Kiss as an art: all types and techniques

A kiss is a great way to express feelings, not necessarily in a romantic context, because we kiss not only beloved ones, but also relatives and friends, children and friends. Let’s talk about the art of kissing. How to do it correctly and not make a mistake the first time, not accidentally offend your partner?

Let us analyze what types of kisses are considered passionate and intimate, and which do not have an erotic connotation and are acceptable in society, how to avoid mistakes and conquer your beloved.

The art of the kiss

How to make a good impression and enjoy your first kiss?

The main thing is not to worry. Do not think about your appearance, lipstick (if you are a girl), concentrate on the kiss and your feelings. At the same time, do not forget about your partner, watch his body language. You will understand if you do something wrong.

Do not freeze in one position, be more active – do not forget about your hands: you can hug your partner, or stroke your hands (girls especially like them). Stroke your hair, touch your neck, ear. Behave naturally, be gentle and sincere. Your partner will love it and will reciprocate.

Last but not least, try to smell good and not dry and chapped lips. This can greatly spoil the sensations for you and your partner.

Kisses without erotic connotations

They kiss not only the beloved. A kiss is a demonstration of your relationship to a particular person. Each kiss has its own subtext and meaning. Let’s take them all in order:

Kiss on my cheek

A kiss on the cheek is used very often and in different situations among friends, relatives and couples in love. This kiss is a way to show that you are good to the person. Just do not forget to make sure before that that no one is against it, otherwise it will be awkward. 

Air kiss

The most humble and innocent kiss. It is mainly used by the beautiful half of humanity to express sympathy, flirting and romantic hints …

But if you become the object of such a kiss – do not jump to conclusions. It doesn’t have to have any subtext.

Kiss on the hand

This elegant, beautiful kiss is considered a gesture of respect and admiration on the part of a man. It is believed that this kiss is a little outdated, but it is still highly regarded in society. With the help of such manners, you can turn the head of a young girl a little … But it all depends on tastes. An ultra modern girl might find such a gesture boring and outdated. 

A kiss on the forehead

It is a symbol of care and kinship. Not every person will allow himself to be kissed on the forehead. It is practiced by both relatives and couples in love, because it is a very sensual gesture that awakens trust and confidence in a person.

Eskimo kiss

A funny and casual kind of kiss. The lips are not involved – you just rub your noses against each other. Someone might call this gesture strange, but often it indicates warmth and openness in a relationship. This is a cute way to show your soul mate that you are good with her.

Kiss on the nose

Quite an unpopular type of kiss. And in vain, because such a playful and easy touch will warmly respond in the soul of a partner.

When kissing sensually and passionately


A quick, short smack on the lips is an option for those who are not sure of mutual sympathy, or are simply too timid to kiss “like an adult.” The kiss serves as an excellent test: starting from the partner’s reaction, you can proceed to more serious steps.

A kiss on the neck

A good prelude to intimacy. Kissing your partner on the neck, you seem to whisper to him “I want you.” To raise the degree, you can whisper compliments and hot words in the ear of your beloved, showering kisses on the neck and ear. Optionally, you can also add a slight ear nibbling.

Kisses on the lips

The classic type of touching, practiced by couples in love. Many people underestimate this type of kissing, preferring French to it, but in fact, not everyone likes the option with the tongue.

A kiss on the lips can be very passionate and can be easily varied.

Italian kiss

It is quite an innocent and simple kind of kissing, but at the same time very beautiful. It will be in place in a gentle, romantic setting, with quiet music or the chirping of crickets.

Lip movements are performed smoothly, pulling, as if in slow motion. Feel every second, every breath, every touch. Very romantic.

English kiss

The peculiarity of this kiss is in nibbling. A light, playful bite is a great way to show passion and attraction, and you can bite both lips in turn. 

Grab your lip with your teeth, pull on yourself a little, then release. Be careful, the bites should not be strong and painful.

And you should not use the Italian kiss on the first date: you only risk perplexing the person, not arousing. Wait with this until a more intimate setting.

Vacuum kiss

Also a very passionate kind of kiss. Similar to the previous one, but now you are not biting your lip, but sucking. Only in this case you need to be careful, not everyone likes strong sucks.

Licking kiss

Only language works here. Run your tongue over your partner’s lips, sometimes running over your neck, ears, sometimes lightly enter your mouth with your tongue, but not strongly, as if teasing.

French kiss and different techniques of its execution

A French kiss is hot, deep and sensual, it will turn the heads of both partners, evoke a storm of emotions and excite.

Its main difference from the usual kiss on the lips is that the tongue is actively involved here.

During a classic kiss, gently and gently touch your tongue to your partner’s lips. If he does not mind, penetrate your tongue between the lips of your partner, find his tongue, and gently, accelerating and decelerating, caress him.

How to diversify a French kiss

  • Run your tongue over your partner’s lips. First along the bottom, then, in the other direction, along the top, and so on in a circle.
  • Tease your partner a little before penetration, lightly tickling the lips with your tongue, thereby turning him on even more.
  • Lightly tickle the girl’s lips, gently insert your tongue inward, then pull it out. Secure one more time.
  • Another technique can be connected: your tongue will be in the girl’s mouth. Start slowly rolling the tip of your tongue around your partner’s tongue, sometimes going deeper, sometimes just barely touching.
  • And biting again. Quickly, but not too hard so as not to hurt, bite your partner’s lower lip, then continue kissing.
  • When your partner’s tongue is in your mouth, wrap your lips around it and suck a little. Watch the reaction carefully and be ready to stop, because not everyone likes this technique.
  • Clasp your partner’s face with your hands, caress your neck and ear with your fingers, stroke your hair, give freedom of imagination.

Combine, fantasize. Bite, pinch, suck in (just not hard). If you want to go further, shower kisses on the neck, ears, lower to the chest and stomach. Keep track of what you both like best and use in the future.

How to avoid making mistakes?

Believe in yourself, do not worry that she / he will not like something. Never ask “can I kiss you”, always act or hint with a gesture. Such questions kill the romantic mood.

  • Make sure your mouth smells good before kissing. Watch your hygiene!
  • Breathe through your nose as you kiss.
  • Don’t forget about your hands: hug and caress your partner. Neck, hips, hair – depending on the context.
  • Feel free to experiment. Watch your partner’s reactions to reject what isn’t right for you.
  • Look your partner in the eyes from time to time – eye contact is very important.
  • Try to control your salivation.

How to learn to kiss?

All of us once did not know how to kiss. Of course, it is best to learn by doing, but you can try it on fruits, watch educational videos, watch couples kiss on the streets, talk to people who have this experience.

In any case, don’t worry about inexperience. By having a passion for a person, you will learn very quickly.

First kiss

He’s special. It is best not to use your tongue and teeth the first time. Let it be a romantic light kiss, smooth and unhurried. If you really want to try with your tongue, you can lightly rub your partner’s lips with it, that’s enough for now.

The biggest mistake you make when kissing

Do not immediately go down your throat with your tongue, bite or suck hard. Be delicate and then both of you will have fun. Be attentive to each other, because two are involved in the caresses.


Remember that kissing is, first of all, a pleasant way to express feelings, to make yourself and your partner pleasant and to experience happiness … and only you can decide whether it will be fleeting, or will stay with you for a long time.

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