How to masturbate with a shower?

Many women learn masturbation in the bathroom. Shower is a convenient way for everyone to enjoy. But how to do it right? How to really enjoy the shower? There are some simple tips.

How can I masturbate in the bathroom with a shower?

You can use the shower in different ways for self-satisfaction.

  • Simple shower. Just a shower goes to the crotch. The jets touch tender areas, causing agitation. 
  • Special nozzle. With it you can adjust the types of jets, create a more directional movement of water. And also suitable for clitoral exposure. 
  • With a stream of water. The nozzle is removed completely (just unscrews, it’s not difficult), and the jet is directed to the desired parts of the body. 

Any of the options is interesting, it is worth trying everything to choose the most suitable.

Masturbation with a crane

Another method of stimulation is also associated with a stream of water, but not from the shower, but from the tap. You need to settle in the bathroom so that the stream is directed at the clitoris. And then you just have to relax and have fun.

This technique is not implemented in all bathrooms; it can be inconvenient to take the right pose.

In what position is it better to masturbate with a shower?

There are several convenient positions that are suitable for perfect stimulation. It is important to understand that sensations will be better if there is not enough water in the bathroom, it does not cover the whole body.

  • Standing in the shower. You can stimulate the clitoris, relying on the walls of the shower. During orgasm, you need to adhere to something, so as not to lose balance. Sometimes it is more convenient to put one leg on the side so that access to the perineum is wider. 
  • Lying on your back. The legs are bred to the side, stimulation occurs throughout the perineum. The shower helps activate many nerve endings, including those around the anus. 
  • On the side in the bathroom. Having a shower between your legs will also turn out to be a pleasure. By squeezing and relaxing the muscles of the legs and abdomen, sensations can be enhanced. On the side of the jet movement does not occur, but it is possible to cause contraction of the genital area. 

Raising your legs, setting them aside, you can come up with different options for the above poses. Each woman chooses her own suitable method.

How to enhance sensations during masturbation shower?

It is not difficult to regulate the sensations when masturbating with a shower. Add simple things:

  • Change the force of pressure. It is better to move from the small to the larger, increasing excitement. Alternation is also suitable. 
  • Play with the temperature. Warm and cold water cause a different response. There is no need to burn the body or cool it down, the difference will be noticeable even a couple of degrees. 
  • Connect your hands. You can caress the body at the same time with a shower and palms. It is worth paying attention to other erogenous zones, for example, breasts. 
  • Use sex toys. Water and vibrators are a magical combination that guarantees maximum experience. Choose waterproof intimate products and give yourself frequent and very strong orgasms. 

Is it harmful to masturbate with a shower?

Exposure to water on the body is not dangerous. And such masturbation can be repeated often. It does not harm health.

But if you use a very strong pressure, the erogenous zone will get used to it, and in bed with a man the sensations will seem less interesting. But if this happened, it is worth only 2-3 weeks to abandon masturbation with a shower, and everything will be restored.

Masturbating with a shower is very simple, but doing it with the help of sex toys is much more convenient. Modern vibrators have different modes and speeds, give a greater range of sensations.

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