The best sex toys of 2018! 10 enchanting novelties

2018 began immediately with the emergence of unique sex toys. New items immediately captivated users. After all, they have unique features that are not found in other models. We have collected the most interesting products from the sex shop that are definitely worth trying. Among them are things for experiments in pairs and for pleasure alone.  

1. Stronic G – the pulsating wizard

New from Fun Factory is Stronic G. It can pulsate! Or rather, it makes forward movements similar to conventional frictions . And at the same time, you do not need to hold it in your hands, your palms can be busy with something else. Silicone gorgeous to the touch, simple operation of the buttons on the case and the correct shape delight any owner. And the peculiarity of the Stronic G is that its tip is curved, and it acts on the G-spot, and this is the source of very powerful orgasms. And also German quality, manufacturer’s warranty and hundreds of mind-blowing orgasms.

Who should buy the Stronic G?

Lovers of powerful sex toys. A vibrator is suitable for vaginal and anal sex. It is also a good purchase for those who love sex in the bathroom or shower.

2. Queen Bee – powerful massage of the most delicate places High-amplitude vibrations were not previously used in sex toys, but now everything has changed. This is no longer just a gentle vibration, but movements that activate even the internal erogenous zones. The Queen Bee is designed for clitoral caresses, but can touch any outer body. One side just vibrates, the other vibrates very interestingly. There are no analogues to this sex toy. On the surface there is a pleasant relief, which, when in contact with the skin, gives additional stimulation. Queen Bee can be taken to the bathroom, it is not afraid even of diving. And the vibrator is easy to recharge and does not require batteries.


Who should buy Queen Bee ?

Lovers of clitoris stimulants. And also for those who love high speeds and powerful impacts. A sex toy is suitable for parents, because the shape does not at all resemble something intimate.

3. Satisfyer Pro Plus vibration – legendary stimulator with new features

The newest sex toys include Satisfyer Pro Plus vibration . For the past 2 years, the Satisfyer Pro non-contact clitoral stimulator has been the top-selling sex toy as it produced the first orgasm in 1 minute. But the manufacturers decided to improve it and added vibration. Now he not only caresses the clitoris with air waves, but can also move at a certain speed. Two functions can be turned on alternately or together. And such a thing will be appropriate for masturbation, and for experiments in pairs. The shape of the model was also finalized, it is easy to hold in your hands, it does not interfere with other movements. The rechargeable, waterproof sex toy also has interchangeable attachments for different clitoris sizes.

Who should buy the Satisfyer Pro Plus vibration ?

People who like it when several possibilities are collected in one device. Those who dream of increasing the number of orgasms several times. But only a woman can use Satisfyer Pro Plus vibration , and in a pair it will give physical pleasure only to her.

4. Svakom Cookie clitoral sex toy

The small Svakom Cookie clitoral vibrator has a special shape. He looks like an octopus and his legs are designed to massage the clitoris. He seems to embrace the body with them, stimulating several sensitive areas at once. This is a compact sex toy that fits easily in the palm of your hand. It is easy to carry it in a handbag, take it with you on trips. Works in 3 modes, but this is enough for vivid orgasms. The vibrator is very pleasant to the touch. Silicone is delicate, soft, you want to take it in your hands again and again. The model is presented in two colors: pink and blue. No additional lubricant is required for application .

Who should buy Svakom Cookie ?

Lovers to have fun anywhere. For those who cannot imagine traveling without their favorite sex toys. And for those who love clitoral orgasms. And also for people who are looking for new forms and sensations.

5. Lovense Osci – Smartphone Controlled G- Spot Stimulator

New patented sex toy technology is implemented at Osci . At the tip that touches the G-spot, there is a membrane that pulsates. It touches the body, causing the most vivid experiences. This cannot be compared to vibration, the sensations are more intense and pleasant. In this case, the movements can be programmed or not. The device is controlled from a smartphone and can move to the beat of your favorite melody. And also respond to surrounding sounds, and the louder the groans, the stronger the pleasure. The application allows you to entrust control to your partner at any distance. The device is also rechargeable, and can work for more than 2 hours on a single charge.

Who should buy Osci ?

For those who love anatomical toys that emphasize the curves of the body. For those who dream of not only listening to music, but also feeling it inside. For couples who are looking for new sensations and are not afraid to try something new. Lovers of reliable things, because the manufacturer’s warranty is 1 year.

6. Volta is a gentle hug for her clitoris

Another novelty from the German company Fun Factory is the Volta . Visually, it looks like a split-end vibrator. But this is not a submersible sex toy, but a clitoris stimulation device. The tips move gently and their vibrations massage the body. They will be able to embrace the erogenous zones. It is worth trying to influence different parts of the perineum in order to get the maximum response. And it is also a vibrator that can be used for a man. During the blowjob, he will be simply irreplaceable, will allow you to bring him to the final much faster. Experiments with Volta can be very different, it is recommended to try it for different areas of the body. And 12 modes will not let you get bored.  

Who should buy the Volta ?

For couples looking for a toy for two. Lovers of reliable things, because Volta is made in Germany. And for those who prefer clitoral caresses to vaginal penetration. 

7. Edge – a new level of massagers for men

The Lovense Prostate Massager is a new sex toy that combines all the best qualities of previous models of stimulators. First, it’s the perfect shape that touches the desired area. The immersion part is small and does not cause discomfort during insertion. Secondly, simple control: using buttons on the device or from a smartphone. The gadget app allows you to create your own vibration modes for the most enjoyable experience. And Edge can move to the beat of your favorite tune. The new generation prostate massager is easy to clean, easy to recharge. This thing will help maintain health, increase libido in a short time.

Who should buy Edge ?

To all men who take care of their health. Can be used to prevent prostatitis, to improve erection. The use can be turned into a game in pairs.

8. Kissing Rabbit – “kissing rabbit” for the bravest

Rabbit vibrators have long been loved by women. They are made specifically for masturbation. But now a new generation of sex toys has appeared. Kissing Rabbit is like sucking on the clitoris and going inside, stimulating the G-spot at the same time. It’s like a combination of gorgeous sex at the right angle and cunnilingus. Wave vibrations and internal vibrations take pleasure to a new level. There were no such sex toys before. And it is convenient to manage it, you can turn on each part separately. And this is the perfect thing for a gift to yourself or a friend. Such a “rabbit” will make all your dreams come true.

Who should buy the Kissing Rabbit ?

For lovers of long pleasures, it can work for 2 hours continuously after a full charge. Ladies who want to learn to have multiple orgasms. For girls who love double stimulation of the womb and clitoris at the same time.

9. Sona – Lelo’s clitoral baby

Sona Clitoris Stimulator acts on the body with sound. The vibrations activate the inner parts of the clitoris, causing the most powerful orgasms for women. A beautiful sex toy gives a real delight, while it works silently. The case is waterproof, therefore it is suitable for water fun. Another Sona recharged, easy to clean. This is a premium sex toy, but its price is not great. Lelo has always created things that look stylish, are used well and are of great quality. And Sona is no exception.

Who should buy the Sona ?

For women who like to have fun. Couples in which the girl does not have time to enjoy sex every time. This thing will allow you to always get orgasms, regardless of your mood.

10. Domi massager – small but powerful

Lovense’s gorgeous new sex toy is Domi . A new generation massager that can work not only in programmed modes. It connects easily to your smartphone and the vibration intensity can be adjusted using the app. He knows how to vibrate to the beat of melodies and ambient sounds, can be controlled from a distance, if the partner is somewhere far away. At the same time, Domi is suitable not only for sex, but also for recovering from injuries or training, for relaxing any muscle groups. Visually, Domi is small, the creators wanted to make it powerful, but not noticeable. This new sex toy is suitable for families with children, as little ones will never guess how parents use this device. 

Who should buy Domi ?

Couples looking for new sensations. Domi can stimulate the erogenous zones of men and women. For those who love very strong vibrations, this massager is the most powerful of all. For people who hide their sex toys, because it can be left in a visible place, it looks like a massager and is.

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