5 dangers of oral sex

Oral sex is considered one of the safest, but this is a big mistake. During it, it is more difficult to protect than with vaginal contact. And in the process, surprises can occur that can lead to the hospital. It is important to know about all the dangers, there are five main.


Tender genital skin is easily injured by teeth. With bites, skin tears and scratches form. These are the most common negative consequences experienced by more than 70% of practitioners. Of course, it rarely turns out to be injured before the appearance of blood, but still, even minor injuries are unpleasant.

How to avoid? It is important to learn how to do blowjob and cunnilingus. Experts advise training not on a living person, but on sex toys. At the blowjob courses, the girls train on a realistic phallus. This allows you to do everything right with your partner, without danger to both. 


Through contact of the mouth and genitals, most known diseases are transmitted, which can be picked up through anal and vaginal sex. Often there are small wounds in the mouth, and genital discharge through them enters the bloodstream. So you can pick up everything: from herpes to HIV. At the same time, it is very difficult to protect yourself through oral contact.

Ways of protection. It is permissible to do a blowjob in a condom, but the risk remains, since contact occurs with the scrotum, the base of the penis. Cunnilingus needs to be done with a latex napkin, but they are very difficult to get. Therefore, it is better to choose only trusted people who do not get sick as partners. 

Papilloma virus

The papilloma virus is transmitted through oral caress. It manifests itself in different ways, it is difficult to determine its presence in the body. The minimal consequences of infection are small growths on the skin, the maximum are voice loss and throat cancer.

You can protect yourself by getting vaccinated against HPV. It is available at any clinic. But before the procedure, you will have to take tests to find out if the infection has occurred earlier. 


It occurs more often during blowjob. If the penis goes deep, the reflex may work and the contents of the stomach will be outside. This is a very inconvenient moment that is difficult to control. Most often happens when the partner is inexperienced, when the penetration depth is not controlled. The cause can be strong shocks.

How to prevent? Regular training helps relieve the gag reflex. The throat gets used, the reaction becomes less pronounced. But once you stop practicing, the reflex will return in 4-6 months, and then you need to study again. The skill is temporary. 

Risk of choking

Sperm or female discharge can choke very seriously. This will not be fatal, but it will be an unpleasant experience. For example, during a squirt, if the woman is on top, there is a chance that the cunnilingus person will begin to choke. The reaction may be to a sharp release of sperm, if not warned. In the process, the liquid enters the respiratory tract, and there is an attack of coughing, it sometimes lasts up to several hours.

How to avoid? Before the final, warn the partner that everything will end soon. He will have a few moments to prepare. Oral sex can be dangerous, it is important to remember this. And if vomiting or suffocation can easily be overcome, infection with infections will require a long treatment. If, after oral sex, discharge from the genitals or an unpleasant odor suddenly appears, you should immediately consult a doctor. The sooner the cause is identified, the easier it is to eliminate it. 

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