What to do if herpes popped up on the penis

This disease affects the genitals of both women and men. It belongs to the group of STDs and ranks second after venereal trichomoniasis. The appearance of herpes on the penis in men does not go unnoticed due to specific symptoms. In addition, a man who notices a strange pimple on the head of the penis for the first time has a feeling of fear and panic.

What does an infection on the penis look like, the main signs

Usually the first attack of genital herpes on the penis is accompanied by common symptoms common to many infectious diseases:

  • general weakness, malaise;
  • aching joints, back, muscle pain;
  • hyperthermia;
  • inguinal lymph nodes increase;
  • decreased appetite.

Herpes on the penis is expressed by such signs:

  • in the initial stage there is discomfort;
  • itching appears;
  • burning;
  • pour out bubbles with transparent contents;
  • bubbles open with the formation of erosions and ulcers;
  • in the process of drying , crusts form, which soon fall off.

The places where rashes appear on the penis are different:

  • in the trunk area;
  • on the head of the penis;
  • in the region of the coronal groove;
  • on sheets of foreskin;
  • in the area of the external opening of the urethra or inside the canal.

The skin of the scrotum, the anal area are places where the virus can manifest itself.

What to do if herpes popped up on the penis? The only answer is to go to the doctor.

What is genital herpes

This is a viral disease of the genitals. The reason is HSV type 1 or 2.

  • Genital herpes is a type 2 virus.
  • HSV type 1, also called the “cold,” appears on the lips, near the nose.
  • It has been reliably established that the genitals are affected when HSV type 1 enters them during oral-genital contacts.

The virus refers to DNA-containing viruses.

This is an absolute parasite, it cannot exist outside the host cell. Dissolving the cell membrane, the virus gets inside, penetrates the nucleus and subjugates the DNA synthesis system. The cell stops producing its own DNA and switches to the parasite’s DNA synthesis. Covered with a shell, viruses are released in large quantities into the bloodstream, spreading throughout the body. The cell used as a virus factory dies.

HSV has neurotropism , accumulates in nerve cells. Genital herpes prefers sacral plexus cells. It remains in them forever, periodically confirming its presence in the body by the appearance of relapses.


A urologist or dermatovenereologist will make a diagnosis based on an examination and a description of the symptoms.

For laboratory confirmation, 2 methods are used:

  1. PCR diagnostics allows you to identify the DNA of the virus, which serves as a 100% confirmation of genital infection;
  2. Immunological diagnostics reveals the presence of antibodies in the blood of the subject.

In this case, the following results are possible:

  • immunoglobulins M are absent, G is below normal – there is no virus in the body;
  • immunoglobulins M are absent, G is above the norm – there was a meeting with the virus;
  • immunoglobulin M + means primary infection, with a simultaneous increase in G – relapse.


  1. A doctor should treat herpes on the head of the penis in men. This is the first.
  2. The second thing to remember is to get rid of the virus, it is completely impossible to cure it, but it is necessary to be treated. Thus, the treatment of male genital herpes is reduced to the following tasks:
  • weaken the acute manifestation or its recurrence;
  • ensure control over relapses, lengthen remission periods;
  • improve the quality of life;
  • prevent the possibility of infection of partners.

These problems can be solved with the help of staged treatment.

  1. Antivirus program
  2. Immunocorrectors , probiotics, vitamins to support a man’s immunity.
  3. Vaccination as a means of prevention.

Pharmacy preparations

1. The drugs of choice in the treatment of infection in men are antiviral agents.

  • The first generation includes Acyclovir, which effectively eliminates the symptoms of primary and recurrent herpes.
  • The second generation includes
    • Valaciclovir ;
    • Valtrex ;
    • Famciclovir ;
    • Penciclovir .

All of them suppress the herpes virus in the process of replication, but do not prevent recurrence.

The appointment of drugs in a short course within 5-10 days involves the local administration of antiviral ointments and gels. Fenistil Pencivir – second -generation cream exceeds the effect of Acyclovir by 20-30%.

With acyclovir resistance, drugs of another pharmacological group are used:

  • Panavir ;
  • Aloferon .

2. The second group of therapeutic agents – immunocorrectors . These are derivatives of interferon:

  • Genferon ;
  • Viferon;
  • Giaferon (the most effective at present).

At the same time, a therapeutic and prophylactic remedy for a “cold” on the penis is vaccination with the antiherpetic vaccine Vitagerpavak . The timing depends on the severity of the disease.

  • In mild cases, vaccination is performed immediately after Acyclovir and clinical recovery. The course consists of 5 injections with an interval of 7-10 days.
  • In moderate and severe cases, vaccination is started after a course of general strengthening treatment (vitamins, probiotics). Conduct 4 courses quarterly, accompanied by Giaferon candles .

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine recipes that are used at home are striking in variety. What is not recommended to apply to the penis!

Apply to blisters and sores:

  • onion juice;
  • a mixture of gruel of garlic and apple;
  • chicken egg embryo;
  • toothpaste;
  • Kalanchoe leaf.

Be careful not to burn the delicate organ. It is better to use pharmaceutical preparations.

Inside to raise immunity apply:

  • infusions of calendula;
  • pine buds;
  • juniper;
  • sea buckthorn;
  • thuja;
  • eucalyptus.

Ways of infection

  1. The main route of infection is sexual.
  2. The household route is possible when a boy is infected in the family while using common hygiene items (washcloths, towels).
  3. During childbirth, the virus can be transmitted from a sick mother to a child.
  4. Blood transfusion from a patient with viremia is fraught with infection of the recipient.

A man can get herpes on the penis after oral sex with a woman with labial manifestations.

Possible Complications

The worse the state of the immune system in a man, the higher the risk of dangerous complications.

  1. The disease lasts longer than usual.
  2. The sexual partner can become infected.
  3. A secondary infection may join.
  4. The defeat spreads to other areas.
  5. The affected area may increase.
  6. Anal fissures or an inability to urinate may occur.
  7. Increased risk of getting HIV.
  8. The development of herpetic urethritis, prostatitis.

Infection prevention

Primary prevention includes the following conditions:

  • sexual relations with one partner;
  • protected casual sex, but we must remember that a condom does not give 100% protection;
  • miramistin , chlorhexidine as a means of emergency prevention;
  • observance of personal intimate hygiene;
  • a healthy lifestyle, giving up bad habits, playing sports;
  • periodic joint examinations for genital infections with a partner;
  • immune support;
  • with an exacerbation, a ban on sex, even with a condom.

Secondary prevention is:

  • treatment of herpes by a specialist doctor;
  • use of the Vitagerpavak vaccine .

It has been reliably established that after vaccination, the frequency, severity and duration of relapses are reduced.

Nutrition and vitamins

There is no specific strict diet. Nutrition should be complete and rational. It is recommended to remember which foods can trigger a relapse. These include:

  • spicy, salty foods, marinades;
  • fatty fried food;
  • smoked meats;
  • strong tea and coffee;
  • beer and any other alcohol.

Useful fresh vegetables and fruits, leafy greens, berries, nuts, seafood, lean meat, fish, dairy products, eggs. Additionally, the intake of vitamins and minerals is shown to protect the immune system.


If you could not avoid a collision with genital herpes, then focus on maintaining immunity. Only he will allow you to suppress the activation of the virus and prolong its dormant state.

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