What should be a sexual relationship?

Sexual relationships and human health are not just related. Harmonious sex is an integral part of a person’s physical health. If so, then doctors should deal with sexual problems. 

In Belarus it is. We have sexologists already eight people in the republic with a population of ten million. They work “tirelessly”: five hundred patients turn to each sexologist (scary to say) for a year. A local therapist in a regular clinic will easily pick up this “norm” for a month of regular visits.

Mmmm, information for consideration. So I want to scold the Ministry of Health, few, they say, sexologists, urgently still cook. Yes, just what will they do with such a load? Either we have “no sex”, or everything is in perfect order and sexologists are not very much needed …  

But global statistics claim that ten percent of the world’s population has sexual problems. I don’t think that Belarusians are a chosen nation that these adversities have passed. Rather, the matter is different; people are not used to discussing intimate issues with someone. 

But questions from modesty do not cease to be questions. What often elementary truths do people who have the courage to break out of the captivity of stereotypes and turn to a sexologist want to know? 

What sexual relationships are considered normal? Yes, the most diverse. The main thing is not to break the law: wait for the partner to come of age and not to wish what is wanted for reality, that is, not to confuse your desires with the mood of the partner.    

In addition to the requirements of the criminal code, it should be borne in mind that all participants in the “process” should receive pleasure and enjoyment, and without any harm to their health.

What is a sex culture? If your relationship is fully consistent with those described in the previous paragraphs, then most likely, with the culture of sex, you can be fine. It is necessary to understand and take into account the wishes of the partner. Unfortunately, often people are only concerned about their feelings, and after all, sex alone is no longer quite sex. Do not listen to your partner – there is every chance of losing him.   

How often do you have to have sex? Everything is very individual. GOSTs do not regulate this area. People have a different temperament. But at least they have sex. If the temperament is different, the pair usually breaks up. 

When entering into marriage by calculation, sexual temperament is usually not taken into account. In this case, it is difficult to talk about harmony, rather, about voluntary rape in order to satisfy the spouse. When patience ends, inevitable sexual scandals begin.

How many stages should there be in a love relationship? If we talk about “serious intentions”, then it is better to adhere to the “classical” version, in which there are three stages: platonic, erotic and sexual. Each of them contributes to the “temple” of love.   

How do affectionate parents affect the sexuality of children? Touch is very important for the development of sexuality. Caress and babysit the baby, carry it in your arms should not be as much as the parents wish, but as much as the child needs. The lack of affection in early childhood causes the desire to get it in older adolescence, which can provoke early sexuality, which is perceived by others as sexual licentiousness. 

What is the most important thing in gender relations? Harmony. We must take care of our partner, do things for him, strive to make him happy. In response, get a much more intense feeling. 

And the last question often asked by women. Is it possible to believe the masculine words spoken after sex? Very careful. In a state of sexual euphoria, we can say this … And forget completely after a couple of hours. What to do is life.   

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