How not to be a rapid fire

The nickname “rapid-fire” in colloquial speech is given to men who are not able to have prolonged intercourse, and they ejaculate quite quickly. There are different methods to deal with such a problem.

The nickname “rapid-fire” in colloquial speech is given to men who are not able to have prolonged sexual intercourse

Probably every man dreams of long-term caresses, but this delicate problem limits his pleasure. In this article, we will tell you about the rate of fire, how to deal with it, and you just have to choose the best technique for yourself.

Do you need a long intercourse?

What are the ways to solve the problem if a man is quick to shoot? And in general, why do you need to fight this misfortune?

The fact is that the female sex takes more time to reach orgasm, according to research, a man needs 3-6 minutes. For statistics, this is a completely normal duration of intercourse.

But this time is not enough for the female body. Due to the fact that the guy ends up quickly, the intimate relationship of the couple is on the decline. Subsequently, constant sexual problems can lead to more negative phenomena: the partners’ level of self-esteem decreases, quarrels arise, as a result, the couple breaks up. 

Depending on what exactly caused such consequences, there are various options for dealing with rapid ejaculation.

Why does intercourse last a little

Let’s consider the most common causes of this problem.

Often, girls who have relationships with young people are looking for ways to combat the rate of fire of a guy. Young men do not yet have much sexual experience, therefore, they are characterized by high excitability, which leads to early ejaculation, but over time the problem goes away on its own.

Constant abstinence and the presence of different partners reduces the duration of sexual intercourse. In addition, psychological factors cannot be ruled out: fear, self-doubt can lead to early ejaculation. Doctors have the opinion that in some cases this problem appears due to hereditary characteristics or individual characteristics of the structure of the penis.

Important! Special attention should be paid to the situation when a mature man with a baggage of sexual experience has a quick ejaculation . Often this phenomenon is due to a violation of the hormonal background or the presence of inflammation in the organs of the reproductive complex.  

A short sexual intercourse in a man may be due to a lack of important components in the body, as well as the use of a number of medicines.

Ways to solve the problem

If the guy is quick, then how to deal with it? Most often, if a young person has a problem, then it is due to a psychological factor. To correct this deficiency, you need to get rid of all negative psychological causes. These include: 

  • fear of unsuccessful intercourse;
  • the presence of depression, chronic fatigue.

Important! Disruptions of the psychological plan can develop in men who have used masturbation or extreme types of sexual intercourse. Because of this, the minimum duration of sex becomes habitual for the body.  

Sometimes, in order to correct the rate of fire, the services of a qualified psychologist or psychotherapist are required. But we must not forget that the correct behavior of a partner can have a rather strong positive impact on a man. A woman can and should help a man get rid of self-doubt, create a normal sexual relationship.   

If the presence of a problem is due to all sorts of diseases, then you need to go to the doctor to find out the reason for the short intercourse. Usually, after a course of treatment, the sex life of partners becomes much better.  

There are situations when premature ejaculation is due to the fact that a man has too high sensitivity of the glans penis . Then drugs can help correct this disease .                       

The components of such medicines are substances that cause nerve endings to function more slowly. Because of this sensitivity of the head is lowered, and the duration of sexual intercourse increases. Tablets begin active effect on the organism through 6-10 hours after use.                               

To combat rapid ejaculation, local agents are also used in the form of lubricants and sprayers. Such drugs are taken a few hours before intercourse. The main component of these products are freezing agents, which make the penis less sensitive. In this case, intercourse lasts about 60 minutes.

Important! Pharmacy points offer customers contraceptives with anesthetic lubricants. If you use these condoms, be sure to wipe the outside and add silicone lubricant. Otherwise, the anesthetic can get on the walls of the vagina, and the woman’s sensitivity will also decrease. 

If the situation becomes extremely serious, then they resort to surgery. A man is cut off the foreskin or denervation of the head of the genital organ. 

Alternative medicine knows a wide range of recipes and herbs that can increase the duration of intercourse.

To some extent, tinctures from hop cones, motherwort, oak bark help. You can brew various herbs instead of tea.

A man needs to consume up to 15 mg of zinc daily. This component is indispensable in the male body and affects the duration of intercourse. Peanuts, chocolate, chicken eggs contain quite a lot of zinc.

A man needs to consume up to 15 mg of zinc daily

Eliminate fatty, spicy and smoked foods from the diet. The consumption of alcoholic beverages should also be reduced, and it is best to refuse them altogether.

Exercises to prolong intercourse

If a representative of a strong half of the population has a high rate of sexual activity, then physical activity will help to cure this problem. There are several techniques with the main goal of developing the control of ejaculation.

Compression exercises are considered the most effective technique. Before the onset of the final moment associated with the peak of pleasure, it is necessary to squeeze the glans penis for 15-20 seconds, and thereby reduce arousal. If during intercourse you perform several such contractions, then significantly increase the time of intimacy.  

Another technique, which is based on the consistent arousal of the male organ and stopping before ejaculation.

You need to learn not to allow the final moment of sexual intercourse for 10-15 minutes, and after 2 months of performing this technique, you will be able to control the time of intimacy.

You can prolong sexual intercourse by following certain actions:

  1.  A condom desensitizes a man’s penis. If you use it during sex, you will increase its duration.
  2. In the process of intimacy, a man needs to switch his attention for a short period of time until a decrease in arousal occurs, and then again resume his forward movements.
  3.  Masturbation will help you increase the duration.
  4. A woman needs more time to get the peak of pleasure, so a man needs to start intercourse when she reaches strong arousal. This will increase your chances of having a simultaneous orgasm.  

Currently, there are quite a few methods of treatment. Finding out the cause of this problem and choosing the right technique, you will forget about it forever.


It is worth paying attention to such a drug as Dapoxetine. These are tablets with the active ingredient dapoxetine, which can prolong intercourse up to 3 hours. Clinical studies conducted in 22 countries in 2009 showed that this drug actually prolongs intercourse. The study involved more than 1000 men over 18 years of age with an ejaculation time of less than 2 minutes. For 3 months, they took Dapoxetine at a dosage of 60 mg. Even specialists were amazed at the results.

Important! After the first dose of the drug, the time to orgasm increased by 300%. After the course reception, 90% of the subjects increased the time interval of intimacy on an ongoing basis. 

You can also treat this problem with surgery. The essence of the method lies in the effect on the nerve endings that are responsible for the sensitivity of the penis. There are no contraindications for such an operation . However, the ineffectiveness of therapeutic measures is considered the basis for the application of this method. 

Also, a short bridle can serve as an indication for surgical intervention. For this reason, rapid ejaculation also occurs.

To clarify this delicate problem, men need to consult a specialist.


So, we learned what to do if the man is quick to fire. Short intercourse is not a disease, and in most cases this problem is easily remedied. The sooner the reasons are identified and the treatment is selected, the faster you and your partner will receive long-term pleasure.  

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