What is anorgasmia and what is its danger to a woman?

The pinnacle of sexual relations between a man and a woman is a sexual act culminating in an orgasm. If almost every man experiences an orgasm, then everything is much more complicated for women: only one in four enjoys it, and of the remaining, about half of the women experience an orgasm often, about a third rarely, and the rest never.     

The absence of orgasm (anorgasmia) should be distinguished from frigidity.

  • Under frigidity understand the lack of interest in sex: erogenous zones are not sensitive, and sexual intercourse – is irrelevant.   
  • With anorgasmia, a woman is excited, sexual intercourse gives her some pleasure, but there is no final phase – an orgasm.    

Only recently, men began to pay great attention to female orgasm, considering it one of the confirmations of their male viability. Although from ancient times, Indian and Chinese philosophies considered the satisfaction of women one of the most important factors in harmonious relations. It was believed that in the absence of an orgasm in a woman, men were to blame.    

“To increase the sexual arousal of women, men were urged to be creative in their love relationships, to diversify their poses, use additional tools, watch pornography, resort to role-playing games and a variety of pharmaceuticals, starting from the Spanish fly and ending with yohimbine. Male lovers began to strive more passionately for women to achieve orgasm than to have fun on their own. And the more diligently men worked, the more difficult it was for women who felt obligated to utter the expected moans, otherwise both partners were threatened with a sleepless night. Imitation of orgasm has become a necessary component of the etiquette of sexual relations, ”says Germain Greer , writer, scientist and television presenter, one of the most significant feminists of the 20th century.     

However, further studies have shown that the role of men in achieving an orgasm by a woman is somewhat exaggerated. A very important role in sexual problems is played by psychogenic factors: inappropriate conditions, domestic and working troubles, fear of becoming pregnant, and much more, that is, “the inability of a woman to surrender”.  

During sexual intercourse, a large number of hormones are released into the blood and the pelvic organs are filled with blood.

  • With an orgasm, as a result of the contraction of the muscles of the perineum, a blood flow occurs, and the woman’s body returns to normal within 15-20 minutes.
  • In the absence of an orgasm, blood saturated with hormones slowly leaves the pelvic organs (from an hour to two), and as a result various mastopathies, fibromyomas, and other diseases develop.

Gynecologists say that a significant percentage of their patients are women with anorgasmia. 

The lack of orgasm adversely affects the nervous system. Most often there is nervous excitement or depression, poor health, depression after sexual intercourse. There are neurosis and hysterical reactions, migraine, irritability, depression.

Any action should be brought to its logical conclusion. Sexual arousal should end with an orgasm. If the computer does not bring the operation to its logical end, it will either freeze or reboot, but the woman will not be able to restart the computer, and constant freezes will lead to serious health problems .  

A woman must learn to feel her body. The basic rule is “Undressing – cast aside all shame”, a woman should be able to let a man feel that she wants him. Still, a big role belongs to a man, and he must feel his beloved, understand what she wants. Sex should be harmonious. A woman must learn that only she can deliver pleasure to both a man and herself.     

By the way “The results of a survey conducted by scientists from the United States and Norway showed that men over 50 are more satisfied with their sexual lives compared to thirty years.”   

Men! Take care of women, the source of our pleasures!

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