menstruation without any problems. It adapts to the perimeter of the cervix. The swab can be worn up to 12 hours. 

That raises questions . Is it possible to have sex at all during menstruation and will it scare the partner? 

In fact, bans on sex during menstruation are most often religious in nature. Therefore, if you do not personally share these prohibitions, then having or not having sex during your period is your personal choice. And if this suits the partner, then why not? 

Balls for narrowing the vagina

What small balls of plant components look like , among which are quite unusual ingredients, such as bamboo charcoal, gall oak. Use the balls once a week, introducing into the vagina one ball at a depth of 5 cm. About six to seven hours before sexual contact. Balls last up to 48 hours. After which the vagina will narrow already on its own. 

What causes questions. Is it not dangerous for the body and the walls of the vagina? 

In fact, there are practically no contraindications for use, since the balls do not contain hormonal or chemical components. Vaginal contraction occurs due to tannin and other astringents. But so that microtraumas do not occur during their administration, they can be lubricated with a gel lubricant. In addition, the use of balls helps to reduce pain during menstruation. 

Unrestrained dildo strapon

How it looks In appearance it looks like an extension of the body, but at the same time a smaller part is inside the woman’s body. The toy in its active part can be of different lengths and widths, depending on what the partners want to try. Strap-on is suitable for both vaginal stimulation and anal. This is the perfect toy for couples who are ready for experimentation. There are models with vibration. 

What causes questions If you have sex with a man using such a strap-on, this will not mean that the man prefers his own gender? 

In fact, a man just wants to try himself in a different role, but with a woman. So talk to your man to find out what exactly he wants and what he fears, what is unacceptable to him in sex. And try something new with him in bed, guided by the responses of his body. 

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