5 myths about squirt

Female ejaculation is an interesting phenomenon. It does not occur often, so there are many myths about this phenomenon. It is worthwhile to figure out which of them are true and which are not. All doubts can be dispelled only by learning the opinions of those who saw the squirt “in reality.”

Myth 1. Fluid is urine.

There is no consensus on what kind of liquid. It is colorless, without a bright odor. From her there are no yellow stains on the sheets. And visually it does not look like urine, but urine can be present in it.

There are various studies that give conflicting results. Some say that squirt is the secretion of Skin’s glands, while others claim that it is primary urine. Doctors will figure it out over time.

To enjoy a squirt without fear of getting dirty, use disposable sheets . They absorb all the fluid, leaving the bed dry. 

Myth 2. Squirt is available to units.

The network has a lot of opinions about squirt. There are such numbers: only 0.3% of women are capable of it. Other sources write about 5-7% of women. And again, the studies are not enough to accurately talk about the results.

Obtaining a squirt is a complex process that takes time . It sometimes takes several hours to get such an orgasm . And the first time it is especially difficult. Therefore, many women simply do not realize that they are capable of such experiences of pleasure.  

Myth 3. Squirt is the result of stimulation of the G-spot

And this is not a myth, but a reality. The release of fluid in large volumes occurs with caressing the front wall of the vagina. But just such movements alone may not be enough . Often it is necessary to additionally caress another clitoris, anus or other areas. Women experiencing squirt claim that this is rarely the first orgasm. First, the usual finish, and sometimes not one, but only then a squirt. 

Myth 4. Squirt is an orgasm.

Surprisingly, squirt and orgasm can be different phenomena. Sometimes the release of fluid is not associated with pleasure. The girl enjoys stimulation, but the intensity is not as high as in the final. It happens that oragism and squirt do not occur synchronously, but with a pause of several seconds. And there are situations when a woman does not experience pleasure at all, and a liquid is just a reaction to massage.

Squirt is experienced very individually . There are ladies who cannot stand on their feet in delight, but there are those who claim that the clitoral orgasm is “tastier”. And you can know your feelings only by experiencing it personally. 

Myth 5. Squirt is a jet.

It is a powerful stream that is shown in porn if you enter the query “squirt” in the search. But during the filming, most often, a woman simply empties the bladder. Spraying a few meters is the result of installation.

A jet is a very rare phenomenon, most often just a few tablespoons of liquid stand out, they simply flow from a woman. It can look like a stream if it stands, and everything flows down. When lying down, it gets wet.

Sprays are possible, but they are not a few meters or even tens of centimeters. And the amount of moisture is not huge. It is believed that the more often a woman practices massage of the G-spot, the more pronounced the squirt becomes, this is true, but it is almost impossible to get to the jet.

Squirt is an interesting phenomenon. And it’s worth trying it out. Even the achievement process is very exciting. And sex toys for point G can help in it. They affect the area that is responsible for such sensations.

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