What is SM sex?

At the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, in the midst of the Inquisition in Western Europe, strange people appeared who wandered from city to city, scourging their bodies. They were called flagellants. The spiritual father of the flagellants , Peter Damiani , preached public self-flagellation in order to atone for sins. His follower, Gerardo of Bergamo, also spoke of the cleansing power of the scourge and called it a magnificent healing remedy.  

Of course, the Holy Inquisition investigated another heresy. At a church court, Gerardo Bergamo repented and anathematized the scourge. He said that this was the devil’s instrument, because scourging instead of cleansing from sins provoked violent lust in him and encouraged fornication, both with women and with men. However, repentance did not help: the holy fathers burned Gerardo Bergamo at the stake. 

The sexual effect of flogging was known long before the medieval flagellants. In ancient Rome, during the feast of fertility, according to tradition, men were flogged with a belt of young girls, which supposedly made them more sensitive, and, moreover , prolific. 

One way or another, few argue that scourges and rods often return the joys of sex and can cure men of impotence, and women of frigidity. Usually, an erotic effect occurs with a gender difference: a man must be slaughtered by a woman, a woman by a man. As an example, we can mention the Philippine masseuses, who, acting with a whip, are forced to experience an orgasm of eighty-year-olds, not to mention forty-year-old men. 

Doctors say that the receptors that perceive pain and pleasure are the same. There is a very fine line between pain and pleasure, the difference is only in the strength of the effect. This is like a difference in the dose of a drug: with a large dose , poison; with a reasonable dose , a medicine. The main thing is to find this line, and then a person gets vivid erotic experiences. And in terms of psychoanalysis, sex and violence are closely related.     

The founders of SM-sex, judging by the name, are considered to be the French writer Marquis de Sade and the Austrian prose writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, who became world famous thanks to his novel Venus in Furs.

Currently, the perception of sadomasochism as a perversion can only be found among conservative sexologists. Professional psychologists also do not include SM-sex in the category of behavioral pathologies. In general, modern medicine recognizes sadomasochism as a full-fledged form of sexual transactions. Of course, only when people enter into such relationships voluntarily and by mutual agreement.

In sexology, all this is called role-playing games. The range of actions of players includes bondage and spanking, and the details are handcuffs, chains, whips, whips, rods and whips of all styles. And although an inexperienced person can call all this barbarism, in fact, sadomasochism is a filigree game of strength and weakness. 

For successful role-playing games in the style of BDSM, the passion and relaxedness of partners is necessary, which ultimately gives a whole complex of thrills. Women (at least some women) practice flogging men precisely in soft parts. Probably, the maternal instinct says in them: some associations with the guilty child arise inevitably. Plus , they probably enjoy having sex with a man who has just been flogged. At the same time, many psychoanalysts believe that women are programmed to masochism from childhood, and their own pain can also bring them pleasure.  

* * *
They say that every person is more or less prone to violence. SM sex allows you to realize this addiction in a safe manner. With the help of such role-playing games, both men and women can realize their fantasies and receive sexual pleasure without feeling any guilt.

By the way, the demand for SM-services in Moscow even exceeds traditional paid sex. But for now. Surely the niche will fill up very soon, because for professionals, erotic flogging is a less tedious task than make love. 

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