10 secrets of erotic spanking

Have you long been fed up with ordinary sex and want to make your intimate life spicy? Then maybe it’s time for erotic spanking or spanking ! Today we’ll talk about why so many people love butt slaps and how best to use this technique in sex.

Although in most films viewers see that guys usually spank cute girls with tight asses, in fact, some men also like such spicy punishments. Unfortunately, among Slavic men there is a fear of homosexuality imposed by society, and therefore any touch on their buttocks causes hysteria in them, even if a woman touches them. But what is the reason for the pleasure of such (albeit comic) punishments? There are several factors involved. 

– Physiology is such that when you slap, our body involuntarily shudders, and the muscles contract. Imagine how a woman’s vagina will narrow from a spanking during sex. The sensations for both partners will be amazing.
– The psychological aspect is also interesting. It happens that people just like to feel submission or, on the contrary, dominance.
– From slaps, blood rushes not only to the buttocks, but also to the genitals. As a result, the labia and clitoris begin to swell and become more sensitive. Result: arousal increases, and the orgasm becomes brighter.
– Physical impact of this kind causes the body to release a whole cascade of hormones, from which our pleasure increases.

How to spank the ass correctly?

My personal experience and the experience of many of my friend’s friends suggests that only 1 out of 10 guys know how to spank the ass. However, the girls also succeed in this with varying degrees of success. Let’s immediately highlight the most important aspects in this matter.

1. Start by massaging the buttocks

To prepare your partner’s body for a butt slap, start by massaging his or her buttocks. First, light and delicate touches, then a hard press , and then slaps.

2. No means no

Never spank your partner if it is unpleasant for him. Even if it seems to you that it seems to him that he is unpleasant. There are, of course, situations when the partner simply plays the role of touchy, although he himself wants spanking. That is why it is important to stipulate the stop words in advance, which will clearly make each other understand that it is time to tie with flip flops.

3. Hit the safe areas

Hit a soft spot. For example, in the very fleshy place where intramuscular injections are placed. Not on the tailbone, not on the bones, not on the lower back, beating off the kidneys, but on the buttocks. Don’t hurt your loved one.

4. Change your spanking techniques

Techniques can be different and it all depends on personal preference. Let’s look at two of the most popular options.

1) Technique “Ladle”. Fold your palm as if you want to scoop up water with it. The fingers are together and slightly curved. We strike with the inside of the “bucket” lightly, but perceptibly, moving the hand parallel to the buttock.

2) Technique “Angled”. The movement of the hand (or other object) upon impact should not be direct. We move as if at an angle. For example, we slap on the buttock from bottom to top or top to bottom and slightly to the side. Paying attention to the body of a partner or partner, do not forget about your safety. Often, men try so hard to spank girls that they injure themselves.
Remember that the hands have extremely delicate ligaments and fine bones. Do you remember? Let’s go further.

5. Don’t hit hard

The blows should be felt, but delicate. Dear men, I understand that you are pressing 100 kilos from your chest in a rocking chair. But do not use all your valiant prowess during the spanking. Don’t hit too hard.

6. Change the pace and pauses

It is not necessary to immediately noticeably slap on the priest, skipping foreplay. The stronger the excitement, the more often and louder we apply spanking. Well, you can start with a playful spanking of panties. Simply grab your partner’s underwear so that the stretched elastic is against the buttocks, and then lightly slap them while releasing the panties.

It is also important that the pauses of the slaps are not the same. Otherwise, the whole element of surprise will be lost.

7. Alternate pain and affection

If you do not have a goal to follow the strict rules of BDSM, then alternate your blows with gentle strokes. Slap-stroked, slap-stroked.

8. Experiment with hitting items

You can use a variety of items: whips or BDSM whips , a belt from trousers, rods, spanking boards . Get creative. If BDSM toys are too expensive for you, you can even use an ordinary wooden kitchen spatula to bake pancakes. Just make sure it is well polished to avoid splintering. But we recommend starting spanking games with delicate stacks . 

9. Don’t be silent

You should not slap on the pope with a sour face or a detached face. Let your partner feel that you enjoy this game too. Make your look sexy and whisper something obscene hotly. Have an erotic dialogue with your partner, you can even arrange a role-play with exciting punishment.   

10. Create an atmosphere

Turn on the music, dim the lights, and add romance to help your partner relax and trust in your actions. Avoid boring sex.

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