What is your lover’s sexual potential?

If you want to know what your mistress is in bed, it is not necessary to drag her there, just take a blank sheet of paper and a set of colored pencils or felt-tip pens.

The scheme of your actions is ugly banal: you ask your “princess” to draw a portrait of your beloved man, kiss the beauty in the nose and rush off to the kitchen to make coffee. To the perplexed question “Sherbet of your heart” about why you need it, answer Don Juan with the grace of getting used to giving compliments: “Honey, this will be a small gift for me. Looking at your drawing, I will remember you 24 hours a day, my love! .. ”

However, you can do without cheap lyrics and nobody needed lies. Tell the girl that de can determine the sexual potential of a person. Women are extremely curious creatures, and each of them is terrified to want to know intimate details about themselves, about you, about your neighbors and the neighbors of your friends. 

After the beauty informs you with a joyful screech of the completion of the creative process, do not forget to enthusiastically give a compliment about her high artistic abilities. At the end of the stage of giving away compliments, we can begin to interpret the “cloth”.

First of all, pay attention to how the man is located in the figure . Most girls with a normal level of sexuality portray a standing man . Any other pose creates the likelihood that – attention! – Your partner is prone to quite bold fantasies of an intimate nature.   

Women who do not have an outstanding fantasy in bed will draw a “flat” man in full view. More emotional and sexually active girls, as a rule, try to make the picture voluminous.

Also pay attention to how frankly the man is drawn . A woman who does not have anomalies in the intimate sphere will either draw an excited penis or hint at its presence with a light “squiggle”.

If a woman avoids drawing male genitals – down the drain! So, she with a certain degree of negativity relates to sex in general or even fears sexual intercourse. B] The sluggish, unexcited member in the figure is also a bleak sign. It can be assumed that such a madame has extensive experience in unsatisfactory or unpleasant sexual intercourse. Wrap on a mustache and try to change her ideas about sexual games!   

If you still haven’t managed to get away, and the desire to observe the painting beauty has prevailed over the desire to sip a fragrant coffee maker, try switching from admirably reverently looking at the sculpturally sculpted features of your girlfriend’s face to … observing the sequence of drawing the male body.

If the drawing starts with the head , rejoice – this is a sign of excellent female temperament. If at first arms or legs appear , this is an indicator that your partner is quite sociable, but can be windy and, excuse me for being frank, easily fluttering a moth can move from one man’s bed to another’s bed.     

A woman, drawing a figure, starting with the genitals , probably has a habit of building all relationships and contacts with people on a sexual basis. However, such a picture may also mean neglect of the partner’s feelings – in sex this woman takes care only of her own pleasure.  

A hundred times better if you offered the girl not pencil-tip pens, but pencils as improvised means. For the thickness of the lines used can be judged on her sexual needs, that is, which men will satisfy her, and which are not very.

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