Why you need a prostate massage

For men forced to seek the help of a urologist, the existence of urological massaging has become an unpleasant discovery. Patients, not so much for physiological, but for psychological reasons, sometimes not knowing why prostate massage is needed, treat this type of treatment, at least, with caution, considering it to be something uncomfortable and shameful.

However, do not be prejudiced, this simple procedure is useful, and in many cases it turns out to be the only way to bring men’s health back to normal.

Massage as a means of diagnosis and treatment

Impact on the prostate – a means of treating diseases associated with the genitourinary system. Sometimes doctors use it as a diagnostic tool – before treating a disease, it is necessary to find out its cause. The method helps to accurately localize the causes of diseases in their early stages and start treatment when it is much more beneficial.

To identify some of the diseases of the reproductive and urinary systems, a specialist urologist needs to conduct this examination. During the procedure, the size of the gland, its structure and shape, and the patient’s response to organ stimulation are rectally checked.

  1. If the prostate gland is enlarged, this may indicate a hormone-dependent tumor or oncology, if reduced, this is evidence of problems with the endocrine system. Seals or knots also indicate deviations.
  2. If the patient feels pain during massaging, the doctor can also draw conclusions about the presence of pathologies. Prostate massage as a diagnostic tool: why is it needed in this form? With the help of a rectal examination, the doctor reveals serious abnormalities.

The main purpose of the urological procedure is treatment and prevention.

Clarifying why prostate massage is needed, and at what age urological massage can be done – urologists explain – after 30-35 years. With a sedentary lifestyle, this procedure is necessary.


  1. With poor blood circulation in the pelvic area, it is prescribed to improve the blood supply and lymph flow of the gland.
  2. With inflammation of the prostate gland, the procedure is the only way to solve the problem. By restoring the patency of the ducts, the doctor restores the evacuation of the secretion of the prostate, which contains disease-causing agents.
  3. A serious argument “for” the passage of such a procedure is its positive effect on increasing potency, increasing male strength and simultaneously eliminating possible dysfunctions.
  4. As part of the complex therapy of prostatitis, massaging the prostate gland improves the delivery of drugs to the affected organ and increases the effectiveness of treatment.

The question “do I need a prostate massage” does not make sense: the positive effects of the procedure clearly outweigh the possible discomfort, and certainly make you forget about the psychological discomfort.

This procedure preserves health, prevents the development of pathologies in the genital area, and improves potency. Should we be negative about it? Definitely not.

Who to contact for help

  1. To perform, contact a urologist or massage therapist. A doctor, knowing how to massage the prostate, how to properly influence the stimulated zone, will not harm the body.
  2. You can do simple massage movements yourself at home, having previously learned massage movements and postures from the urologist.

At home

Massage at home is not the best alternative to going to the doctor, however, it is not contraindicated either. As a prevention of diseases of the gland, massage actions can be carried out at home. Often in married couples, the husband prefers that the wife perform this procedure instead of the doctor.

Trainers are sold that help massage a person who vaguely knows how his body works. There are many models of massagers on the market, choosing the best one is not an easy task.

When buying a massager, check the medical certificate.

Types of massagers

Electrostimulators Consists of 2 electrodes: the first is attached to the coccyx, the second is inserted into the urethra. endorectal : one electrode on the pubis, the second is inserted rectally.
Vibrating massagers Stimulates the process of blood circulation; Tones the glandular walls of the prostate; Removes swelling.
Non-invasive massagers No penetration, only external influence. Such massagers are used only for preventive purposes.

What is prostate massage

Why do different types of prostate massage.

  • different efficiency;
  • the possibility of self-fulfillment;
  • efficiency of self-fulfillment;
  • safety.

Methods of rectal massaging

Interior Outer Hydromassage
Transurethral – with the help of a bougie inserted into the urethra. It is done only in outpatient settings. Direct finger massage. Deep rectal penetration (not less than 5 cm). The prostate is massaged for no longer than 2 minutes. segmental vibratory classical Must have a full bladder. In parallel, an enema with a medicinal solution is introduced, not more than 200 ml. Keep the liquid for about 20 minutes. Do massage after a bowel movement.

Duration of the procedure

  1. Prostate massage is a very short procedure. It takes no more than three minutes.
  2. The course of treatment and prevention includes up to ten procedures with an interval of several days, sometimes the number of visits can increase to twenty.

We told what prostate massage gives: in addition to diagnosing possible sexual diseases, it is recommended to be carried out as a prevention of chronic prostatitis, if there are provoking factors. Some forms of infertility can also be treated with prostate massage.


The procedure also has contraindications. It is strictly forbidden to conduct it:

  1. Tumors in the prostate region, regardless of their genesis,
  2. Tumors and injuries in the rectal area,
  3. Hemorrhoids, especially in its acute phase;
  4. Stones, prostate cysts;
  5. Any inflammatory disease with fever.

At home, massage is not contraindicated, but it is recommended to carry it out with caution – in case of a traumatic effect on the patient’s rectum, sad consequences can await.

Opinion of urologists

When asked whether it is necessary to do prostate massage, most doctors answer in the affirmative. Urologists explain that

  • shown to all sexually mature men, at least for the prevention and diagnosis of diseases.
  • Many doctors believe that just like a gynecologist for women, every man should have a urologist.
  • once a year you must come to the reception.


The described procedure will seem painful or simply uncomfortable – do not be afraid, and even more so go on about prejudice. Prostate massage is too healthy to ignore the psychological discomfort.

However, remember – this is a serious effect on the body, do not do rectal massage without medical prescription.

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