17 sex positions you should try at least once in your life

You already know that there are sex positions that are designed to provide maximum pleasure for both women and men. Nobody will surprise anyone if they admit that they are trying to get rid of the sexual routine, which consists of boring, well-known and worn-out positions, in order to give new pleasures. You just need to realize that in order to get a new unforgettable experience, you definitely need to be ready to experiment. The field of activity in the direction of sexual experiments is very extensive. For example, you can pick up places in the house other than the bedroom where you can have sex. It’s also helpful to consider variations on your favorite missionary position. But the most important rule for getting incredible orgasms was formulated   

    Octavio Paz: “In every erotic encounter there is an invisible and always active character: the imagination.” If you choose easy and simple postures, then, most likely, you will face the fact that their implementation will not force you to open up unexplored erogenous zones or stimulate a new part of your body.

However, there are sexual positions that will make you and your partner feel unearthly pleasure if you’re willing to change your routine and do more. Let’s call them sex positions that you should try at least once in your life.

1. Machinist The woman lies down on the right side and raises her left leg so that it is comfortable to cling to the right side of the man. This pose not only promotes deep penetration, but also exposes the romantic side, thanks to the eye contact that is created between partners. In addition, a man can use his hands at his discretion to maximize the satisfaction of his partner. 


2. Plank The
woman lies on her stomach with straight legs and slightly raised hips. This position will allow both of you to feel comfortable, and your partner’s penis will penetrate even deeper. 

3. Delight of the G-spot The
woman lies on her back and puts her feet on the man’s shoulders. This position provides maximum stimulation to the G-spot. When the man begins to move from side to side or up and down, he will directly touch the source of your pleasure. 

4. Face to face The
man sits on a chair or on the edge of the bed, and the woman sits on it. This pose allows you to control the angle and depth of penetration. In addition, the man provides you with support and balance as you move.
Your fingers and hands, like your partner, are given complete freedom of action. So don’t miss the opportunity to make your sex play hotter and more interesting.

5. Assistant Shepherdess
This pose is very similar to another, beloved by women, the “shepherdess” position, but here the woman sits facing the man and rests her hands on his powerful chest. The partner does most of the work, and the partner helps with support and balance. Show the man with gestures if you would like to feel his hot hands on your hips, and you definitely will not regret it. Alternating deep and shallow penetration for the couple will help stimulate the vagina at different points. 

6. Jumping Frog
Another modification known to my readers, this time the “dog” pose . The difference lies in the sexy arch of the back, the comfortable, firm rest of the woman on her knees and arms, while the man makes hot thrusts. In this position, you can be sure of very deep penetration, but if this is not enough, then hint to your partner that his hands are not occupied, so they can be used to stimulate the clitoris. 

7. Prima – ballerina The
woman stands on one leg, facing the man and wraps the other leg around the waist of her partner, while he helps her to maintain balance. If you are naturally flexible, a master of sports in gymnastics, or if you attend stretching or body – ballet and are eager to conquer your lover once and for all, as well as increase penetration, raise your leg to his shoulder.

8. Corkscrew She places her hips closer to the edge of the bed, and he presses in behind, hugging her warmly. I think you’ve noticed that women’s thighs create a narrow enough entry surface to provide additional stimulation. 


9. Wheelbarrow
A woman must have enough strength to support her own body weight in her arms. The man should be able to hold the woman by the waist while she wraps her legs around him. In addition to getting an incredible muscle workout without going to the gym, this pose also provides deep penetration and a great aesthetic look.

10. The last carriage The
man sits on a bed or in a chair, and the woman sits in front as if he was going to lay her on his knees. From this position, you can come up with a lot of variations, and a woman can also squeeze the pelvic floor, thereby delivering a lot of pleasant impressions to herself and her partner.

11. The rider backwards The
partner lies on his back, and the partner sits on his penis, with her back to him, as if looking at his feet. The woman takes complete control over her man and creates a rhythm of her own accord. For extra stimulation, it is recommended to lean on your knees and place your shins under your thighs.

12. Magic Mountain
Both partners sit with bent legs, resting on their arms and forearms. Then they gradually approach each other until he manages to penetrate her. This position provides an excellent connection, both physical and emotional, as both will be looking directly at each other. A man can stimulate a woman’s clitoris, and he can also use other resources, such as ice or cold water, which will fall from his chest until it reaches the pelvis.

13. Cowboy
Now the woman lies on her back while the man carefully passes his penis through the narrow passage formed by the position of half-shifted legs. To increase stimulation, he may caress her breasts.

14. Chairman of the Board The
man sits on the edge of the bed and the woman sits over him. With the help of this position, a woman can achieve maximum stimulation at the G-spot, and with her hands at the same time, warm up her partner’s scrotum. 

15. Golden bow
A man sits with straight legs, holding on to his arms, a woman places her knees near the area of ​​men’s armpits and is held in her arms above her partner. The couple maintains maximum eye contact. The man controls the depth of penetration, speed and angle of entry. In addition, the partner’s hands remain free for new experiments. If a woman wants to feel additional stimulation at the G-spot, it will be enough for her to just lean back. 

16. Lotus flower
He sits cross-legged in the yogi style, and she sits on his lap, wraps her legs around him. When a couple hugs, they feel peace and support.

17. Seashell The
woman lies on her back and raises her legs as high as possible. He enters her as if hoping to have sex in missionary position. This pose will simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and the G-spot for an incredibly powerful orgasm.   

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