Everything you need to know about lubricants for perfect glide

When a quick start leaves no time for natural hydration.
When the insatiable latex of the condom treacherously rustles on the mucous membrane and knocks the mood for the best.
If you use cosmetics to narrow your vagina …
Or finally, if the sex is anal …

Now, in a couple of minutes of reading, we will tell you what is what in the world of intimate lubricants and which one to choose when.  


Take a simple water-based intimate lubricant – you won’t go wrong! Suitable for all occasions, don’t worry. Water, glycerin, propylene glycol, thickener and preservative. So, stop: why a preservative? For safety! You do not store it in the refrigerator, so the bacteria must be fought. For this and an antiseptic inside. An “organic” composition of “perfectly pure ingredients”? Don’t be fooled!  

Little natural lubrication

Naturally moisturizing the vaginal walls can be difficult for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is not very good, but it is not at all scary enough to give up intimacy right now.
For these situations, flowable water-based lubricants with propylene glycol, no glycerin, and moisturizing ingredients are best . Hyaluronic acid, aloe vera extract or panthenol.  

Fast and condom

Latex condoms are terrible grease absorbers. They already lie inside their sealed packaging in liquid polymerized silicon oxide, but this is not enough for them! Add. Take a small bottle of lubricant with you, but only with a good dispenser. In order not to spray all objects around with expensive cosmetics. 

From the back door

The anus does not know how to moisturize itself. What is in it comes “from above” and, as a rule, does not stimulate the participants.
What to do?
Take a special water-based grease. They are labeled “for anal sex”.
Pain reliever? Can. Only no one will feel anything. Is this exactly what you wanted?
Silicone? Can. Only in this version will it leave stains on linen and clothes: the silicone will dissolve everything that it finds on the intestinal mucosa, and with all this it will flow out.

But what about exciting?

We’ll have to experiment, yes. Anything that has a “special” effect tries to trigger a reaction in your body. Sometimes he does it too delicately (“they talked so much – but does not work”), sometimes he tries too hard (“I was on fire, this is some kind of horror”).
And don’t take it on your first date.

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