What can “sexual giants” do?

Many representatives of the stronger sex tend to exaggerate their own sexual abilities and boast of “achievements” in the field of sex among friends.

The interlocutor claims that:

– He is supposedly capable of 5-6 sexual acts per night and could still, yes, sorry, there was not enough time.  

– With his wife he regularly has 4-5 sexual intercourse per night, and in addition, there is also a mistress with whom he also regularly has several sexual contacts for the “session”.  

– He performs sexual intercourse within an hour, and the partner during this time has 10 orgasms. 

– “The main advantage” is almost 20 centimeters, so all women are delighted with him.  

And many different other legends. Let’s look at what is true of the foregoing, and which is blatantly obvious. 

A young man with good potency and a good sexual partner, to whom he is very attracted, is able to perform several sexual acts during the night, but not more than four. And the stories of “heroes-lovers” about 5-6 sexual acts are often fiction. 

Perhaps such “sex giants” are found, but only in a certain age range (18–25 years), if the peak of their sexual activity is combined with a strong sexual constitution and very high sexual excitability. But basically such a sexual excess (multiple sexual intercourse) is an isolated case. It also happens that a man drank a lot and could not achieve ejaculation, so he maintained an erection, and he believed that he had made several successful attacks. In fact , this is one intercourse.  

Why are man’s sexual possibilities unlimited? The famous physiologist Sechenov wrote that one of the inexplicable features of the male reproductive apparatus is the complete destruction of sexual arousal after the eruption of the seed, when an erection becomes impossible.

The period of excitability of the genitals after the end of the act is called a refractory pause, in which a man loses all desire for intimacy and erection disappears. A pause can last from 30-40 minutes to several hours, and sometimes several days. If a man maintains a high level of hormones in the blood, then after a refractory period the desire may appear again, and then an erection reappears.

The duration of repeated sexual intercourse is 10−20 percent longer than the first, the pause is longer. For men with good potency, experiencing an extremely strong sexual attraction to their partner, the renewal of desire and erection is possible for the third time.

But the biological limit is normal – this is 3-4 sexual acts. Even if partners have sex all night, then even with very good potency, they simply will not have enough time to make more than four such contacts. This is evidenced by a simple calculation: time for foreplay, intercourse itself and refractory pauses. In addition, with repeated sexual intercourse, the psyche of some men is greatly depleted, significantly reducing their sexual appetites. 

So if you hear from a man that he mastered a woman 5-6 times overnight and ejaculated every time, you can safely convict him of a lie.

Sexual intercourse for an hour or more is quite possible if a man knows the technique of prolonged intercourse (but for this he needs to learn this technique) or with extremely low excitability.

There are very temperamental women who can experience orgasm in the first minutes, but there are not many of them. 10 orgasms per night in a woman are quite possible. There are women who are able to survive an orgasm 20 times, but for this they need a good sexual partner who owns sexual equipment, and not a bouncer who clearly exaggerates his sexual abilities.

Now we will go through the parameters of proud owners of outstanding “masculine virtues”.

A penis 18 cm or more in length, although relatively rare, can be. In the terminology of the famous sexologist L. Ya. Yakobson, he is called “bastard,” and that’s it. Such a long penis will bring a woman with normal sizes of the vagina some trouble, because the normal length of the penis in an excited state is 11-16 cm, and these sizes are optimal for most women.    

Tales that the sexual partner allegedly was delighted after intercourse with the owner of a 20-centimeter penis are also far from reality. And the length of the penis is very doubtful, and even more doubtful that a woman with normal sizes of the vagina may like it.

Quite rightly said one very popular singer who won the hearts of many women: “A man who tells in detail in the company how and how many times during the night he had a woman, most likely, unhappy in the pleasures and is not capable of anything.”

In the end, it is worth remembering that the sexual abilities of a man are determined not by his masculine virtues, but by the opinion of women about his masculine virtues.

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