When and how to lose virginity: 7 common mistakes

Virginity, at all times and in all cultures, had a sacred meaning, and sometimes was almost something sacred. Therefore, girls who have not yet embarked on the path of “adulthood” have always been treated in a special way.

Today ketomu phenomenon are more pragmatic, and the deprivation of virginity, commonly referred to as defloration – rupture of the hymen. This is why many young ladies don’t take it as seriously as they should. It’s not just physiology.
This is primarily an important psychological aspect that affects:
– how the girl will subsequently relate to the stronger sex;
– how correctly and competently she will enter the role of a WOMAN;
– how happy and harmonious her sex life will be in the future.

All this may not seem so important to a young mind, but the importance of all these factors can hardly be overestimated. Moreover, sex is an important component of every person’s life, and satisfaction in this regard directly affects the quality of life and the psycho-emotional state of every woman. Therefore, this issue should be dealt with more carefully, and this article will be especially useful to all those girls who ask their first sex a very reasonable and correct question – “to be or not to be”? 

Deprivation of virginity: worth it or not?

We will not deny that for one reason or another, some of the fair sex remain celibate all their lives. However, this is rather an exception to the rule, and almost all girls sooner or later become women. The question is – when?
There is no unequivocal answer to it, because it is influenced by many factors, such as:
– environment;
– education;
– moral maturity and readiness;
– sexual temperament;
– a romantic relationship with a member of the opposite sex.
Also to the question “when?” you can give the following answers: · De jure In different countries, it is officially allowed to have an intimate relationship with young people from 16 to 21 years old, but this is rather nominally and few people pay attention to it. Except, of course, when it comes to the relationship of an adult man with a minor girl. · Physiology If anyone knows, then the first menstruation indicates that the body is ready for fertilization. Therefore, in many eastern countries, the tradition of marrying a girl after her period has begun is still preserved. But it’s fair to say that such an argument is highly dubious. Firstly, the body has not yet matured enough and is not quite ready for procreation, and secondly, in modern realities, such an approach can be fully called a tendency to pedophilia (after all, sometimes a monthly cycle can begin in a girl of 10-11 years old). Yes, and morally the child is not yet ready for this. · Emotional readiness This factor is perhaps the most important one that determines and speaks about whether a girl is ready to enter adulthood. Moreover, this is not at all a desire for sex or for receiving pleasure associated with it. This should manifest itself in the form that the reason for the desire to lose virginity is not passion, hormones, or rational arguments, but a sincere understanding that it is time. Or it is with some person to whom there are feelings, and at the same time mutual. In any case, it is up to you to decide whether or not it is worth doing this at a given period of life. The only thing that should not be forgotten is that no matter how romantic deprivation of virginity may seem, such an act is very responsible. So do not make hasty decisions, and even more so do not go on about emotions or short-term desires.

Mistakes girls often make but should avoid

It is very good and wonderful if the first sex was not only successful and enjoyable, but also filled with joyful emotions. After all, this suggests that the decision was correct, and in the future you will find a lot of interesting discoveries and realizations. But, unfortunately, it often happens that this act was spontaneous and extremely thoughtless. As a result, instead of pleasure comes regret, and sometimes the desire to have an intimate relationship with a man may disappear for many years, or an unpleasant defloration will cause some complexes.
That is why it is worth paying special attention to the mistakes that girls make when they make a rash decision to lose their virginity. Unfortunately, they are often common, and perhaps you are far from the first and far from the last who are ready to commit them.

1. The desire to keep the guy 

We do not want to offend anyone, but this is textbook nonsense. If your young man has feelings for you, and even more so he loves, then, despite the seething hormones, he will treat this moment in your relationship with special understanding. And he certainly will not put it at the forefront, or even more so to put forward conditions. This just says the opposite, and that he should not become your first man. On this, more than one girl was burned, which she later regretted. And don’t think that you will be an exception! 

2. “I’m already an adult!” 

The desire to prove one’s worth and “adulthood” very often leads to the fact that deprivation of virginity becomes not an important moment in the life of every woman, but on the contrary, just a manifestation of infantilism and evidence that it is actually too early! Therefore, if you are motivated by just such an argument, then this suggests that it is definitely not worth doing this yet.

3. “I’m not like everyone else. All my friends already had “ 

Another delusion and reason to postpone the deprivation of virginity until the right moment. In life, you should never look back at others, and in this case, for sure. This is your life, you build it. We are all different, each has its own path. Whether someone has had sex or not is not an advantage or a disadvantage. Everything has its time and everything should happen naturally. And when – you yourself will understand.

4. The later, the more painful 

Yes, of course, the hymen gets stronger over time, and it takes a little more “force” to break it. However, this is not a reason to headlong into trying to lose virginity as soon as possible, naively believing that in this case everything will cost “little blood” in the literal and figurative sense of the word.

In fact, it all depends on how prepared you are for this. First of all emotionally. And also the sexual experience of a partner is of no small importance here, and the main thing is how you treat him. For example, if you have feelings, and a mutual desire to become even closer, then the first sex will go like clockwork even at 30 years old. Well, “mechanics” remains mechanics. And defloration even at 16 can be very painful.
Therefore, dear girls, do not follow the lead of templates, stereotypes and advice that, as a rule, people who know little about something like to give. Let everything be natural, and then when “I want”, and not when “must”.

5. Having nothing to do 

As folk wisdom says – “all troubles come from idleness,” and the truth and correctness of this expression has been proven for centuries. Therefore, if you are bored, then in search of new impressions, find yourself a better hobby or useful activity. Believe me, you will benefit from this in every way. Make your life more eventful and interesting, and the first sex will be bright and pleasant, and not banal and insipid.

6. To spite parents 

As a rule, most of the fair sex lose their virginity at a young age. And sometimes the reason for this is not a whirlwind romance, but a natural desire at this age to go against those around, society, and parents.

But, if you look at it, what is the point and is it worth it? You will not prove anything to anyone with such a rash act. Or, on the contrary, you prove that in fact you were not yet ready for this step, which, most likely, you will later regret, but it will be too late.

7. Out of boredom or in search of new experiences 

Yes, of course, life is interesting and multifaceted, and many of us want to get the most out of it. And it is right. But the first sex is certainly not this case! Naturally, intimate life is incredibly pleasant and exciting, and you will still have plenty of time and opportunities to make sure of this. However, let’s not forget that there are many other interesting ways to diversify your life.

Today you may be bored, and sex may seem like the only alternative to experience new sensations and impressions. But, as a rule, “tomorrow” shows (or even clearly demonstrates) that this is not so. As a result, disappointment and regret comes, from which the colors of life become even dimmer, and there is a risk of falling into depression. Remember – deprivation of virginity is not an experiment, and certainly not a toy. This is an important and responsible step.
To summarize, the following should be said. There is such a wise expression – “it is better to do and regret than not to do, and regret it all your life.” So in this case, everything is exactly the opposite – it’s better NOT to do it than to do it and regret it all your life.
Therefore, dear girls, before taking this step, think carefully and weigh everything several times. Well, if you really “want” (which is more than natural), do not forget that no one canceled masturbation . Moreover, even women who have an active sex life indulge in it.  

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