Men's Health

Let me introduce myself - Yuri Matveevich Molokov, PhD, urologist, highly qualified andrologist and sexopathologist, surgeon, honored doctor of Russia, doctor of practice with a long practical experience, master of his craft, master of the beekeeping company Tentorium.

Over the years of my work, I have collaborated with more than 120 popular science publications and performed with scientific publications and other scientific material in front of doctors.

Since 1972 I have been working in the Tyumen Regional Clinical Hospital. He left for only three years, during which he worked as a surgeon, urologist in military and civilian hospitals in Central America. All my life I have been struggling with male infertility. Since the end of the 70s I have been working in the department of male genital injuries, performing such surgical and microsurgical operations as penis enlargement, artificial sex members. In 2000, seeing that officials from medicine are not trying to create conditions for the prevention of treatment of diseases in men, I organized the Medical Consultation Center "Male Consultation" (Tyumen, Ordzhonikidze str. 67).

Men's Health

Today's lecture will be devoted to the situation that has developed in the country today, to solve problems related to men's health, including through beekeeping products.

Several years ago I saw the book "Apitherapy" by N. Kh. Matmatullina. I really liked the book, interested. The products mentioned in it give strength to restore the disturbances in the activity of the organism. But all is well not when a roasted rooster bites, when a surgeon is required, but at the initial stage of the disease, and even better for the prevention of disease. As a consumer, I am very satisfied with the products of the first beekeeping company "Tentorium", in addition there is the possibility to use bee products in the treatment regimens of their patients.

I will begin the lecture with the statement of Socrates:

"Being healthy is profitable.
But health is not everything,
But nothing is without health."

By definition, the World Health Organization: "Health is a state of mental, physical and social well-being." A distinctive feature of modern social well-being was not only an increase in life expectancy. Life expectancy today is not the only criterion. But in terms of life expectancy, Russia is far from ahead of the rest. The average lifespan of our men is 58 years.

In the 1970s - 1980s, the twentieth century, economists engaged in management in the health care system began to pay attention not so much to overall life expectancy, but to its quality. Currently, the effectiveness of health care in general and its cost-effectiveness in particular can and should be investigated by the quality of life parameter. Health is not a luxury, health is the quality of our life. And human life should be considered as consisting of two components - the quantity of life and the quality of life. Quality of life has two aspects:

  • general well-being;
  • conditional health.

One of the components of quality of life is a full sex life.

Unfortunately, the life course of men and women is not without illnesses that worsen both the quality and the duration of life. The well-being in the male-female tandem is most affected by urogenital diseases.

The need to protect the health of women, the keepers of the home, no one doubts. And a powerful obstetric-gynecological service has been created and exists in the country. The carriers of the second half of the genetic code of the future offspring never had anything like this. Having a competent advanced gynecological service, we carry out the observation and treatment of only the beautiful half of the population.

All specialists are engaged in men, and as popular wisdom says: "Seven nannies have a child without an eye." And as one of my patients said: "We are being treated by everyone who is not too lazy."

Yes, a man is the foundation of a modern family, endowed with strength, perseverance, courage, but there is another side to the coin - these are diseases, physical and mental illnesses that haunt men for their already short life. From the beginning, from birth, roll through life, growing like a snowball. If we consider only the diseases of the genitourinary sphere, then their number will not seem small.

Let's follow the life cycle of a man - a boy, a young man, a man, an old man.

In the first decade of a man's life, all congenital malformations of physical development manifest themselves, they are observed in 14% of boys. Among them, the most frequent congenital defect is the absence of one or more testicles in the scrotum. This defect is recorded in 4% of full-term and 30% of premature babies. Anomalies of the urethra, in which the external opening of the urethra is not where it should be, it can be along the urethra, in the penis, or in the scrotum. It also happens when the foreskin prevents the glans from opening. Such a defect is often found even among adult men.

From 40 to 60% of infertility in marriage is associated with the male factor. There are diseases that directly or indirectly affect the reproductive organs of the spouse. The causes of these diseases are often laid in childhood. One of the most important tasks of pediatric andrology created in 2007 is the prevention of these diseases. Diagnosis - lagging signs of sexual development for two years and more is considered as a delay in sexual development and requires the exclusion of functional insufficiency of the sexual glands, which occurs in 2.5% of children and adolescents. Such children require compulsory treatment in order to avoid mental disorders and adverse social consequences in the future.

It is necessary to remind parents of some rare diseases of children. These include testicular torsion, not a pair of testicles, testicular injuries, pinching of the testicle, testicular inflammation. And each of these diseases, if not provided in a timely manner, will lead to the death of the forms, and this leads to infertility, and as a result, a violation of the hormonal level, a probable social disharmony.

The history of diseases of the sexual sphere in boys shows the need for a serious attitude towards them, and the necessity of preventive examinations for specialists such as andrologist and urologist.

Few people know that a urologist is a doctor who treats men, women and children for diseases of the kidneys, ureters, bladder. He is a specialist in the genitourinary field, both men and women, and children.

Androlog is only a male doctor. He deals with diseases of the male genital organs.

The second decade in the life of men is a period of manhood, a period of puberty, the formation of life principles. At this time, the disease manifests itself as varicose veins - a varicose veins that develops in the testicles. The disease is typical for children over 11 years old. Often falls at the age of 14 - 15 years. It occurs in 19.2% of adolescents. Varicocea is one of the main causes of male infertility. There are recommendations to conduct examinations in schools, clinics, to register these facts and send for treatment. Varicocea is a congenital disease and it is due to the fact that the venous valves in the veins were not sufficiently developed, formed during the prenatal development period.

During the second decade, a young man may be overshadowed by dissatisfaction with the size of the penis due to delayed sexual development, atony of the urethra, accelerated ejaculation at first sexual intercourse, and the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases can adversely affect men's health.

And we know that men are not born, they become men. Quite openly today on television show bed scenes, sexual episodes. Often, men with normal parameters of the genital organs come to me at the reception, and citing as an example what they saw in the movies, they need to increase the size of their body.

Sexologists around the world have long come to the conclusion that the size of the penis is not decisive for sexual relations. Much depends on the temperament, the physiological potency of men. With an erection, a short penis often increases more than a long one, which substantially equalizes them. There is no need for "long" and on anatomical data. Judge for yourself. The depth of the vagina, which is 7 to 9 cm in a quiet position, increases by several centimeters at the time of intense sexual arousal. But the male organ increases with an erection on average almost doubled. The "small" thickness of the penis is also not a problem. When sexually aroused, the vagina forms a so-called orgastic cuff that encircles the penis around the circumference, which also allows a woman to reach orgasm. And "... you should obviously not think about how big your sexual organ is, but how to use it skillfully, how to be able to excite a woman, how to bring her happiness in sexual and family life" (A.G. Krivtsov).

Andrological and gynecological health is not only the most important components of the quality of life, but also the key to the preservation and reproduction of the nation's gene pool. Statistics reflecting these figures in our country is not very encouraging. The number of families with one child reaches 67% of the total number of families with children. The number of infertile marriages in Russia reaches 19%. The number of divorces in Russia is approaching the number of new marriages.

Men's Health

A case from practice. A young man of 21 years turned for help. The student is married for about a year, the wife is also a student, a year younger. As a wedding gift, the parents gave them a one-room apartment, they constantly help them with money, so the young have no material difficulties.

He complains about disharmony in intimate life. The wife became reluctant to settle for sexual intimacy. He tries to satisfy her, but even with a long period of frictions (more than 5 minutes), the wife does not experience an orgasm. I heard that there are frigid women - who do not experience orgasm during sexual intercourse, suspect that the wife is also such. However, he admits that the reason for her coldness is his behavior or physical disabilities. In short, the eternal question: who is to blame?

On examination, it was determined that the guy has a medium sexual constitution, and according to the results of laboratory tests, he is healthy. But the causes of sexual disharmony in couples, generally between a man and a woman, can often not be identified solely by medical research. This patient has been friends with his future wife for a long time, he studied at the same faculty, they like the same films, and the "spark" of attraction in the relationship has always been present. What happened?

Not enough serious attitude to matrimony. For a man, in my understanding, this is a willingness to surrender, to suppress his own egoistic inclinations in the name of the interests of the family, in favor of his beloved. Sounds somewhat gloomy. In fact, "pleasing" his wife will beautify his life as well, will bestow bliss, as a woman can reward a man. However, one must be able to please, know the psychology and the "nature" of a woman in general, the features of the soul and body (erogenous zones) of her partner. This is where our puncture showed up in our patient.

Before marriage, he had a certain amount of sexual intercourse with different women. He didn't have deep feelings for them, he was purely consumer: he was "exhausted," and, well, his partner's feelings didn't interest him. Hasty "consumerism", the desire for the most rapid detente served him a disservice in relations with his wife. As a rule, he too quickly "discharged" in her arms, and when the passion was somewhat dulled and intercourse became longer, she no longer had the same craving for him.

For women, the psychological background of relationships is especially important. She must see in the husband of a caring and reliable friend, a gallant gentleman, a tender lover. Do not feel sorry for her pleasant words (the old truth is true: a woman loves with her ears), do not blame for coldness, enjoy every moment of intimate communication, more often remind (not only words, but also deed) how good she is and how you love her. In general, a man, if he treasures his life partner, it would not hurt to assimilate the meaning of Ilya Selvinsky's remarkable quatrain:

"Husbands! Take wisely
To this liver of this dagger:
Your wives cheated on you
Because I adored them."

Or, here is another example. ... At the reception - a strong, confident man, single, 29 years old. According to him, with the women he had everything ok. He had as much as he wanted and when he did, all he had to do was beckon with his finger And suddenly "stumbled", did not feel the same strength.

We are trying to figure it out. It turned out that lately he had been constantly dealing with, to put it mildly, accessible and disinterested women. They were the active party in these connections. They appeased him in various ways, including oral. Pleasing his partners, he did not bother. But he began dating a girl from another warehouse. He was going to get along with her "in a normal way", but in bed he was a fiasco.

He is at a loss. And why be surprised? A typical example of sexual function. The man is not without reason called the strong sex. He was born to be the leader, to own the initiative in love (exceptions only confirm the rule), and he should not be lazy at the rendezvous. Shirking from the "male work" is fixed reflexively. In order for an erection to occur, constant vascular training is needed. We all know the pattern: if the body does not work, then it dies off. The law of physiology: that does not act, then dies.

We continue further. The next decades in the life of men are under the threat of earning prostatitis (inflammatory process in the prostate gland), which marred the lives of 40% of men.

And in a more mature period of life, it creeps up or hits, like a bolt from the blue of clear impotence. In today's terminology, erectile dysfunction was detected in 45% of men younger than 50 years. This is the most sensitive issue of men. Remember the old joke: "The husband told his wife that he is with his mistress. Mistress, that he is with his wife. And he went to the library. " There is a common psychological stereotype: "In a prosperous man," he "must stand."

The overwhelming majority of men do not consider erectile problems as a disease. Men think that the problem with potency is from nerves or stress or poor ecology, no mood, is also a rather popular answer. As a specialist, I know that this is a reflection of the general state of the cardiovascular system, as well as a reflection of general health.

Erectile dysfunction appears 3 to 5 years before a more serious vascular catastrophe, heart attack or stroke. If it appeared, it means that there is a malfunction of the vascular system. Erectile dysfunction is diagnosed in cardiac patients 4 times more often than in healthy ones. Erectile dysfunction occurs in 67% of patients with type 2 diabetes. Arterial hypertension was detected in every third patient with erectile dysfunction, and coronary disease in every second.

Erectile dysfunction is a violation of the vascular wall of the inner lining of the vessel. Heart failure, bronchopulmonary diseases, lipid metabolism disorders, stomach and duodenal disease, atherosclerosis, smoking obesity, and alcoholism lead to this.

If a man has a waistline of more than 96 cm, then he has obvious health problems, there is a metabolic syndrome.


According to statistics, 10 million men in Europe suffer from erectile dysfunction, 31 million in Europe, 5 million in a single Germany, 8 million in Russia. What shows the level of the epidemic.

Modern Ostap Benders, using the services of all-consuming advertising, vied to rush to treat our men, offering miraculous drugs that heal everything and everyone. Employees of pharmacies were drawn up to them, taking on their inappropriate function. Thanks to them, our men sometimes spend heavily earned money on unnecessary medications, delay treatment, and then, giving up on the purchased preparation, recall the sins of youth, and go to the venereological clinic, to the venereologist. He carefully searches, searches, finds with difficulty. And let's treat the untreated venereal disease. In the end, as "not standing", so "not worth it."

The wrong action is chosen by men. Casket opens easier. It is necessary to engage in prevention and maintain a healthy lifestyle, engage in physical exercise, hardening, eliminate bad habits, and if any abnormalities occur, promptly contact a very narrow specialist who knows these problems.

When organic changes appear in the male body, old age begins. "... the most unexpected of all things that happen to a man," as Leon Trotsky said. In 70% of men, old age is overshadowed by the appearance of benign prostatic hyperplosis, or as it is also called prostate adenoma, and every fifteenth has malignant tumors or cancer, in the organ that is called the second heart of a man, in the prostate gland. Three diseases can develop in this organ:

  1. inflammatory process or prostatitis;
  2. prostate adenoma (benign hyperplosis);
  3. prostate cancer.

According to histological studies, 90% of men after 80 years have malignant tumors. But most men do not live to this age, their average life expectancy is 58 years. The presence of this disease can be detected in the early stages with modern diagnostic methods, such as the study of prostate-specific antigen, computed tomography, ultrasound scanning with a rectal sensor, prostate biopsy, etc.

Do not forget the golden rule: "It is easier to prevent a disease than to cure it." Unfortunately, in practice, one often becomes convinced of the loyalty of popular observation: "Jews are treated 8 years before the onset of the illness, and Russians 2 days before death".

For the normal formation of the male genital organs, it is necessary to exercise physical therapy to strengthen the muscles of the perineum. This gym is very useful for both men and women. Women to strengthen the sphincter of the bladder, men to improve the work of the prostate gland. It can be carried out in a sitting position when a person is sitting on a bus, at work, anywhere. We retract the crotch, anus, lower abdomen, and hold it in this position for several minutes, then let go. Again we start to do. So you can do the exercises 30 times or more during the day. This allows you to train the muscles of the perineum, which are involved in creating an erection in men, contribute to the retention of urine in women. Because in women, with age, the elasticity of the tissues of the perineum and sphincter of the bladder becomes worse, there is a prolapse of the vaginal walls and this can lead to urinary incontinence.

Also, one should not neglect such simple things as regularity of sexual relations, timely access to a narrow specialist andrologist, respect for intimate hygiene 2 times a day.

Here I will stop a little more in detail. Approximately 10 people of men a day come to me for a consultation. Well, if only 3 out of 10 who came, will be clearly dirty male ginetalia. We wash every day, brush our teeth, but for some reason we forget about the genitals.

Let's talk about the most elementary. It is desirable, but not always possible, alas, to take a shower every day. But do not forget to wash your organ with water at least daily. Especially the head, the hollow between it and the foreskin. The fact is that in this place accumulates the so-called smegma - "lubricant" secreted by the sebaceous glands. Smegma is formed in a man if he does not wash his penis a day or two or three and she has carcinogenic qualities. If it is not washed off, it can cause inflammation on these parts of the penis, and can also cause diseases of the female genitals and cause cervical cancer. In our country, cervical cancer in women is a common diagnosis, which is an indication of the lack of basic hygiene. Men often say: "Why, when I was young, I did not have this. After all, I didn't wash my penis then? "" Yes, then you often had sexual intercourse, during which you cleaned your organ. And now you don't do it at all."

The effects of sex on the male and female body are almost identical. The blood supply is noticeably improved, the hormones of happiness of endorphins are released and they work without fail. How much energy does a man spend on one sexual intercourse? This is about as much as he spends on going through two flights of stairs. Sex is one of the best prophylactic agents for cardiovascular diseases. But we must not forget that sexual intercourse is accompanied by a sharp activation of the cardiovascular, nervous system, the release of forces, which is palpable at a young age. A weakened body can not withstand such a load. If a person has high blood pressure, then he should be approached with sex very carefully, but it is better to try to get rid of the disease first, observing a healthy lifestyle, eating right.

Sex helps to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, increases glucose levels, and activates skin respiration. During sex, the blood is saturated with oxygen, as well as during exercise. Sex is one of the factors influencing the physical and emotional state of a person, on which the body's ability to withstand the mechanisms of aging directly depends. It is proved that men who live in a family and regularly until old age have sex life, live from 3 to 5 years longer than bachelors or widowers.

Today there is no doubt that the health of a modern person depends on the level of development of medicine and pharmacology by no more than 10%, the remaining 90% - fall on the genetic characteristics of the organism, lifestyle, diet, socio-economic conditions of life, environmental situation.

Among all these factors, heredity is relatively unmanageable. However, even in the case of a genetic predisposition to certain diseases, it is not at all necessary that the disease develops, for this additional effects of the external environment are still needed, we can assume stresses, bad habits, malnutrition, polluted air, water, increased radioactive background. And since people do not live under a glass jar and in greenhouse conditions, none of us are immune from the negative effects that are able to realize the existing disease-causing hereditary prerequisites.

But there are forces in the body that counteract all sorts of harmful factors. For the time being, these forces are able to maintain a state of relative health, despite constant, strong oppression. We are talking about the four systems of the human body immune, nervous, endocrine, lymphatic. The first three systems provide for the adaptation processes of the organism, i.e. body adaptations to adverse environmental conditions.

The lymphatic system is a drainage-detoxion system, that is, it provides neutralization and abstraction of cells, various toxic substances that are formed in our body during its vital activity. However, the adaptive reserves of the adaptive lymphatic system are not unlimited. Sooner or later, exhaustion occurs and then the disease develops. It happens at different ages, at different speeds and with different likelihood of regaining health.

The fact is that the backup capabilities of these systems for all people range from very high to very low. Someone immunity is quite pronounced. Someone all his life led a healthy lifestyle, hardened, fed on environmentally friendly products and he, despite the average level of hereditary indicators, may be immune enough high. And someone has genetically weak immunity, or he has acquired it in the course of his life activity. Genetic characteristics have a certain range and its real manifestations in each individual person depend on external influences, as if superimposed on hereditary mechanisms. Through external influences, it is possible not only to weaken, but also to expend protective reserves.

But if you find a way and means to activate and synchronize the work of the adaptive system of the body, you can significantly increase the protective reserves. Restore and launch the internal protective mechanism is the task number 1, without solving which, all the arguments about health are useless.

And here you will find many different offers on the "health market" that promise to restore your defense mechanism as soon as possible. They are full of newspapers, on radio, on television. Sometimes even the radio can not be turned on, there is only about the pharmacy, about drugs. Is it possible that a sip of some kind of liquid or a miracle device in 2 - 3 weeks restored the most complicated mechanism that you drove into a dead end in 20 - 30 years? Well, if you can correct the situation in a year or two. But people are looking for a miracle. They are given it for 1 to 2 months in the form of doping, and then everything returns to normal.

Scientists as a result of numerous observations, generalizations, analysis, concluded that the main core of health problems is still at the level of nutrition. It is from here that a very diverse malfunction of the body begins. As a result of numerous experiments, it has been established that food greatly affects the functioning of the organism as a whole. A lack of food quantitative and qualitative - this is a push to start many pathological processes.

Since time immemorial, people have used an aphrodisiac to improve various manifestations of the body. Aphrodisiac is of plant and animal origin. Most aphrodisiacs have a high nutritional value, a rich set of vitamins and trace elements, which contributes to the proper metabolism, rapid recovery of strength and sexual capabilities.

Herbal aphrodisiacs include various spices: ginseng, lemongrass, spices, mushrooms, nuts, vegetables, fruits, and wild garden plants. Aphrodisiacs include meat and dairy and seafood. For example, shrimp, oysters, crabs.

Aphrodisiacs increase ejaculation, duration of sexual intercourse. Biologically active substances (BAS) contained in pumpkin seed increase potency, are used to prevent prostatitis, i.e. promote an increase in the number of cells in the tissues of the prostate gland, eliminate the urination disorder in prostate adenoma. Pumpkin seed contains a lot of zinc and iron, silicon. Zinc is the main element that stimulates the formation of the hormone testosterone. This hormone determines the sexual desire of women.

Of the bee products, pollen is interesting (contained in the "Tentorium-plus" pills), it is called super food, it includes almost all the nutrients, rich in amino acids, vitamins, and mineral salts. Bee pollen, pollen is used by athletes around the world to strengthen their strength, and in terms of arousing sexual interest, bee pollen is an effective aphrodisiac.

Each type of organism, including man, corresponds to a specific product to which it is genetically tuned. For a reasonable person, this species product is bee products. This is a basic, fundamental unit from which to start restoring your own health. Bee products will give the cage everything they need and allow it to restore its functions, the organs will begin to work normally and even more, it will be possible to connect any healthy lifestyle system reasonably, the effect of them will increase many times.

If all health products are presented as steps, then it will look like this: below are pharmaceutical products, dietary supplements above them (dietary supplements), and bee products at the top stage. Products of the upper level - bee products, are subject to what is beyond the power of lower level products. Drugs are delegated in the section of treatment, dietary supplements in the section of strengthening organs and systems, bee products in the section restoring and preserving overall health. Do you want to get rid of the pain, to restore working capacity - go to the hospital. You want to strengthen some organ or system, improve your tone - take vitamins and dietary supplements. If you want to completely restore lost health, forget about illnesses - register a pcheloprodukt at home.

Let us again return to the above problems of men's health and consider them from a prophylactic position.

For the prevention of diseases of boys in the first months of life, at least their parents must be healthy. They should lead a healthy lifestyle, eat well, avoid stress and infections during pregnancy, and live in a normal ecological environment. Each specific person cannot cope with social and environmental problems, but a specific person can eat right.

From a scientific point of view, proper nutrition is nutrition that is balanced in essential nutrients, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates. Today, if we take for consideration the best daily food ration, the inclusions of vitamins and minerals in it will not be sufficient for a full replenishment of forces.

The President of the International Federation of Beekeeping Communities said: "In order for people to be healthy and happy, you need to eat bee products every day in specially selected combinations. Not improving created by nature, but only choosing the necessary compositions. By themselves, bee products: honey, propolis, bee pollen, etc. certainly have a wide healing effect on the human body. This is their great advantage, since they act on all organs and systems of the body, at the same time these products do not have a local action directed at any organ. This is because the nutrients contained in bee products do not have a kind of vehicle, like a carrier, which would deliver them to target organs for their intended purpose. In this regard, the Perm beekeeping company has developed a unique technology for combining bee products with phytoextracts, i.e., with plant extracts that act as phytocarriers delivering active substances and other beekeeping products: honey, pollen, propolis to target organs, while the plants themselves."

In science, there is such a concept a synergy regime, this is when one plus one is more than two. In our case, synergism is the body's response to the directed action of two or more drugs. In which, the effect exceeds the effect of each drug separately. That is, by combining some two components, the third is obtained, but it is not a combination of the first two, this is a new formation that has the properties of its constituent components, plus a new property that is not found in both components. So all the components of beekeeping have a synergistic effect.

Antique honey is not just a mixture of seven components: honey, propolis, pollen, perga, royal jelly, bee venom, wax, but a completely new product. Modern honey also has a name, but it is a completely different product. Honey with seven bee products was obtained when a person went to the hive, grabbed everything and got everything that was there. We buy in supermarkets only one of seven bee products, but with the same name - honey. That is why we eat, drink honey, and there is little use. And reference books indicate that honey treats a thousand ailments, gives joy of life, raises it with the mind. It was, of course, about honey composite, the legendary honey of our ancestors.

The products of the first beekeeping company "Tentorium" contains the whole range of bee products, and even in combination with herbs selected according to the recipes of our grandmothers; the production uses modern technology. The Tentorium products use pollen - a super-vitamin complex; and propolis - a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic; and perga keeper of all essential amino acids; and royal jelly is the breadwinner of the brain and DNA corrector; bee venom - installer, reducing the conduction of nerve impulses; and wax sorbent cleaner. All of them are from the same family, all in one are synergists. For a specialist, this is of course a find and most importantly works without harm to the body. It is useful for infants and the elderly, and in acute pathology and in chronic disease for recuperation.

Bee products are needed and important for children and adolescents during puberty and the formation of the sex glands in order to avoid delayed sexual development. For this purpose, you can use such products of the company "Tentorium" as:

  • Dragee "Tentorium Plus" (the predominant composition - pollen oblozhka),
  • Dragee "Khlebin" (predominant composition - perga),
  • Api-Elite Dragee (12 herbs in composition),
  • Dragee "Milk of the drone" dragee (composed of a drone brood) or honey compositions with royal jelly, for example "Api-Fito-Tonus" (composition - honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen). Dragee "Milk drone" dragee (the predominant composition is adsorbed drone brood) and honey compositions with royal jelly cannot be used at the same time, because they will suppress the action of each other and will make even greater imbalance in the production of hormones. Between their reception should be a break of 3 months.

I would like to dwell on the use of bee products for the most common diseases in men: prostatitis, decreased sexual desire, erectile dysfunction, prostate adenoma. Bee products are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

In chronic prostatitis from bee products produced by the company "Tentorium", it is recommended to use:

  1. "Product number 1" (or "Pagus" alcoholic extract of propolis), "HPV" (propolis extract water),
  2. Tentorium Plus dragee (predominant composition - pollen oblozhka),
  3. Api-Heath Balsam (composed of fir extract and chitosan),
  4. Honey compositions that help to increase the body's defenses, for example: "Api-Tok" (composition - honey, royal jelly, propolis), has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial action.
  5. I also recommend using Vitus Factor cream in combination with Apibalzam 1 (propolis in vegetable oil). We mix these products in a ratio of three to one (3: 1) and a five-millimeter syringe without a tip is inserted into the rectum, the procedure is performed at bedtime. Or, this mixture can be applied to the Waffle wax candle, separating a small fragment from it, and placed in the rectum. Prior to this, rehabilitation or a small enema is obligatory, since when the venous sinuses are clogged in the intestine, the drug is not perceived.

For symptoms of prostate adenoma, use:

  • Dragee "Tentorium Plus" (the predominant composition - pollen oblozhka),
  • Dragee "Extra-Befungin" (composed of chaga birch mushroom and St. John's wort),
  • Honey composition.

In the treatment of male infertility are used:

  • Dragee "Khlebina" (predominant composition - perga),
  • Dragee "Milk of the drone" dragee (in the composition - drone brood) or honey compositions with royal jelly, for example "Api-Tonus" (composition - honey, royal jelly).

Of particular importance for the prevention of erectile dysfunction are:

  1. Dragee "Tentorium Plus" (the predominant composition - pollen oblozhka),
  2. Dragee "Khlebin" (predominant composition - perga),
  3. Dragee "Formula-Ra" (consisting of bee sting extract),
  4. Tentorium cream.

Using bee products in my medical practice, while combating the above diseases, I observed the best results of treatment.

Bee products are the perfect human nutrition. She should be present on our table daily. Its use should become as common a necessity as brushing your teeth, like the rules of good tone.

Question: Are there any recommendations about the duration of sexual activity?

Answer: The sexual constitution is divided into weak, medium and strong. An example is given in our specialized literature. One Spanish sculptor could not sculpt until he completed 7 sexual acts. He obviously had a strong sexual constitution. In the sexual life of the norm does not exist. Someone can take and finish this business in 50 - 60 years. Why? I will give two examples.

At the reception, the patient is 54 years old. Came from the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District. There is a village where he lives. Why was he there? At the age of 20, during the first sexual intercourse, he did not succeed, a sufficient erection did not occur. He was so disappointed in himself, in his own abilities, that he abandoned his native places, and he lived in Borovoye near Tyumen and went to the tundra. He worked there, planed something, sawed and fished. And finally, at the age of 54 he met some woman and decided, so to speak, whether he could or could not. He hasn't been doing this for 34 years. I took it like that and decided my fate.

Another example. Often, men come in 50 years, in more than 60 years, and begin to say that, here they are not going well. Having lived in the family for about 30-40 years, these men never paid attention to their wife. They performed their coitus (sexual intercourse) when they wanted, and then when they did not. Many do it in the morning. Why? Because there are physiological processes, for example, in the digestive system. We ate something, we don't know how digestion goes, we don't observe what is happening there, where, what enzymes have gone, the process is autonomous. Also autonomously the male reproductive system works. From 4 to 5 times per night in a healthy man, the penis rises and is in a tense state. "The soldier sleeps, and the service goes." And in the morning a man wakes up, says: "Oh! Worth it! "He thinks:" I want. " Nothing of the kind, the process goes without your desire. No, he pushes the neighbor on the bed and begins to commit coitus. What did she get from this? What kind of joy? Yes, she did not receive anything. In the same America, she would have sued him, and he would have been jailed for 25 years.

The result is such a situation, he is still capable, and she says: "Yes, you go!" And if he does not start going somewhere "to the neighbor", then his sex life will end there.

Question: Expansion of the renal pelvis, is it possible to reduce bee products?

Answer: The expansion of the renal pelvis is an anatomical deviation associated with a change in structure. It means that there are any abnormalities in anatomy or physiology. Suppose there is a narrowing of the ureter, or the prolapse of both kidneys, or only on one side - not a pair. So you got up, the kidney turned, now the urine is difficult to rise, leading to the formation of stagnation. Bee products cannot solve this problem. You can use HPV (propolis water extract), Api-Hit (fir extract and chitosan), Polyanka honey composition (honey, pollen, pollen) only to improve the general condition, reduce symptoms, and remove alien organisms.

Question: A young 40-year-old man has been diagnosed with infertility. Suspect prostate adenoma. What bee products here should be used?

Answer: Before asserting the presence of adenoma at 40 years old, you need to know the result of the sperm analysis, you need to see if he has any abnormalities on the part of the testicle. That is, it should be a competent specialist to see if he has any things that may require surgical intervention. Or maybe he has such a defect when there are no sperm at all. It is also necessary to take into account that 50% of infertility treatment is related to women, it is necessary that both of them, one from an andrologist, the other from a gynecologist, should consult if there are no more significant reasons that require specialized treatment.

Probably, many of you have seen, here comes a woman, she has dilated veins on her lower legs - this is an expansion of the subcutaneous veins of the lower extremity. The same occurs in a man on the testicle under the scrotum. The degree of development is moderate and severe. But someone can have a very tiny varicocea, and this factor works so that the sperm is bad. And someone on the contrary, a significant varicocea, but with sperm everything is in order.

What is a scrotum is a skin-muscular bag-like formation, lined with the peritoneum, when it shrinks cold, raises testicles, warms, closer to the body. When it is hot, everything: the scrotum has dissolved, the testicles have fallen down, cool.

A large amount of blood accumulates in the dilated veins. A large amount of blood is a fever around the testicle. When blood flow is increased, when the veins are dilated, there is a lot of blood around the testicle and this is a constantly increased temperature. What creates hypoxia, reduced oxygen, metabolic disturbances and the testicle gradually decreases in size.

The smaller the volume of the testicle, the less the male sex hormone testosterone is produced. As a result, the testicles the size of a nut in a few years become the size of a small grape. After 30 - 40 years in such a man the desire for sex is greatly reduced. A low level of male sex hormone testosterone is poor performance, poor physical endurance, fatigue, fatigue, lack of desire for sex life. Here only surgery will help and the sooner the better.

For example, the elimination of varicose veins in a 35-year-old man with an operation and the subsequent use of bee products led to the onset of a desired pregnancy with his wife. That is, you need to find the cause, and then act. To improve the general condition, I recommended the dragee "Milk Drone", the dragee "Tentorium-Plus", honey compositions "Api-Tok", "Api-Tonus", "Polyanka" (the main composition is honey, pollen, pollen). They improved sperm production and the function of the gonads of the testicle. And there is not a single, similar example in my practice.

By: Benjamin Peng, MD

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