Does our temperament depend on us?

Happiness in marriage is heavily dependent on sexual harmony. A successful intimate life is built on the sexual compatibility of the temperaments of a man and a woman. A person is endowed with temperament at birth, and it depends on the amount of hormones produced by the body. Therefore, it is impossible to artificially increase or decrease the level of hormones and thereby change the temperament without harming the body.

If the level of female sex hormones (estrogens) is low, then a woman is not at all temperamental in sex and reaches orgasm very rarely. If the body has a high estrogen content, she is energetic, able to achieve much, and she has no problems in sex. 

Sexologists distinguish three types of temperament: high, medium and low. People with high temperament are characterized by violent desires and are prone to constant experiments in sexual life. They mature faster than their peers and at 13 years old can begin sex life. Every year the need for sex is growing. Having matured enough, such people would not refuse to make love every day. They do not lose interest in the opposite sex, even in old age. Women with such a temperament do not particularly need preliminary caresses. They are interested in the process. If they are left unsatisfied with this need, even for a short time, they will easily find a new partner, otherwise they will be in a state of internal conflict. 

For people with a low temperament, sex is not the main thing in life. Their sexual development is usually later. Long-term sexual abstinence is not a problem for such people. Women of this type really appreciate affection and tenderness. To arouse passion in them, a man must know his lady’s erogenous zones well and be a master of love games. 

The largest group of people has an average temperament. Sex 1-2 times a week they are quite happy. At a young age, they can often change partners, but calm down over the years. The people of this group adapt perfectly to their partner.

Full harmony arises only with the same sexual temperament, although related types are well combined: high and medium or medium and low. Opposite temperaments are most often unable to coexist for a long time: the wife will consider her husband a sexual maniac, and the husband will constantly accuse his wife of frigidity and make lovers. 

It turns out that there are external indicators of sexual temperament. Men with high temperament, as a rule, are of average or lower than average height, their figure is proportional, and their appearance is quite courageous. Women of this type are also short, have magnificent breasts and hips and do not differ by the prohibitive length of the legs. People with low sexual temperament are often tall and thin, sometimes stooped. Their hips are narrow, their chests are hollow. If you add up the characteristics of the first and second, and divide the result into two, you will get numerous representatives of the options of the “middle peasants”.

During an acquaintance, which can develop into a long relationship, it is worth trying to catch the type of sexual temperament by discerning in a person some external signs of it.

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